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  1. There WILL be a hole under those bubbles, they come from the other side..... But, if the price is right, the rest of it looks good.
  2. And you, Alex are clearly bored....!!
  3. Waddy's shifter is 7 years old, mine about 3 or 4. Wevo's exploded diagram of it shows a cap screw holding the gear knob on so I SUSPECT Wevo have changed the design since Waddy and I purchased and the newer one does indeed have a screw holding the knob on. Why? Don't know, nowt wrong with screwing it on.....
  4. Nope, Billet like you requested with solid alloy knob..... Looks just like Waddy's
  5. Russ, I have one and I love it! I've just been up to the garage and unlike Wevo's exploded diagram which shows the knob attached by a cap head screw, mine has no cap screw but instead screws on to an M14 male thread on top of the shaft. Didn't get my thread pitch gauge out though..... Chris.
  6. I kinda like it..... Get a sun visor with "RAUH- Welt" stuck on it and it'll attract crazy bids from stupid people!
  7. Right now Haith, you can..... Driving me nuts! Even with Jevvy's help we have failed to get it running right.
  8. Buy a proper lift (if you have space) and increase your storage! OK, one of those 3 isn't mine.....
  9. My Mum used to have a R5GT turbo which I used to drive a bit. Felt super quick back then but it would tear the wheel out of your hands with torque steer if you weren't hanging on tight! Chris.
  10. I got some from a specialist paint mixer (probably also ebay to be fair) who are happy to sell just one aerosol can. Spot on.
  11. David, I'll take the K-Jet booklet please. Chris. Actually, I'll take both please! 😉 I have your payment details, please confirm postage by PM. Chris.
  12. Mark and others in the same situation. I too daren't look at my pension at the moment, however my pension advisor is a friend, as is my financial advisor, and they both have their own pensions in exactly the same funds in exactly the same company (Aegon) as I do. They like me, are keeping the money invested and hoping for an up-turn in markets in a year or 18 months time as all 3 of us are a few years away from drawing it. I sleep a little better knowing the money men have their own money where mine is.
  13. I've used Motorworx in Marlow to service and clean my injectors. Guy demonstrated the spray pattern and flow rates to me before I took then away, good as new. £15 per injector. But, any 'ASNU' dealer should offer the same service. Chris.
  14. Chris T

    New Ride

    I can only imagine what kind of medical condition requires a saddle that looks like Gonzo....
  15. Bump! Go on, you know you want to..... I must let MSV know by Monday what I intend to do. Chris.
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