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  1. That Porsche garage looks fantastic!
  2. Any more pictures of the MGC? Is it Brooklands Green?
  3. Great idea! more stuff arriving today. Ordered a few things on Amazon (ratchet spanner, mapp gas, etc,) to help with the job. It’s all arriving in separate vans 🤦‍♂️😁
  4. Nosing through some old pictures - thus must be the last decent run the 911 had!
  5. Couple of interesting lots in the auction.
  6. Silencer off tonight with the help of my handy angle grinder. After a bit of pondering, I’ve ordered a long blade electric saw thingy to cut the heat exchangers off. From what I can seek the drivers side one is covered in exhaust spot on the inside, so it must be damaged / holed inside, hence the fumes.
  7. Definitely @Dr Rock 😁. Got a bit of momentum going, and it was great to have it running again a week or two back. Concentrating on just what it needs to get back on the road at the moment, and then will work through the in time. Absolutely @Robos911 👍🏻, and thank you. the passenger side heat exchanger looks ok, now the wheels are off and I’ve been able to have a good poke around. No idea why the driver’s side should be in such poor condition. As expected, the flapper boxes are in a mess too, but they’ll just be plugged with the juggling ball tip for the moment.
  8. Now up on axle stands, ready to start cutting the exhaust off. Possibly a bit over the i purchased some 12ton ones from SGS just to be on the safe side. Old wheels underneath, and jack under the engine just to be sure. It does feel weird taking an angle grinder to it!
  9. Saw this on the FB page. Doubt I’ll have the exhaust replaced by that point, never mind back on the road, so won’t be able to make it.

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