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  1. I like the look of that phone holder. I have a windscreen mounted one which is really secure, but doesn't look anywhere near as neat. How does it connect to the clock surround? Secure even on bumpy ground?
  2. Usually use Jaz but haven't come across either RRR or Porchetech. Getting out to St Albans is a bit of a ballache so might look into them (although the Porchetech pricing page doesn't show anything older than 964). Anyone used RRR? Andy
  3. Thats helpful - thanks. After a run yesterday afternoon, noticed a few chips. So I've either left it too late or its a sign I need to get there pronto before more damage done. Tough decision at the price. First world problems eh?
  4. A US cousin to mine Look forward to seeing what you do with it. And if those 70k miles are genuine then driver and passenger were seriously hefty!
  5. Beaky, Sorry to open an old thread, but mildly considering doing this given don't yet have any stone-chips post re-spray. How much paintwork does it cover? Can you see it up close? Still happy with it? Andy
  6. Or just search on you tube for 'le mans 2018'. Ford performance are showing in car with audio from le mans radio which is a pretty good combo.
  7. Is it possible the flip-flop was already on the roof and came through with them? Seems very odd to up there in them and to leave without it. Long barefoot walk home Any luck on the DNA match?
  8. Yes still a few years to go. I only heard about it following the announcement on Friday but seems its been talked about for ages, just I never heard anything. Admittedly can't worry too much about something that may or may actually happen in 3 years time. I think its the irony of the SC being exempt in 2023 - but very un-excempt from 2021 to 2023 - that got me the most (assuming they don't weasel out of that exemption). Beaky - out in the suburban countryside of Whetstone it shouldn't impact you quite so much Although I should start a book on when it will reach out to the M25. Someone, somewhere is going to benefit from a lot of cheap, relatively lightly used diesels.
  9. For a couple of years its going to cost £12.50 every time I use the 911!! Whilst I will no possibly appreciate the fewer old diesels on the road on my daily cycle into work in the centre, every move of the 911 is going to cost heavily. Given fairly close to the north circular, I should probably try to find a lock-up just outside. Although ironically being fairly close to the n circular (which isn't covered and hence will probably be even busier) the air quality at the house probably won't be improved. Luckily the family barge (old petrol V70) somehow looks to be ok. Anyone else likely to be impacted? Ironically looks like when you hit 40 (car not you unfortunately) suddenly its all roses - no MOT, no ULEZ charge, no tax. But a few years to go before that one. Andy PS Before all of you outside London (or outside the N/S Circular) get too smug, I suspect this will get expanded elsewhere pretty quickly.
  10. A few variables so probably best you email Chris.
  11. Hard to prove or disprove long-run cost efficiency other than to revisit this thread in 10 years. I have a suspicion I'll kerb them before that (joys of living on a street requiring parallel parking) making the discussion academic, at least for me More importantly, got my wheels back yesterday from Chris (Excel) and delighted. Quality is fantastic and the matt finish looks period (albeit clearly not authentic) and helps to 'lighten' the car, and off-set the dark paint. And being inept and lazy, the fact that the process was hassle-free was the icing on the cake. Anyway, was out for a nice spin this morning so some photos... a couple of close-ups by Chris and couple on my rubbish camera phone but where you can see the overall effect. As with all such work, should have done it years ago....
  12. Mark - thank you for this thread. As a result, Chris collected my wheels on Friday and I'm going for exactly the same look as yours. He took as much care jacking up my car and changing the wheels as I would have done (if not more) which bodes really well. Can't wait to get them back now
  13. Well - assuming not too late, please PM me your paypal details and I'll pay / provide my address. Thanks, Andy
  14. Snooze, you loose... but am I too late to get in on this?
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