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  1. thanks Al, will give it a spray of this.
  2. Hi guys, any recommendation as to best paint for Oil LIne painting ; its for the lines in the rear wheel arch, was thinking about using engine enamel. regards Angus
  3. angusb

    To Lower Or Not

    Lowering only the Front, increases the weight over the Rear axle.
  4. angusb

    To Lower Or Not

    Would not adjust only the Front suspension, really needs both Front and Rear adjusted at the same time.The Rear is a different kettle. Its also worth mentioning that the car must be perfectly level before any adjustment can begin, using a water level , shims to level floor.
  5. Have you removed the "stop" bolt, then lowered the trailing arm fully?
  6. Hi, the best method I have found is to clean both surfaces with WD40. The black center can be polished using Autoglymn Bumper Black. The Valesine won`t add polish, but as a to protect finish should be applied .
  7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-52036333
  8. Caught this biography on Netflix, https://www.netflix.com/gb/title/80227556
  9. Hi guys, after much puzzling as to why the Clutch Fork is grinding against the Pressure plate, removed the Throw out bearing , which did not have a shim fitted on the pressure plate., side facing Flywheel. Other than a clown working on the clutch, is there any reason why this shim would not be fitted? ( Googled below picture new kit, the right lower shim washer is missing) regards Angus
  10. Hi all, does anyone know the minimum thickness for a G50 flywheel? The manuals have see only state dimensions for 915. thanks in advance,Angus
  11. angusb

    MOT Fail

    Glad it passed, would suggest changing oil.
  12. When our cars were new, Porsche published a Paint manual, detailing the paint materials (most Glasurit products or Wurth stone chip). Due to the changes in modern paint, and application process, unfortunately the factory methods are dated.
  13. Hello , Beautiful colour . Although there was a height difference between earlier cars, all 3.2 had the same height as they came from the factory, approx 26 1/4 front ground to wheel arch, 25 3/4 rear. Most have been lowered fro stock settings. If your car has had a replacement bush, or torsion bar, perhaps that why it was aligned. To properly align a IB 911 takes skill, time and patience, which most alignment garages do not have. Never having used them myself, as too far away, but there are recommended places; Centre of Gravity, Autofarm, or Tutills
  14. To be honest Matt, it may have all the twiddle and dials, but looks as if came out a 70`s Lada. Becker used to be the default for 911 radios, don`t know if they still make new radios.

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