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  1. Hi Nathan. Yes, thats the one I meant. Will do as you suggest. Many thanks! Hope all is well with you and family. We really should meet for a coffee and a natter soon:) cheers. Will
  2. Hi, the little "daisy wheel" leccy connector that is tucked up in the scuttle on the nearside wing - whats the best way to remove it? Push through so it comes out in the trunk or pop it out into the scuttle/wing side? I just need to get access so i can reconnect the receiving connector. Not an easy job in situ. Many thanks Will
  3. horribly bad luck, just awful. It makes me realise how lucky i was after a specialist had rebuilt my motor, that i noticed he hadnt done up one of the mfi lines into one of the heads. Raw fuel being pished everywhere. how it didnt catch fire on the hot exhaust i have no idea. anyway, best wishes for getting things sorted out. cheers will
  4. Hi. I've put my 6x15 minilite style revoltuin wheels on the bay in case anyone is interested in them. I had them on a narrow body car on the rear with fuchs on the front, st/works/"sportspurpose" stylee. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/401761889809
  5. Hi. I bought it from Type 911. Not asked him to be honest as I'd simply assumed too much time had passed. I'll ask him. cheers. Will
  6. Hi. I have a brand new, never been out of the box, never used, 2 in 1 out backbox. Stainless Steel with the zinc finish and chrome end tip. Comes with the fitting kit (2 gaskets, 4x bolts and lock nuts.) Bought new by me end of Oct 2018 and I paid 490 quid. Change of plans means I now wont use it. I will send posted to UK mainland for £390.
  7. Hi Any interest in some Revolution Minilite 15 x 6 wheels? I have two in a metallic bronze finish. Sort of looks a little like magnesium. 225 plus postage or youre welcome to collect from SW London.
  8. Hi Firstly, obviously nobody can be specific in this case and only a r/r before and after would reveal the truth. Having said which, what sort of % increase would you expect from a sportier system over standard? 5bhp - 10 bhp? I currently have a 2 in 3 out (you have the option of 1 out or 2 out via caps) but I am going back to standard 2 in 1 out. I'm just wondering out loud how significant a power loss I might reasonably expect. Just looking for any thoughts/experience.
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  10. have a chat with Garry Hall at Classic FX. http://classiccarrestorationsurrey.co.uk/
  11. Lovely car..excellent number plate too.
  12. I asked in Timpsons and they reckoned they had to order a special blank. Still hasnt turned up 2 months later.....
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