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  1. Looked nice, glad to see it being used. Anybody local to me? Chris.
  2. Indeed they are easily weld-able. Many rally boys reinforce the ARB mount as it's a known weak spot. A few years ago I bought a pair of A arms with the mod already done. Chris.
  3. Booked! My voucher was about to expire but over the festive period MSV have finally confirmed dated into 2020, so I'll be at Donington on 16th March; https://www.msvtrackdays.com/car/calendar/2020/mar/16-dp/ Join me anybody? Chris.
  4. Mark's method is what I do, but I take it a stage further by first loosening bleed nipples with a 6 sided deep socket, just until they are 'cracked' then move to the ring spanner. All the 5 sided special bleed nipple spanners I have ever tried were not as good as a ring spanner unless nipple is brand new. Happy new year all. Chris.
  5. Well I KNOW I wouldn't have thrown them away..... Just can't find them right now!
  6. I have a 3.2 with early (SC style) driveshafts. Behind each CV joint on the shaft is a cup washer which needs to be compressed to enable the refitting of the circlip holding it all together. Mine were SO difficult to do that I omitted the cup washers entirely. One CV slides about 1mm on the driveshaft the other is stuck in place. Does it matter if they are missing? Chris.
  7. I'm sure a 2nd hand one or a borrowed one may confirm the fault. Perhaps like many CIS parts it is the same part as used on BMWs etc of the era but a fraction of the cost? Take the Bosch number and ask a Bosch dealer...? Or, buy a flexi banjo ended pipe so you can observe it squirting into a jam jar?
  8. My SC inexplicably broke it's yellow wire from the starter to the thermotimer switch and displayed similar cold starting. I bunged in a temporary replacement wire and it's sorted. I'll trace the real one's fault when the engine is next out as it's somewhere in the engine loom. Are you sure your's isn't broken? Should see volts at the thermotimer switch when cranking. As Les says, cold start valve obviously contributes a great deal to cold starting. Chris.
  9. Viscous fan spanners are also skinny and come in 36mm. That's what I used. Easy to find in Halfrauds/ebay. Chris.
  10. I had some cams ground by Dougherty too, 993SS from 3.2 originals. I found him super easy to deal with and they were ready within a month. Mind you a mate flew them to the USA on a business trip and posted locally, I collected them while on a USA skiing trip a month later. Added bonus of no transatlantic shipping, delays or import duties. 😊
  11. Chris T

    HT lead ends?

    Thanks to Phil's kind loan of the crimp tool, I have made a set of new HT leads. As you can see I backed up the crimp with some high temp silicone as a belt and braces. Can't yet fit them as silicone needs 24h to cure fully. I cleaned up the old spark plug caps and distributor cap ends and will re-use them. I reckon 35 year old real Beru ones are better than the cheap stuff available elsewhere, they all still measure spot on or very close to the 3kΩ spec. Let's hope this cures my misfire..... Chris.
  12. Chris T

    3D printers

    Amazing but that guy really does have too much time on his hands.....
  13. Chris T

    HT lead ends?

    Brilliant Phil! I will PM you. Chris.
  14. Chris T

    HT lead ends?

    Bit more research reveals a potential source, I also found sparkplugs.co.uk BUT while the ends are cheap, they need a special Beru only crimp tool. Best I can find that for is £213, many places were €500! Anybody got or know of a Beru ZAZ3 crimp tool I can borrow or somebody who has one that can make up leads?? Chris.
  15. Chris T

    HT lead ends?

    Hi gang, Trying to chase a persistent misfire means I'd like to replace all the HT leads. Each lead has zero ohms, the resistor being in the plug cap. I have 2 sets of leads from which to choose the best 6 plug caps and distributor connectors. BUT, the HT leads are ended in a 3mm screw and I can't find anybody who can supply the correct ends. Any ideas where I can get them? Chris.
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