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  1. angusb

    Oil Breather Housing Temp Sensor?

    Can`t make out the wire in your photo, this is how the sensor plug should look. In this photo the sensor (white) is already unplugged.As Mark mentioned the Speed, Reference sensor, they are plugged in below the Cylinder Head Temperature sensor.The sensor screws into no #3 cylinder. Some Front oil coolers were tapped with a hole ,at the top between the pipes ,this was for a fan thermostat.sender.(part 39) .This is going to give a accurate reading, as you would be measuring oil temp, rather than the temp of your engine.
  2. angusb

    Lowered 911 Fuel Tank Scrape

    Do look nice, love the view.
  3. angusb

    Lowered 911 Fuel Tank Scrape

    Have a look below, this is just about the lowest a road 911 can go on without effecting the standard suspension. At arches 25.5 front 25 rear. ( not mine btw) Lower than this, to do things properly, is a case of custom spindles ,hubs, mods in attempt to regain handling character.If your car does not have all of these mods, then yes, your riding the Bump stops. The point here is there is no "judicious" way to lower a 911, its a choice between looks vs handling:spending thousands on mods, on cosmetic appearance, finishing with a road car which will handle well , but not as well as stock.
  4. angusb

    Lowered 911 Fuel Tank Scrape

    A; no have never ever seen a 911 race at factory heights the reason being that (factory anyway) 911 race cars have custom made suspension, allowing the body to be lowered ,whilst maintain steering angles.A road does not have this. A 911 with set proper height , you don`t need to slow down or be wary of anything taller than a leaf.Nor do you need to faff about with mods. Yes, guarantee you they do handle better at factory height.: Not least because the suspension is not sitting on the bump stops,(as most that virtually are) ,also because the toe curve change isn`t effed up. The point making is to make a informed choice,a lowered 911 looks great cosmetically, this comes at the expense of handling.Your car, your choice!
  5. angusb

    Lowered 911 Fuel Tank Scrape

    Pinched table from Pelican post.Porsche figures stated,method is calculated by difference between floor to wheel centre, floor to torsion bar centre.Car full tank fuel.
  6. angusb

    Lowered 911 Fuel Tank Scrape

    Pinched table from Pelican post.
  7. angusb

    Lowered 911 Fuel Tank Scrape

    Its too low. Raise it, rest suspension, you will find that the car handles remarkably better.
  8. angusb

    Lowered 911 Fuel Tank Scrape

    First, think your car is beautiful. Second thought suspension is way, way too low. The factory ride height is 26 3/4 front, 26 rear measured at arches The lowest limit is approx 25 1/2 front 25 rear , even that is pushing it.
  9. angusb


    video should be here;
  10. angusb


    To answer my own question , in case anyone else is doing this. should be 12 inch /Hg plus . (Depending on altitude) Gauge T pieces to the Fuel pressure regulator line ,see vid below @ 6:28 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MRZG-s_55CU&index=102&t=0s&list=WL
  11. angusb

    Carrera 3.2 bits and pieces (manuals/tool kit)

    Fleabay prices are crazy, unfortunately will be steep anywhere,what would suggest is that you try Autofarm, or one of the Porsche breakers like Porsch-apart.
  12. angusb

    Baltic blue 3.2 on carandclassic

    Its is beautiful , what would be a negotiating point for me would be the half rather than full leather interior.
  13. Hi all, does anyone know how much Hg/inch vacuum a 3.2 Carrera should have? thanks Angus
  14. angusb

    Interesting Business Opportunity

    Looks good, not to put a spanner in the works ,have seen similar before.Company produced child versions of new Aston and classic Ferrari's . Took a loss on each one.
  15. To be honest, think the dealers explanation is regrettably typical Porsche S**T service; aka "I don`t know how/where to fix/care to do job properly." As the others echoed, if the rear mat is wet then its a issue rear area . Would suggest is to sit inside car, when someone points water hose around seals ,roof ,floor area.