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  1. Flat 6

    Wanted.... a car!!

    Yes, it will be interesting to see how much higher that goes. With that sort of mileage, I'd be pricing in an engine and gearbox build and at least some suspension work so really it's getting close to the £40k mark.
  2. Black edging around indicators and black grills beside front indicators suggests a '73 model. V.cheap so must be more to it than that... Al.
  3. Somebody tell me what background coordinates with Weinrot and I'll sneak out...
  4. Brilliant! For some reason it never entered my head that simple things like this are available pre-made when most garages make them up themselves.. Be in touch via email Matt. While I'm there I need a couple of arb bushes. Cheers, Al.
  5. Hey all, Just wondering if some kind soul either has a spare or is in a position to make me a hard brake line from my front right caliper? I've taken my calipers off to tidy them up but the line broke at the junction with the flexi... I'd usually get my local garage to make me one up but he's got asthma and is rightly keeping a low profile. Anyone? Cheers, Al.
  6. Flat 6

    911 for sale

    Tread carefully... http://911uk.com/viewtopic.php?p=1411675#1401509 Al.
  7. Just called the dealer and bought over the phone for remote pickup. When I explained what it was for the owner revealed that he drives a 914 and his other Director drives a 965! We agreed to leave to test drives of each others cars for a few months... Al.
  8. I take your point of course Jonny. Probably one for the Covid 19 discussion thread but I'm not really sure a man with a van driving from a depot to my house with a can of paint is any more essential! The dealer I'm thinking of is in a rural location, as I am, about 5 miles away. I'm comfortable with a process of initially calling them to see if they have it and, if they do, paying over the phone and then asking them to leave it outside for me to pick up. I'd think the risk of promulgating the virus by doing that is no higher than online shopping? Definitely not unconcerned about this situation though. I have changed my thinking over the last few days from 'sooner otherwise healthy people get it and develop some immunity ' to isolation. Mainly in the hope of reducing pressure on the NHS. I do fear for the future at the moment. I am a self employed sales and marketing bod who does projects for early stage companies. Pipeline already starting to dry up and I can see lean times ahead in the summer months. Stay healthy all, Al.
  9. So was that made by JD? I was thinking more of touching in the lower part of the strut from a tin of paint rather than using a spray can but the disk and backing plate is off so I suppose masking up to spray wouldn't be a big deal. A pal tells me he got some JD Yellow from a nearby JD dealer so I'll try there first. Hope they're open... Cheers, Al.
  10. Hey all, Just tidying up my front suspension and need to touch up the strut around the hub. It's not bad enough to justify a full strip down and spray paint. I found an old thread here that mentions Halfords Ford Green as an alternative to John Deere green. The genuine JD stuff only come in 1L tins from what I can see so an alternative would be useful. Or has anyone come up with a general paint code for green billies? Can't seem to find a consensus on that on't interweb.... If there is an upside to this social distancing stuff it's garage time... Cheers, Al.
  11. Welcome Big G, Lots of good resources and advice on here to help you through this project. My own restoration story is here: May not take you to the very start but it's all there. If I were you, my starting point would be to remove the interior and front wings and then pressure wash the whole thing inside and out with hot water. This should tell you plenty about how much work you have ahead of you. If you get lucky you won't have to replace metalwork on the shell of the car but it's most likely that you will end up doing some of the jobs I had to, particularly b-pillars, kidney bowls and inner front wings behind the bumper hangers. On the targa, you also need to look carefully around the area where the roof bar connects to the inner rear wings. If you find a thread by our metal meister Fat Fuchs called 'Targa Time' you would will have a very good guide. If your front wings are shot you really only have the option of second hand or new. From either source you will have work to do. Even new front wings from Porsche may not fit perfectly and you will need to prep them with stone chip and body colour. Second hand wings will probably fit better and may not need as much work as you think. No connection to Peter K but I wouldn't discard his wings as an option. If you find that your car is generally solid apart from front wings then you're in a great place. Get the engine and gearbox rebuilt, sort replacement front wings, clean up whatever surface rust you find on the rest of the car and enjoy the summer in your new targa! But keep a notebook in the car to make a growing list of the niggles, bumps and rattles that you get for sorting next winter! Health to drive. Al.
  12. Bump before it goes on ebay...
  13. Seems it's the season for garage clear outs so here's my largest piece! Fully fibreglass tea tray rear wing that was on my silver SC. It's a nice piece, no idea who made it but it has the porsche logo under the rear lip so someone has gone to the bother of taking a mould off a real one with a rubber lip. I think £200 is a fair price for this but you guys tell me! I'm happy to pack this up carefully for shipping. I will have a few other bits and bobs to sell in the coming weeks so watch this space. Cheers, Al
  14. Don't suppose any of them are dated '73? Being anal about my '73 T resto... They'd have the lip to hold the 3-pronged centres. Al.
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