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  1. Lovely. Porsche Perth had a 356 in the showroom the other week. Exceptionally nice
  2. Already booked to go with the Lotus guys (sorry), and looks like it will be a great weekend.
  3. Sorry, daft question - is this 3D printing?
  4. Still no sign of my phone yet but I will be there. My 18 year old son will be with me too. See you at the Services at 10am.
  5. Managed to leave my phone sitting somewhere at the weekend, so not on WhatsApp until it appears back (next day or so). Hopefully the weather for Friday is as good as it is today!!
  6. Same here - too many cars, and not enough time. The Lotus hasn’t turned a wheel since getting home from its MOT in December. Mind you, the 911 has done 400 plus miles since it went back on the road a few weeks back 😁.
  7. Nice back story, and great to see the updates.
  8. 911 out and about again today. That’s about 200 miles since it went back on the road. First time in a public car park in a long, long time...
  9. Hi Craig - great idea! Depending on dates, I could be up for this.
  10. Hadn’t realised there was an app or two available to do this, but good option. I’ve got an excel sheet set up to track various things, and one is for the cars too. Some conditional formatting used so that cells turn different colours as mileage points, insurance, tax, and MOT times approach. Generally 30 days out the cell for that car goes Orange, and 15 days out it goes red to give me a good visual indicator I need to do something
  11. Good move on replacing the wiring. Fan refurb looks great too. A job on the long list of things for mine.
  12. Thank you - certainly is
  13. Thank you! About 100 miles on it over the weekend, and it seems to be improving the more miles it does. Quite surreal to be driving it again.
  14. Cheers @Northy. Been quite a journey to get to this stage. About 100 miles so far. bit of a noise coming from the drivers side rear wheel which I’ll need to investigate. But, seems to be running well. 😊
  15. few pictures from yesterday. Ready to head to the MOT station, waiting to go in, on the ramp, and then on the long way home.
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