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  1. Good move on replacing the wiring. Fan refurb looks great too. A job on the long list of things for mine.
  2. Thank you - certainly is
  3. Thank you! About 100 miles on it over the weekend, and it seems to be improving the more miles it does. Quite surreal to be driving it again.
  4. Cheers @Northy. Been quite a journey to get to this stage. About 100 miles so far. bit of a noise coming from the drivers side rear wheel which I’ll need to investigate. But, seems to be running well. 😊
  5. few pictures from yesterday. Ready to head to the MOT station, waiting to go in, on the ramp, and then on the long way home.
  6. MOT passed this afternoon with no advisories 😊. Still jobs to do on it, but great, and somewhat surreal, to be driving it again today.
  7. Exactly the same here. Wonder if that is partly to do with our children’s friends getting new pcp cars, and really just treating them as simply consumer items (same with phones, TVs, games consoles, etc.)?
  8. Mine booked in for an MOT on Friday for the first time since 2013 😊
  9. MOT booked for the 2nd of April.
  10. Thank you 😊. We’ll see what the MOT throws up.
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