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  1. Chris T

    Seized Parking Brake

    Be patient my friends, it will be on the road soon! I absolutely CANNOT get the piston chunk out of the bottom end, so while I'm away next week I'm having my local indie split the crank case halves, get the chunk out, change the main bearings while he's in there, give everything a good clean and reassemble. I'm hoping it will be together by the end of Feb, but I'm away nearly all of March, so target date for being back on the road is April 1st. Am I being a fool?? Chris.
  2. Chris T

    Wanted; cylinder head temp sensor for 3.2

    Thank you for your help ladies and gents, all good research for the upcoming '911 price hacks' thread! I'm thinking BMW crank sensors, 914 CHT sensor and perhaps more to come..... My problem has been solved by a cheeky eBay bid, securing me a brand new genuine 3.2 CHT sensor for about half the cheapest price available and about twice what they cost just a short while ago! Chris.
  3. Chris T

    Seized Parking Brake

    I've had the same a while ago although not on the 911. Brake discs have a little rusty 'scar' which makes the brakes have a little 'lump' on every wheel rotation, but it does go away as it wears in. Glad it's sorted. Chris.
  4. Chris T

    Body panels wanted

    Turning it into a 4 door?
  5. Chris T

    Wanted; cylinder head temp sensor for 3.2

    Top Carrera, that will do for me tommy!! I’ll investigate, as you say it’s a simple device, hence my recoil at today’s prices!! Car is being rolling roaded and had a Canems ECU now anyway so should be all do able.
  6. Long shot really, but does anybody have a GOOD one? The wires were a bit 'bruised' on mine and I had made a heat-shrink repair previously, so when my ring spanner with a gap tool slipped I took the decision to cut the wires and remove with a socket as they are only about 35 quid right? WRONG!! £120 + VAT. Wish I hadn't done that now. Wires cut off too short to realistically repair, does anybody per chance have one or know of a suitable alternative without the P tax attached? Thanks, Chris.
  7. Chris T

    Rag tangled on fan belt!

    Just be grateful it isn't your fingers wrapped around the pulley.....
  8. Chris T

    August date for your diary. Boxengasse

    Maybe I'm old fashioned, maybe I'm tight..... To me the Boxengasse concept is over-gentrifying the whole air cooled fashion as it has become in some quarters. Prices have risen for both parts and cars which is great if you intend to sell, bad if you intend to mend or maintain one. These guys appear to be cashing in on it. Their track day is expensive, but the open day is far from open, £15 entry + VAT + a booking fee(!!!), more if you turn up in a non air cooled car. That's not an open day to me. I may show up there one day and no doubt choke on my coffee when told the price, but I won't pay to go there. Am I alone? Chris.
  9. Chris T

    Light weight undertray

    Henry, 20 requests on the list and "29 maximum" to be made..... Go on, please add me to the list, may save me from a speed-bump induced embarrassment causing crunch one day! Thanks, Chris.
  10. Chris T

    911 Strut brace

    Indeed I was but without any firm commitment to buy (see IB selling rules) I was keeping my options open. Literally driving up A43 both ways today so would have been an easy drop in to pick up and buy. Plan A was to help David out, plan B was to keep it and give him my steel version FOC. No worries. Chris
  11. Chris T

    911 Strut brace

    Mike, are you in today? I will be passing 'Buckingham near Silverstone' twice today! Chris.
  12. Chris T

    Anyone owned a Lancia Delta Integrale?

    Er, guys you sure they are not Toyota GT4s? (ST205). Do I get an anorak point if I'm correct?
  13. If DavidH changes his mind, I'll have the heater cover please. Chris.
  14. Chris T

    Throttle linkage rod

    If that fails, drill a hole in the gearbox pivot closer inwards or indeed in the linkage plate on top of your engine.
  15. Chris T

    Brakes on 1977 911

    I kept the original 3.2 rear callipers, as have many here. They are good enough when in good nick and although a bit heavier than a boxter calliper, while the front adaptors are readily available and cheap, the rears used to be BIG money although I note that Rebel racing now sell them @ $250 F and $350 R. Search for Mark's (silver WT) informative article on the swap on his 3.2. Chris.