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  1. If you have not already got the workshop manuals, Nige has kindly downloaded them,see under "All other technical issues" section. When you come to fit the new sensor, you probably need a homemade extra long 10mm socket, with a slit up the middle to allow for the wire.Some have managed with pair of needle nose pliers. The rubber grommets on the wire go through engine tinware, some soap or Silicon grease spray makes them mucho easier to fit.
  2. With all the toe rags about, unfortunately one is a necessity. Re read your original post, when attempt to start, is the engine turning over at normal speed?
  3. Have not used pens, but firm called Jawel sells 3 piece aerosol kits comprising etch primer, matched to your colour base coat, lacquer top, sanding paper circa £40.
  4. Unlikely to be fuel pump, when they go the car would not restart.
  5. To my knowledge the CHT sensor is unique to 911`s , so replacement unfortunately requires Porsche Tax. The body of the sensor is a heavily recessed into the cylinder head, although the resistor element is likely to be pennies, there is no real way to repair. New sensor are also wired slightly differently, having improved twin earths.
  6. Have been called that before, across some muddy field.In the same humor,Ivan, can I invite you to take a long yomp off a short pier?
  7. Quite saddened to heard that Derek Hastings Ace Performance Cars has unexpectedly died at relatively young age.He was originally apprenticed to Porsche Edinburgh, before starting his own garage in Carnwath, near Lanark. Always had smile on face, lived to the full.
  8. Respectfully going to disagree with 99.99% chaps above,method to do this properly is to fit a new bearing. This is a terrible job, requiring the column to be removed,however key thing is you can clean and lube the lower bearing .
  9. Hopefully there is no truth to this story , from Facebook, person killed, and major Porsche collection destroyed in building fire .
  10. I would be tempted to go low tech first, before checking the ECU. Whip the NSR wheel off , look upwards to the flywheel area, at Speed and Reference senders. Often the insulation has burnt off, so that during driving, engine heat soaks into the cables, preventing signal from reaching Ecu. Typical symptom of this is the car will have both no fuel nor ignition spark.
  11. Nice one, love your workshop too.
  12. its not impossible that this is a electrical problem, however the most likely cause of constant heat,is gummed up Heater control valves. When working properly, a flap inside the valves can open ,allowing engine heat to escape.Over time they gum and rust up, so the control cable from the autoheat control is unable to pull them open. If you scroll down "All other Technical Issues section", you can download copy of the Bentley and Porsche manuals,.and Porsche part manuals, know as PET.
  13. Its a good job has impact bumpers, after number times bashed into kitchen skirting .😁
  14. Your probably find one on eBay, bought a toy,not model, recently for nephew ,made by Welly 1/38 scale personilsed plates.£15 There are better ,proper quality models made by Burago .
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