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  1. You can use non levelling lamps without any problems. Do yours actually work anyway? I don't think much can be swapped over, I vaguely recall trying to swap early chrome bezels onto my later levelling headlamps and realised it wasn't easily possible so just replaced them with early style units. They're not genuine but fit fine and still look like new over the past 4 years.
  2. 2008 Mercedes CLK 320CDI Sport 7G-Tronic - £3600 - Offers. 3.0 V6 Turbo Diesel - 221 BHP High specification Metallic Chromit Black/Blue 125k miles - MOT Oct 2021 Services History (dealer and independent) Full black leather Heated seats Rain sensor Climate control (super cold) Electric seat adjust/memory (drivers seat) Bi xenon headlights Factory Sat Nav CD changer/MP3 player Bluetooth phone integration Cruise Control Folding mirrors Electric sunroof Front/Rear Parking sensor 4 new tyres Recent glow plugs 2x keys owner's manual/wallet DVD/screens in headrests 2 previous owners £320 p/a tax Good condition, everything works and is well cared for. A couple of very minor scuffs, with no rust or serious damage. Fast, smooth and economical.
  3. PM your bank and personal details dude, don't want that stuff on the tinterweb, you don't know who or what is watching and waiting.
  4. He might like this then, they'll let you drive em too around a 6 mile route. https://www.greatbritishcarjourney.com/
  5. Spendy but his is plug and play for you. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/233726354601?hash=item366b2d24a9:g:KNUAAOSwGihfbyy- Can't see any cracks on this one https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/284386812048?hash=item4236c66090:g:IqIAAOSwyxBg~~tL
  6. Put a wanted on here I bet someone has one at sensible money.
  7. Probably better looking for a more complete good/better used item and repair/repaint it. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/203535788092?hash=item2f63ada83c:g:xLwAAOSwMNBgbBM0
  8. https://prekom.si/porsche-parts/porsche-911/ Standard and non standard. Not sure how you order though. I think these are what Porsche sell.
  9. No benefit other than declutter and marginal weight loss. Just be aware alot of mods on here are for ultimate weight loss for track days. Day to day driving and road trips you will notice little if any difference unless you go the whole hog. You'll also need to relocate whatever switch gear you have on the console. Unless you've size 18 feet I doubt there are benefits.
  10. Nige


    Coco mats are great! Heavy, but great.
  11. I'd probably just change the steering wheel. RS door cards are fine but you'll lose the useful door bins.
  12. Dude get pest control in and get them gone. They love eating electrical cables and that ain't good in your roof space.
  13. They're not hurting anything so don't get hung up on it. It's just a thing on here such as engine oil, tyres, 915 or G50 and everybody hates chequer plate.
  14. £25? I prefer 'feeding the pony', which can cost a pony or two depending on where you live.
  15. I hung some old CDs on string around where some pesky pigeons where beginning to nest in our trees. Sh*tting over the cars and being noisy b*stards. Anyway, they don't like the look of themselves in the CDs so b*ggered off, next option was air rifle. Get rid else your nice timberwork will be covered in sh*te. It stains!
  16. No shark fins - I just Google Image Red 911sc Targa. Oddly most images in the search had shark fins, guess it was a 'thing' for owners of Red 911sc Targas to do. If you like em you keep em, probably removing them will show up UV fading differences in the paint anyway.
  17. The Doc has either been hacked or off his t*tz.
  18. You can remove the rubber bumperettes easy enough, though you'll need the bolt holes that are left welding up and painting, or just put a plastic bung in first to see if you are happy with the looks. Alternative number plate lights will need to be installed, loads of options on these. I used number plate screw LEDs. Rear spoiler, I guess you have few options, keep as it, flat lid, ducktail or change to tea tray or whatever other spoilers Porsche did. I think with a Targa the colour makes a big difference as to what works, but flat or duck would be my choice. All this is easily changed back or altered to whatever you takes you. I think most here swap and change depending on mood, I have a flat and duck lid which I change occasionally. Lose the shark fins
  19. It's not NT, I thought it was privately owned? Never heard of Historic Houses membership, must investigate, I like looking at old sh*t.
  20. Who would your money be on?
  21. We're all out in IB convoys, dogging spots, pub car parks, road trippin, etc. We're just not inviting you, coz you smell 😉
  22. Nige

    Audi or Volvo

    We had a R53 Cooper S for about 5 years before the CLK, great fun. Didn't think she would go for another, I just didn't want one the same colour as before. Missed out on a bright orange/bronze Cooper S but just put a deposit down on this Bayswater Edition Cooper S. Not sure if the tensioner is a problem on a 2014 model? It's low miles so hopefully not.
  23. Nige

    Audi or Volvo

    👍 It'll be the second Cooper S she's had, yup first thing I did with the first one was to change the runflats out.
  24. Nige

    Audi or Volvo

    Looks like it's going to be a Cooper S.
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