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  1. Yes, that's correct. In historic rally 1st stage was Laajavuori, starting up to the long steep hill.
  2. I run it yesterday on those legendary roads in mid-Finland around Jyväskyla.
  3. My Brantz Retrotrip installation: Sensor through the brake cover. Cable from wheel well to "smugglers box" http://i181.photobucket.com/albums/x281/EsaS_2007/WP_20140122_005Kopio_zpsa78dc759.jpg[/img] And through the box to the cabin http://i181.photobucket.com/albums/x281/EsaS_2007/WP_20140126_008Kopio_zps59dbd2d0.jpg[/img] Here's the tripmeter: looks almost like a rally car. I'm planning to take part in regularity rallies. My wife has promised to be a co-driver, maybe she'll divorce me after first race.
  4. Anyone have a picture of Brantz wheel sensor installation?
  5. Simoni Racing Stradale. 90 mm offset brings it close enough to have more power for turning.
  6. I have one 200 N strut for my ducktail. Found easily from general car parts store. Works fine.
  7. There is some more period pics of SCRS's and group 4 SC's too. http://www.forum-auto.com/sport-auto/photo...sujet379284.htm Same car and rally as above. A974BRX, Toivonen- Piironen
  8. In 911&PW magazine there was a story of a reunion of those cars some time last year. Can't find the issue now. There was also a Finnish built replica of Henri Toivonen's Costa Smeralda winner car.
  9. I have taken out air pump, heater blower, rear seat backrests, rear belts, bumberettes and changed turbo spoiler to FG ducktail with aluminium mesh grille. It seems that the rear end has lightened so much that I need to lower it for an inch! I don't know the weight of the car but all that stuff must be about 50 kg.
  10. In my SC there is charcoal on black, the colour of the stripe varies quite a lot debending on light
  11. SC RS replica made in Finland.
  12. EsaSC

    volt meter

    My installation, carbon fibre plate under the leather. VDO volt and outside temperature meters.
  13. Anyone tried 205/60-15 & 225/55-15 combo? The dia is the same in both ends but 225/55 is bit smaller in dia than 215/60-15. in my opinion 205/55-15 & 225/50-15 is too low.
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