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  1. Ah, thanks for correcting me Matt, must be early ones and NOT 3.2 then!
  2. I think it's boxter 2.5 callipers you'll need not from a 2.7. That is if you intend to keep 3.2 rotors. Lots of threads here. From memory Mark's (Silver WT) thread is very informative and probably the best starting point. Chris.
  3. Looked and sounded nice. Anyone here?
  4. Chris T


    Bosch silver I think. about 1/2 size but cranking amps are more than enough, total Ah (battery capacity) is less but I don't leave the car for days on end anywhere not on it's trickle charger. 1/2 size, 1/2 weight, 1/2 cost......
  5. Chris T


    If it’s an occasional use car and you keep it on a conditioner/trickle charger then smaller than you think is the answer. My SC has a battery about 1/2 the size and 1/2 the weight and it is 100% fine.
  6. Assuming it’s the original knob, no thread no grub screw...
  7. Stunning car..... Maidenhead riverside? Are you local? Chris
  8. Obviously the tinware in there to prevent hot air from underneath being sucked in by the fan and re-used for cooling. In my view, the rubber skirt/seal will already have some leaks that nobody worries about, a couple of extra holes will have a minuscule effect on engine temps and probably zero when in motion where all the hot air gets blown away from underneath. The fan after all has huge access to air from above Via the grille. By all means bung them up, but unless they are large (3.2s minus fan for instance leave a 8cm (guess) hole in rear tinware) it'll make close to zero difference but giv
  9. "not available in the UK" here....
  10. I used Wurth branded satin black, recommended here but TBH it seemed as good as most others, no better. Quality of masking/prep/spraying probably count for more as well as a nice warm dust-free spray booth. I quite like the caps polished, why not try them on the car and paint them later if you don't.
  11. I'm afraid I don't know where to get them from but they are such a PITA that if I were doing this I think I would extend the loom slightly and/or replace those plugs with some more friendly modern multi-pin (6? 8?) plugs.
  12. "Got my bonnet from ebay, can't find the ad any more" Pro9 that's it! 'pro-9porsche06' on ebay. As I say, bonnet fitted pretty good and bumper blades you can't go wrong with IMHO
  13. Got my bonnet from ebay, can't find the ad any more. Front and rear RSR bumpers were from R to RSR and while the front fitted OK, the rear was miles out, about 5 cm too wide, but there is a big difference in turbo/RSR flares, mine has turbo arches, so may account for the difference to be fair. Took bloody ages to get it to fit!!
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