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  1. If it IS the CHT sensor, like the BMW crank sensor, is there a cheaper source? Crazy money these days for such a simple thing as I found when I did mine recently. I did look at Ebay £12 versions but nobody could tell me resistance values. They tend to be a ring fitting but you could use the old one as a bolt to attach the new. Chris
  2. Sounds like it could be the crank sensor. I had the exact same issue recently. One sensor reads the teeth on the starter ring, the other reads TDC. If the ECU sees no TDC reference it refuses to issue fuel = no starty. Matt does a reasonably priced version, or like me, use the BMW listed one. Bosch no. 0261210002 Chris.
  3. I also think it isn't as much as you think. I'd go SSI/Dansk and take the opportunity to backdate the whole system and bin the engine bay fan. 3.2s also have additional footwell blowers which will stop working if the main fan isn't present but getting them going has been covered here before. Or, bin them too. Unless you drive you car year round a simple backdated system will provide enough heat. My 2p as always. Chris.
  4. if you do consider a Wevo, think about getting it shipped to a friend in the USA who can either bring it back for you or at least re-package and send on as a 'gift'. You may save a bit in import taxes if you are lucky.
  5. Yes, 964 twin distributor bought 2nd hand with lower lead set. Canams was far from plug and play (large engine config changes to be fair) and some kind of ignition interference was getting into ref sensor which took HOURS of expensive dyno time to sort. In hindsight a new MAP sensor and distributor less twin spark solution would have been better and cheaper in the long run, but I wasn’t expecting it to be so painful TBH. Chris
  6. Borrow some pipe benders and bend a curve into the flat section such that the vertical crimped metal-rubber joint points more forward. Do it in situ until kink comes out....
  7. All fitted fine, it’s exactly the same part I’d say, just loads cheaper. It didn’t solve the issue but that’s a long story...... Chris
  8. Genuine Bosch part ordered and here first thing tomorrow. £50 (OPC Swindon £240!) Thanks Chris
  9. Thanks, link produces a list of models it fits. Local parts delivery can get one here (if in stock!) within an hour. 🤞
  10. Chaps, I’m at the rolling road and car is proving unreliable to start. ECU diagnostics point to a failing speed/reference sensor. It’s been discussed here before but I can’t find it..... which BMW car is the same sensor found on? I can get one of those within an hour. Thanks, Chris
  11. I've got a Wevo version. I fitted it at the same time as a Wevo shifter. Night and day different but can't say how much was down to which bit though..... What I can say is that is was less than 199.99 and that was in dollars! Wevo won't ship to the UK, instead they send you to Twin Spark racing, but Pelican will deliver here 😉 Chris.
  12. Dear all, my car is on the rollers on Tuesday, finally got the engine built and back in a couple of days ago and today I'm adding some wiring to make the 2nd coil fire and the shift light function operate the resonance flap. Canems manual says pin 31 operates second coil, fine as 31 is unoccupied. They also state that pins 11 or 21 are general purpose pins, able to operate the shift light. However on an 1984-5 car pins 11 and 21 are already busy operating the tacho. (Later cars have pin 21 as an earth for the oxygen sensor and 11 as an earth for the 'NTC II') Has anybody done this before, and how did you get around it? A shift light output will be DC so I'm guessing tacho would be uncool to see that up it's feed!! Longshot, but you never know..... Chris.
  13. It's made by Ravaglioli, forget the model number. It took me a LONG time to find a lift that wasn't too high for the garage, too wide for the space I had, had low pad heights and ran from single phase supply...... As a bonus, this one has 2 long threaded rods which rotate in the towers to raise and lower the arms, meaning no safety brake/lock is required and the driveshaft joining L-R is quite low profile. I got it from a garage supply place up north somewhere, guy gave me such a good deal on it that a month later he no longer worked there..... Chris.
  14. Pete, not quite true. I have a 2 post lift and the arms go under my lowered 911 easily. You just have to buy right and look for a lift with a low minimum pad height, the cheapo Chinese ones do not. Chris.
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