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  1. would love this my garage... https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1240526 hmmm...maybe i should flog my IB and get that alfa and one of these:
  2. asm993

    Respray questions

    here's a weird one...has anyone had their car resprayed/restored and then felt an odd compulsion to sell it given that its looking as good as it will ever do?
  3. asm993

    Respray questions

    THats a good point Doc. If its been bare metalled then any problems are 100% down to the painter.
  4. asm993

    Respray questions

    I think I have to go bare metal, although I also see the point of not disturbing a sound surface. I think its had some paint in the past and i'm sure i can see a darker primer under some sections of paint. I want to be sure its absolutely 100% and of course, only want to do it the once! Having said which, all of these things are still up for discussion, hence my post:)
  5. asm993

    Respray questions

    Hi Phil, yes, bare metal of the whole car
  6. HI. I am going to bite teh bullet and get my car resprayed and any rust attended to. It needs a door skin, one sill and bottom of the b post,etc. I have a chap in mind but I want to make sure that I ask the right questions so that I can be sure of what i'll get back. So, with that in mind, would anyone like to suggest the "right" questions to ask? i.e. the sort of "wish i'd asked that before he started" type stuff. I want to know how he'll strip the paint off -I dont want any bits acid dipped for instance. whats the best paint to use Lechler? Glasurit? Rust proofing, i.e. cavity injection Any suggestions as to what I need to know before he has the car would be great. Obviously keen to avoid any "surprises". cheers Will
  7. Thanks chaps! That gives me something to go on. I didnt realise that isaydingdong did "specials". I've covered a multitude of sins with their stickers over the years! The sticker i want to reproduce is a car sticker that my dad's firm used to give out. I bought an original (1970s/early 80s) after one amazingly popped up on e bay. Just fancy having a few to stick on the cars,etc. Many thanks for your suggestions - IB: the font of all knowledge! cheers Will
  8. WOuld anyone know someone who could copy an old car sticker and make me about 30 copies? The original sticker is one of those "peel off" and stick to inside of window pointing out jobbies. Many thanks Will
  9. p.s. is the ashgoods car matching no's? I think thats a very important aspect given what these things are advertised at. Could you live with the colour? not sure i could!
  10. oooh, good choice! I've got one of those:) Have a chat with Guy White, he would be a good person to talk to. They are lovely cars. I had a 993RS many years ago and the 2.7mfi really reminds me of that car. Ryan Snodgrass' site used to be good but not sure its updated much nowadays. I vaguely recall a french site for 2.7 and 3.0 carreras, maybe try and find that. Otherwise i guess the euro classic cars sites are good. I imagine that the sheriff has his ear to the ground too.
  11. Hi. The 2.7 badge on my car is 8.4cm wide, 2.1cm height and about 6mm deep. The "2" is about 3.4cm wide and the "7" is about 3.7 cm wide. Hope that helps! cheers. Will
  12. crikey, what a price for a backdate! Isnt that "longhood" 911S money? I must be massively out of touch!
  13. yup, i have a "2.7" on my mfi carrera. I can measure it if helps?
  14. hello Roy. He cant get solar in place. No power tools required, just light and to blow up tyres. he's quite the boy and I keep catching the old bugger chatting up my wife. Also, if anyone has any questions about flying lancasters then just ask away.. He told me you had to be 6ft in height so that you cold get your feet up on the dashboard and get enough leverage to pull the thing into the air.
  15. Hi. A friend of mine is after a generator so that he can work in his lock up garage. He also wants to be able to inflate tyres but doesnt need something that can run an airgun or anything else. Can some kind soul point me at something suitable please? Maybe clarke from machine mart? We're just unsure as to what will be sufficiently powerful. My mate is 95 and flew Lancasters in ww2 for RAAF. He has two alvis cars including a special he built himself. I very much hope I'm (i) still here at that age and (ii) still enjoying spannering! He's quite the boy! cheers Will

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