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  1. angusb

    Collapsible oil return tubes

    Do able with exchangers on,unless Trump size hands its a biatch.
  2. angusb

    Restoration Costs in England

    I think these figures belie fact , adding 964 and 993 production, in almost the same 7 years production period ,there were 10,000 fewer 3.2 Carrera`s made. "Market for collectible things is ultimately dictated by supply of that thing." The fundamental subjective problem about a 964, is its a 964,never as nice a 3.2, nor having 993 suspension..
  3. angusb

    Main Beam Wiring Problem - Help

    What would suggest is checking first, the wiring inside the headlamps. 3.2 `s have four connections; main, headlight,sidelight and running light. Often post body shop,with this additional bulb, its quite common for some clown to incorrectly attach the wires.
  4. angusb

    Restoration Costs in England

    +1 .with no Garage , spray booth, welder, folders, shop tools!!! To make a mute point,some of the best quality restoration shops , with lowest rates, are in Poland. As the others have mentioned, in any restoration you need to know exactly what is been done, and be able to asses if its been done properly.I would not wish to manage this abroad, on one car, never mind four.
  5. angusb

    Glass scratch removal

    "Aren't the front quarters a PITA to remove?" Separating the quarter from frame, yes.Would suggest long term best option good secondhand window frames.
  6. angusb

    Fuchs with 'angled' petals

    This is the original design of Fuchs,with the cut out.I am guessing perhaps, need for larger tyre sizes, there was a pressing change .
  7. + Make sure have suitable mask.
  8. angusb

    GSF PARTS 60 % discount

    Think someone may have mentioned this before. GSF 60 % discount ends midnight tonight .Code GSF60
  9. angusb

    Owners manuals - how to pick a reprint?

    Hello, 1) To my knowledge all Porsche publications are dated, so in this case printed in 1986. 2)The Driver`s manual and Service book are separate books.The Service book has the the VIN, option codes on the third page.I have never seen a VIN sticker placed in the Driver`s manual. 3) Its a Black 3.2 G50 :) stop worrying about booklets any enjoy the best drive!
  10. angusb

    Lower ball joint removal tool

    You will need either a cold chisel , mini grinder , fabricated bar,lots cursing ,to remove the castellated nut. Installing would suggest Matt , Type 911 ; https://type911shop.co.uk/epages/de867ca1-377e-432e-84fd-bdccf2206766.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/de867ca1-377e-432e-84fd-bdccf2206766/Products/4255
  11. angusb

    Ebay joker

    My impression of eBay, is that they have zero interest in tacking this.After a issue with a second hand parts supplier,scam parts, eBay removed the negative feedback left , as it was "damaging to suppliers`s business"! Unfortunately even if this scammer gets 1 out 100 then for a couple of hours work , he `s defraud thousands.
  12. angusb

    Throttle linkage rod

    If the gearbox is also maxed, there is adjustment point beneath cassette holder,this one is definitely not the easiest to adjust! There will also be adjustment point somewhere behind throttle body- am not familiar with SC in this area.
  13. angusb

    ‘80s Goodness

    Naaa, there was definitely no groovy music coming from that Lincoln:)
  14. angusb

    3.2 AFM Idle Screw Mixture setting.

    Thanks Les, will dig into that.
  15. angusb

    ‘80s Goodness

    Nice one, never got how the the Lincoln ? managed to pace a 930!