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  1. angusb

    Battery flat!

    If its 1.9v its had its chips, no matter how much charging. IMHO Varta batteries are much better than Bosch.
  2. https://www.bosch-automotive-catalog.com/en/product-detail/-/product/0580464021?country=AO
  3. What often happens, is that the insulation on the wires breaks down,upsetting the signal.
  4. So sorry,to quote a very long gone mechanic, "theres nane that canny be repaired" . Sure in time , you get it back on go, zooming about better than before.
  5. Old clip of crash.
  6. Yes, blocked return to confirm if the pump was able to pressure above 2.5 bar.
  7. Perhaps comment got slightly lost in translation. The figures quoted in the manual are wrong, very unusual for Porsche. 35Nm is plenty. proporsche would imagine when your working every day, on cars you will have a feel , by hand of what is correct tightness.Other wise use a torque wrench.:)
  8. It may say 70nm in the manuals, this is wrong,35nm is the correct torque for 3.2 sump and tank.
  9. " that they will not be able to quote accurately until they reveal the extent of the corrosion" That`s true to up to a point, but it s the oldest slimiest trick in the body shop book to magnify the price, once the car is apart. Not in any way referring to the garages mentioned above,but have been there with classic car shops Edinburgh areas
  10. To be honest , we can all have thoughts as to possible causes,without a method to diagnose, its just speculation. Would check all the basics first,as you would do in routine service.The design of the injection system is based on constant fuel pressure, controlled by the regulator . The fuel pressure dampers, on the drivers side, have a diaphragm , which can leak internally , causing fuel loss. Again this is speculation, there is a detailed quick fuel pressure test for both of the regulator and damper. From description, chances are is much more likely to be vacuum ,gummed up idle control valve, or HT electrical. Start with the simple things and work backwards.
  11. Don`t know anything about CIS, as my car has sensible injection Came across the in case of interest. regards Angus https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sykes-Pickavant-professional-FUEL-PRESSURE-TESTER-set-petrol-injection-diagnosis/264294023970?epid=13013928309&hash=item3d8926c322:g:YngAAOSwkIJclQQs
  12. oHHH Definitely not a scare mongering thing,Phill on any car, never mind 911 performance it a routine critical maintenance.
  13. So not getting this, saw this advert via Facebook 3.2 Targa, alleged has had £73k spent on restoration.Garage web site has car at different price to video.
  14. angusb

    Few niggles

    "*edited to add - ALWAYS undo the fill plug before the drain plug!" Plus one on this . A sizeable 1/2 drive breaker bar is usually required.
  15. Came across this guide , instructions for Bosch Classic ETT L -jetronic tester , and how hooks up to the loom. .https://www.ratwell.com/technical/L-JetronicTester.html
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