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  1. As I read it, they are already green but the boge strut is black. I'd scuff them well with scotchbrite, get some good quality black satin, paint with two fairly quick coats and fit. They'll always annoy you otherwise hence your question. Autoglym Black Satin is fabulous but dries very quickly so hold the can closer than you may normally. Then drive...of course.
  2. You can now buy head torches with bluetooth apps to control brightness, beam pattern etc...
  3. Not surprised these are hard to fit. The outer lip is quite a bit larger than the OEM rubber ones. having another go now by adding some heat. May remove a little to round off sharp lower corners.
  4. Thanks all, They are identical in size and shape to the new rubber ones I had inserted a few weeks ago and would have been using until Ben's Superpro's came up. So split, harder purple numbers, with some lube included (calm down Matt). Usual technique is to fold the longer piece above the split inside the lower piece so reducing the size of the bush and allowing it to enter the housing. I think my fingers have lost some strength with a long winter of keyboard use and no car work. I can fold the bush up nearly as tight as the rubber ones but just not quite enough to get it all in
  5. Yes, as Clive says, Mervyn Johnson is a top guy. http://www.mervynjohnston.com/ I'd be surprised if Jon Miller would want to take on a PPI up here in 'The North' but I'll let him speak for himself! It's a 7 hrs round trip! No particular issues at the moment with buying in N.Ireland and taking back to England. All done through Swansea these days anyway. Brexit has made no difference. I think it's had a big impact on N.Irish dealers selling to customers in the Republic of Ireland. Cheers, Al.
  6. The former. Not looking forward to the latter if I do get the bush into the suspension arm bracket...
  7. Both a looong way away. Suggest George McMillan. Where is the car? If it’s not too far away I don’t mind having an initial look for you. Cheers, Al
  8. Was all set to put front arb back in again after a suspension cleanup and bought Ben’s super pro bushes for the arb. I want to fit them to the outside since these are harder to replace and presumably super pro will last longer. So removed the standard black rubber bushes that I had already fitted into the suspension arm and thought I’d just ‘pop in’ the super pro bushes. Can I get those feckers in??? There just isn’t enough give to get it started. Anyone done this and want to tell me the secret. Can they be heated, for example, to make them more pliable? I can already advise oth
  9. A pressure washer will remove most of your problem. I'd do that first, maybe pushing through from the underside and then use that G101 stuff and power wash off again.
  10. Morning, Assuming they are OK, can I have your rear seat belts? Let me know price please. Cheers, Al.
  11. Hi, I'll have the Superpro arb bushes please. I'll be in touch tomorrow on PM. Cheers, Al.
  12. Darren over on DDK used a product used in electronics called epoxy potting. Certainly looked the part but I imagine being epoxy it dries hard.
  13. Flat 6


    I think it might be part of the mechanism that turns the odometer. In which case it has broken off. Been a long time since I worked on a speedometer though. Al.
  14. Unfortunately we no longer have Goodwood Members in May...October now.
  15. Your call of course but given that your rhs looks fine I'd be making a more localised repair there. You'd still need a new front lower section (recommend Restoration Design) due to complex multiple curves but you would save yourself a huge amount of cutting and welding by letting a new piece in at that corner. Just my Al
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