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  1. 10 years is a long time with a car. I could be interested in some of the spares depending on what you have
  2. Went for the Michelin Pilot Exalto PE2s - seemed to be a reasonable price.
  3. Wheel centres now all one colour, and tyres ordered. Went for a set of Michelins. Hopefully should be fitted next week, and then it’s just case of get them and the back bumper on the car, and it’s MOT time.
  4. JLewis

    Tinware removal

    It was a bit fiddly, but I managed to get the Heat Exchangers off with the engine still in, and the car up on axle stands. They came off bit by bit mind you with the help of an angle grinder 😁
  5. Front discs and pads changed, and a couple of bits of paint touched up. Rear bumper and valence hopefully back this week, and just to get the tyres sorted. I’m also going to tidied up the wheel centres so they’re all one colour. Aiming for the first Saturday of September for an MOT test.
  6. Front discs, pads, and sensors just arrived.
  7. Thanks @Merv. It’s running well, and looking forward to getting some miles on it. Very nearly MOT time Just a bit! 🤣
  8. Rear bumper and valence being painted next week, and front brakes ordered. Just tyres to go and it should be time to try for an MOT.
  9. Cheers @GrahamTompkins 😁. It’s getting a bit tight for space, but have some plans for a small extension to it. Thanks @lexz32 - really pleased to have gotten it to this stage. Hopefully a decent run or two will clear the smoke.
  10. Started off looking like this today: final couple parts to fit today was the drivers side flapper box and flex pipe to the heat exchanger. Bit fiddly to get the pipe over the flapper box, and a bit frustrating to cut the pipe shorter (only needed one, and could have cut it in half). All fitted. Then, rear wheels back on: placed back on the wheel skates: turned round: off the skates: and moved outside: started absolutely fine after a couple of turnovers with the electrics disconnected. It’s still smoking quite a bit, but the g
  11. Passenger side flapper box fitted along with the connecting flex pipe to the heat exchanger. Hadn’t appreciated how small gap is between the two, so had to remove the box, fit the pipe on that end (after I’d shortened it), and then fit the other side over the heat exchanger before then refitting the flapper box. A little more underside painting too including the rear bumper crash tubes. Finally, gave the accelerator mechanism a little attention which should hopefully sort the slight increased revs issue. Out tomorrow, so likely Sunday when I fit the driver’s side flapper box, and then get
  12. Bit more progress tonight. Passenger side rear brake disc and pads changed. Did manage to chew one of the disc retaining screws, so a new one is on order. The engine tray (if that’s the right description) is looking a little flaky underneath, so scraped the surface rust off, and painted on the driver’s side, and rear section too. Still to do the passenger side. I’ll also give the crash tubes a rub down and paint while the bumper is off. Flapper boxes and flex pipes on both sides to fit, plus clean up the accelerator mechanism and grease, then it’s time to get it back on its wheels,
  13. Starting point tonight: new gasket fitted, and then TT rear silencer on: new brake disc and pads on the driver’s side rear:
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