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  1. Best track day ever - Anglesey. The day I learned to drift (slightly) a 911! Don't have pic of that unfortunately but I've always liked this shot.
  2. Thanks, yes 13. My car is ‘83 so doesn’t have the pipe running to the big headlamp washer pump. I seem to recall working out years ago that one of these diagrams was wrong. I think the order of the pipes on the lid of the water bottle? Trial and error will sort it. Al.
  3. Ah, OK. A sort of breather I assume then. many thanks FF!
  4. Hey all, Just finishing a cleanup of front inner wings and reinstating pipework. There is a small metal tube on the metal part of the fuel filler structure on fl wing, near the big metal tube that the water filler rubber tube goes on to. I can't for the life of me remember what this does or what the correct setup is. I seem to recall a previous SC I owned having a small diameter pipe running from this point alongside the big water tube but where should it then go? Does this take spilled fuel somewhere? Thought I had my head around all of this stuff from last rebuild but this one escapes me... Al.
  5. Hey all, I am thinking of going with a few pals to the rescheduled modern Le Mans in Sept. Does anyone have any particular insight into what sort of event this might be? The crowds are a big part of the atmosphere but presumably the numbers will be reduced? Or perhaps because it is a mainly outdoor event the ACO won't have to limit things? Of course also interested to know whether bars and restaurants would be open at the circuit and in places like Arnage and City centre? Campsites seem fairly open as usual. I think there is at least one IB'er on here who lives in Le Mans? Unfortunately can't recall your handle (nice old CB term there that I think the twits have borrowed?). Any inside knowledge? Musings welcome but hard facts preferred! Merci, Al.
  6. If you're in Australia then you're probably best getting fabric shipped over from Europe and done locally. There are a few German companies that will supply fabric only. Try cabrio.de. They look like Merc only on website but do all old Porsche still. Lakewell could also be an option. Also Garry Hall at Visual FX who is very active over on DDK. Enjoy! Pics of car please when it arrives. Al.
  7. Beautifully conceived and executed Jon. I'll look out for it when I'm down your way in late July. Al.
  8. These things have no crimping requirement but I think by the sounds of it they are best avoided. Thanks for feedback. I'll work on my soldering skills. Al.
  9. Jon Miller. Google Classic Carreras. Al.
  10. Simple as possible, DPM sheeting and I'll probably paint the underside of the ply with PVA. The start of this Landy project will be very dirty with chassis cleaning so I'm thinking I want to be able to jet wash the floor once the really dirty stuff is done. So I'll probably leave a gap round the edges for water to drain off into until that stage is past and then look to do something edge to edge. All supposed to be temporary though. Pallets are a good idea though. I'll give that some thought. They'd really need to cover the whole floor so I can used trolley jacks. Cheers, Al.
  11. To be fair, the wife cut the lawn. I'm much too busy arsing about with old motors!
  12. So I used my Fathers Day wild card to rope my three daughters into helping put up my new temporary garage. I went for a big one, 7.3m long, for the landy resto so I’ll have storage room for the body tub at the back. The biggest chore so far has been scraping off dreaded gravel and trying to get surface level enough for intended flooring of plywood sheet. Looks to be a well enough built thing. Went together well so far and will be bloody big! Welded joints could be straighter in places but shouldn’t affect performance. Got lucky with weather but not enough to get it all done in one day. Weather permitting should be up tomorrow evening. I’ll report back when complete and take a few more photos. Comes with ground anchors but I doubt I’ll be able to get them through the hardcore. Al.
  13. Just discovered these... https://www.amazon.co.uk/CAMWAY-Connectors-Electrical-Automotive-Applications/dp/B07R5Y1NG1/ref=redir_mobile_desktop?ie=UTF8&aaxitk=miuRn.HYBvWNATAbN4NV1A&hsa_cr_id=5320758340902&ref_=sbx_be_s_sparkle_mcd_asin_0 Are they as good as they look? Watched a video of them being heated with a heat gun and I thought it looked great! Al.
  14. As soon as you pass the village exit sign you’re into national speed limit. Just remember that was recently reduced from 90kph to 80kph, much to the detriment of my pocket and those of very many Frogs.
  15. Of course you’re right Fred but you can’t really expect a forum for owners of 911s to be in favour of a system that spoils our fun!! You’re absolutely right that we are generally not victims...but then again, it is pretty cynical to set up a speeding sting operation on a dual carriageway in the last 10 miles in Cherbourg. Clearly targeted at cars returning from Le Mans who’ve maybe left it a bit late and are hustling to catch the ferry. The car leading our group did get caught in that, only because he was the lead car. He was pulled over onto a side road where every other car was a British reg, probably 8-10 other cars with two van loads of Gendarmes to process the tickets. We split the fine across the group because it could’ve been any of us. I must admit we felt like victims then...

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