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  1. Well, to be fair, he turned up with a length of cord, a torch and a can of WD40. I never actually saw it sprayed. He should know what he's doing, he's the guy that has been widely recommended on here in this area. Chris.
  2. Window fully built up with trim. Warm workshop? sadly no. He used WD40 to lubricate and a strong pull cord, but after 3 attempts left saying he needed his mate to help out. Guy in question is a recommended Porsche experienced fitter (owns one himself) and he's done loads previously. This one is apparently a bugger mainly down to the stiff new seal, hence the quest for an old one. Chris.
  3. BUMP! Window man came today and even with my help could not get the 1/4 glass fitted. He blamed the new rubber seal as being too stiff, and indeed it is compared to the old one which is sadly split. Anybody got a suitable genuine old Porsche LH rear 1/4 light seal from a '78-'86 car please? Chris.
  4. Chris T

    CHTS install

    Certainly looks correct. I’m currently working on a pattern replacement. Resistance looks good, cable is wrongly terminated by I can get hold of the correct two pole connectors. BUT it currently has a 17mm bolt head meaning even a thin walled deep socket fouls the cooling fins, so you can’t fit it! Am trying to organise a MkII with a smaller bolt head and will post details here once I have one I’m happy with. Chris
  5. And buy some top quality brand new drill bits to do the job with.
  6. It's funny but I drive a 911 (when it's going) as it isn't all smooth and easy, it isn't a modern drive. It rewards when you get it spot on and quickly lets you know when you have not. However, the pleasure of a bike ride is different, it's the man Vs hill, it's the rule 5* attitude towards tough conditions, it's the camaraderie of group rides and it's the feeling of riding a 'zingy' (there I said it) lightweight bike fast. For me, it's classic cars but modern bikes. I still occasionally turn back as I walk away from the 911 just to have a last look at those curves and I still wish I had the De Rosa as wall art, it was beautiful.... Chris. *See Velominati rules; http://www.velominati.com/comment-page-8/
  7. Thanks but rather too late. Hylomar blue it was but in a thin bead. Engine still doesn't run but that's another story...... Thanks, Chris.
  8. Modern wheels with clicher tyres? clip in pedals? 10 speed cassettes? All modern tosh! I SO miss my Columbus steel De Rosa on which I won 3 Western division junior champs ahhh... wouldn't ride it though, heavy rubbish compared to modern stuff 😉
  9. I’ve been waiting for this thread!! I’d always recommend using an oil that closely colour matches your car 😉
  10. Chris T

    Oil cooler

    Ok, no probs. Not any rush. Chris
  11. Chris T

    Oil cooler

    Another cheeky untested offer £100. Chris.
  12. I gave my cold start injector a permanent earth to cure a similar issue. Means it squirts hot or cold but so far no issue. Would eliminate injector from thermotime switch. chris
  13. Bet the cover is the same, just the inscriptions of fuse positions. Bet almost all are correct anyway!
  14. If it’s a Ctek they make extension leads.
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