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  1. Hi Guy's A photo of my car at the NEC last week Ohhhhh dont know what happened there!
  2. Play nicely, seems 911 & pw are not the only ones to get it incorrect, 300bhp starndard 930, le & se 330, have read one or two with 360 but 380 is news to me, isn’t this Aldo’s old car maybe he could help us out “By 1989, the final year of production, the power had risen to 330bhp and rose again to an impressive 380bhp for the Limited Edition model.”
  3. I don’t think this guy knows the difference between any 930’s, and he is getting paid for it! kev
  4. I purchased the current copy 911 pw as I saw in Porsche post it had an article on the 930 le, being an le owner I like to collect articles on the le. The article shows a car which is clearly not an le, states and shows a front spoiler same as the se, it is not! states does not have the rear wing air ducts, the le does! does it have the le plaque inside, what about the crested wheel centres, the only thing that I can see is the same as the le is the sports exhaust which is the same as the se, the point I am making is how can these so called experts get things so incorrect, I am going to ask for my money back, and the next time I see Clive advise him to invest in journalists who get it right before putting it in print, it is the last time I purchase this mag, rant over regards kev
  5. Wow James Just noticed the size of the air condenser on your car, is that oe Porsche or after market, must make it reasonably cool in there the turbo is half that size kev
  6. What I do is drain into a 15 ltr bucket and empty into the previous oil change containers, then you put in the same amount as what came out and take it from there! I don't think I would let those guy's loose on my car again! Many years ago following stock car racing, we use to carry out body repairs on a number of write off's, had a celette churchhill jig so knew everything was straight, anyway one car we did was an almost new a MG Metro which needed a new front end with less than a thousand miles on the clock, it was a non runner so dropped the engine repaired the front end and put it back together, started it up and clouds of white smoke, after a lot of investigation took the head off as suspected head gasket put it back together and still lots of smoke. After a number of hours did an oil change and guess what no smoke! the oil removed was as new but appeared thin, what we suspected was an oil change was carried out with incorrect oil and either the mechanic or the owner picked the car up and on driving looked in the mirror at all the smoke and went into the car in front! and then written off. I have lots of story's like this, seems we got a lot of the dud one's but can laugh about it now kev
  7. Hi Guy's Thanks for the update I had a rebuilt one fitted in 2015 by SCS @ £325.00 plus vat and labour @ 56,000 miles, I think it was just before Jonny started doing them, shame as I would have had one of his! but if the original lasted some 26 years not too bad kev
  8. kevinkjse

    Jonny's Daily

    Hi Jonny Who did the paint, did you have to bare metal it?
  9. kevinkjse

    Wedding Car

    My daughter got married a couple of weeks ago, so could not resist a photo shoot outside the church
  10. I like the 3 x spoke wheel, never thought the 4 x spoke suited the car, mine is a 3 x spoke with a crest in the centre completely standard
  11. Hi Guy's 930 LE will be on display again this year on Sunday, anyone going It looks like it will be a very hot day again this year kev

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