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  1. Good to see the old folks out on a day trip from the care home. Lewis I should have the scuttle seals and maybe a red relay. Email me your address and I'll send them out, I owe you a favour.
  2. Not quite. You can find him posting on various S&M forums under the new username 'Old Chode'. in all seriousness Mr P has had the most tumultuous 2 years imaginable, and is not yet quite out of the tunnel. But we still see each other regularly for curry, cake and a good laugh. Always talking milfs, but neither of us doing much online these days.
  3. Neil's brother built a spicy engine for me a few years ago. When it came to start up time it made a funny ticking noise. Borescope revealed that one of the pistons was fitted upside down. Engine was back to me fully rectified within a fortnight and hasn't missed a beat since. Let's hope they share those positive genes.
  4. Porsche got it pretty much bang on with this. Maybe the gen 2 is a bit prettier and has Bluetooth with a better satnav. Perhaps it could do with a bit more power, but as it stands all the oomph it has is almost always useable (unlike its bigger brothers where you need to be breaking the speed limits before you can enjoy them properly). Sure a suspension refresh and grippy tyres would do no harm, but otherwise it's hard to improve the standard package. Might be fun to have a nitrous button on the steering wheel though?
  5. Good to see all you scallies again and catch up. Just sorry I couldn't hang around any longer. Nice use of the word whip there Jev, reminds me of the old Meridian Dan classic I hum to myself whilst cruisin' round the shire. One of Tankman's favourite tunes as well so I'm told.
  6. RB May I take items 9, 18 & 27? Will send you an email (I don't use the pm system).
  7. Tripe

    New 997!

    If you decide to go for a ducktail be sure to order one for a gen 1 car as the air intakes are different on the gen 2 versions. And spare a thought for the third brake light. On factory cars fitted with a duck they used the panel from the turbo which fits between the rear screen and the lid and which has no brake light. If you don't use it you end up with a redundant brake light...
  8. Tripe

    New 997!

    They are nice cars. Got an old one earlier this year and spent some time over the summer jazzing it up.
  9. Never made it to Oulton in time but is was good to catch with a few old faces at the Black Swan last night. Every mile's a smile Nice scallops, shame no whelks.
  10. I have one a good used one if they can't help. Send me an email if you want to see a few pics.
  11. The 996 C4S is a handsome beast indeed, but the interior is a mish mash of plastic and ugliness. Happy to look at one sitting on the drive but the view from behind the wheel is not very pleasant. For that reason I have bypassed the 996 and just got myself a gen 1 997 C4S. It has the X51 engine and plenty of other goodies as well. First owner paid over £90K for it but IMHO we are now at the kind of pricing point for these cars whereby we can mod them a bit. So I will; finding another IB to tinker with has proved nigh on impossible.
  12. Not convinced that first set of bearings were/are genuine Porsche. See attached pic of a pukka Porsche Glyco bearing, manufactured 02/2014, just before the one you pictured earlier in this thread. Note the Porsche part number on the bearing and the genuine Porsche logo (letter P within the triangle), neither of which appear on yours. Also 'made in Germany' on the box. I'd be after a look at the invoice from the OPC from around that time showing part numbers and the price paid. Glyco bearings are much cheaper when sourced aftermarket. If it's indeed a genuine set of Porsche bearings then maybe
  13. Tripe

    911SC engine queery

    The fuel injection system is from the high compression/204 hp/1981 onwards engine.
  14. For that money it would be nice to see the correct stereo. Hopefully it has the original tool kit and compressor.
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