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  1. Superb, thanks, downloading as I text. Ciaran
  2. Try tapping the petrol gauge clock in the car. Mine ran out of fuel a few months ago reading at about quarter full. I think the light was on but I didn't think much of it. I tapped the gauge and it dropped down. Might just be the gauge? Ciaran
  3. Thats a fantastic look. Really suits the vintage of the car. I intend to do the petals to mine at some stage too. Ciaran
  4. That's useful information. Thank you. I presume the 'knack' is pushing the reversing light switch back? Ciaran
  5. dominicd Its all completely standard. There is no problem now, as far as I know, although I may need to tweak the coupler adjustment a small bit, so I've left the hatch open and have a couple of 13 mm sockets with me. My fear is that something is loose in the gearbox, or that it may be come stuck in reverse again at an awkward time. Have you had gearboxes sticking in reverse as a result of fitting an aftermarket shifter? Did it cause anything to work loose in the gearbox, such as an indent? Ciaran
  6. Thanks for the posts, I have had some feedback from Pelican Parts. The part that it appears can come out of place is called an indent which is like a spring loaded elongated ball bearing which seems to keep the rods, etc in place. I have changed the coupler bushes and the cup under the gear lever in the hope that it won't happen again. I am still a bit concerned that something (an indent) in the gearbox may be actually loose though, and I don't know enough to know whether this can actually happen or not? There was nothing on the drain plug when the gearbox oil was changed. I wo
  7. Hi, I was hoping someone could assist me. I have looked through a number of on line sources. I have a Carrera 3 MY77 and I was doing an oil change last weekend. Having changed the engine oil, and replaced the distributor, I put the car into reverse to back out of the garage. When I tried to put the car back into neutral the gear was still engaged. The position which felt more or less like neutral was still in reverse. It wouldn’t go into any other gear properly, and appeared to be like it was in two gears when it wasn’t in the neutral position. I checked the linkage and found one of t
  8. The car looks really good, Bert. It's a credit to you. Ciaran
  9. I wondered that too. I had some correspondence with Phil Bell before he sold it. Phils Car was sold via email to some one in the south east of Ireland (Wicklow or Wexford I think). I think that it was subsequently completely restored and featured in the magazine after. I would have thought that the description would have included more information about Classic cars and the magazine article. I am open to correction though. Could explain the changed too though? Ciaran
  10. Rick, Check out this link http://www.911carrera3.co.uk/values.php for some good information. It is a Carrera 3 registry and website run by Carrera3man (Jack), one of the members of this forum. Ciaran
  11. Hi, Mine worked loose once resulting in the last one shearing off, taking off at a roundabout. I just replaced the one and refitted the others. No problem since. I used a small bit of threadlock. I understand that they sometimes work loose after a track day. Ciaran
  12. I eventually got around to dealing with the wipers issue. It appears to have been a loose bolt on the wiper motor itself, which must have allowed the spindle to go out of line, resulting in slipping at one point. Anyway, I tightened it up and it appears ok for now. The information which I found on the forum was very useful for accessing it. Thank you. Ciaran
  13. Lads, Thank you all for your help, much appreciated. I will give the suggestions a try starting with the easiest. Tea boy, If all else fails I will be in touch, thank you for letting me know. Regards, Ciaran
  14. Dr_Danger, Thank you for the suggestion. I hadn't considered this. I will give it a try. Fingers crossed. Ciaran
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