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  1. Hi all, looking at vertical type air compressors ,wondered what thoughts were regarding SIP. https://www.toolstoday.co.uk/sip-airmate-hurricane-v245-50-50-litre-2-0hp-oil-free-upright-air-compressor?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI6pzZmKOr5QIVDMDeCh3wSA6dEAQYAiABE
  2. The 74-77 Rear wings were not flared, there may well be other differences which unaware of. My experience of Dansk parts is very they are very poor quality, to be avoided at all costs.A good body shop should be able to fabricate repair sections for your wings,failing this second hand section from breakers.
  3. it reminds me of Ford, making a ultra complex workshop tool to remove a Crankcase oil seal.The salesman was horrified by the reply, that a old screwdriver did a better job. The other Tappet tool mentioned in the link,Frost/Gunson is unsuitable for 911`s, this is for example A series Minis, where the push rod is not angled relative to the adjuster. The proper Porsche tappet tool, is inexpensive , ensure the job is done correctly.
  4. angusb

    Next Challenge

    Part 3 is a internal filter.This is a simplified diagram for cars without headlight wash system, for these there is a additional pump in the front part of the reservoir.
  5. IMHO the first diagnostic tool is a Compression Gauge. If your looking for a good Leak Down there Mac Tools, Matco, Snap on or at a cheaper level OTC. All of these are accurate to guide to diagnostics, post compression test. Sealey only copies shape /style of Quality tools.It is not suitable to form a opinion of a 911 engine.. Even the best quality Leak down tester results are subjective... a compression gauge will tell you If there is issue.If the problem isnt obvious, a Leak down will inform you where the problem is. With regard to adapters, you can either shorten the long Ford Zetec tool, or Polish Engineering firm makes specific one for 911`s.
  6. With Craig on this, unless its a spider what ever on the reflectors won`t budge without taking the silver with it. A option if the reflectors are really bad, is good set- of matching auto/ manual- 964 units.
  7. Saw this on flea bay.Porsche Classic book. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Porsche-Classic-Service-Book-911-912-356/233310361140?hash=item3652619634:g:tp4AAOSw7N5c~qfP
  8. Never had a notion to buy one, a really good quality big breaker bar will always work.
  9. Hi guys, am trying to avoid Porsche tax £25 for the short length of hose between the petrol tank to fuel pump. Aftermarket lengths being sold on flea bay are coded SAE J30R6 ,or is there a more suitable alternative? thanks Angus
  10. Its not Force, this stays the same,but the magnification of the Pressure, relative to the volume of the cylinder /caliper bucket. Not luck enough to have driven a 930, my guess would be that the internals of the Master Cylinder will differ from 3.2`s, to allow for different brake bias.
  11. angusb

    Battery flat!

    If its 1.9v its had its chips, no matter how much charging. IMHO Varta batteries are much better than Bosch.
  12. https://www.bosch-automotive-catalog.com/en/product-detail/-/product/0580464021?country=AO
  13. What often happens, is that the insulation on the wires breaks down,upsetting the signal.
  14. So sorry,to quote a very long gone mechanic, "theres nane that canny be repaired" . Sure in time , you get it back on go, zooming about better than before.
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