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  1. Colour matched wheel centres are very '80s and if that's the look you are after go for it. Personally I prefer naked alloy or the RSR look. Take a look around here and you'll see all styles. Easy DIY job whichever way you go 👍
  2. I agree. Back in the day they charged a few % of sale price, fair enough. Lately it was 10% while they tried their hardest to push all sales through PayPal for a further few %. Now ebay are intending to charge 12.8% of final sale price and of postage(!). I've got several hundred pounds worth of stuff to 'bay but I was waiting for one of their occasional '£1 max selling fee' promotions. Any other good auction sites out there?
  3. Nice day out, some lovely cars to see (some of which I recognised from here) and njpcarrera, nice to meet you. Would have loved to put some more faces to usernames, but I didn't stay very long. I look forward to the next one. Chris.
  4. Obviously while pressure checking and looking around inside you can access whether it's repairable or not. Most things are if you find a skilled welder/brazer.
  5. I don't understand the reluctance to weld it..... It has to be removed from the car anyway for replacement so while off, pressure check it, have a look inside (endoscope perhaps) and take it to a specialist welder. Goodness, the rust bucket cars/shells we have all seen on here restored to great beauty by skilled welders, surely an oil tank is an easy job for the right person.
  6. Agree with Nige completely, but add that you’ll know when the thermostat is open as the sill oil lines get hot. However in regular gentle driving this may never happen.... give it some beans and top up the tank once oil lines are good and hot. 👍
  7. I agree with the sentiments above, nothing to worry about, car has been standing so change the oil and drive and enjoy it 👍 Remove and clean tank and dump plugs and monitor the situation at next oil change. Enjoy the car.
  8. Roy, you are clearly using common sense. Many won't and will take an Easyjet flight to a fortnight in Benidorm and return without any isolation...... Those are the kind of folk I was referring to, and there are plenty of them. I'd love to go abroad ASAP but will be waiting until it is sensible to do so.
  9. I agree with njp at the moment, stay home or holiday in the UK and give a much needed boost to the economy. Latest Govt advice is the "use common sense" when travelling abroad but sadly that is lacking in much of the public. It may be legal to travel but it's currently not worth the hassle/expense, and IMHO if you are even considering an amber or red country, just plain selfish. Let's all be sensible and it won't be long before all restrictions are removed. Back on thread, I was also hoping to get to Le Mans but now it's a lap of the M25 picking up a couple of speeding fines, camping in
  10. 3 trains plus cabs? You can get a bike in a 911 (just) by taking the wheels out. Use that to get back to your mainline station of choice, bikes accepted out of rush hour but do check 😉
  11. Yes, as Phil says turning over fine but no firing ever on first spin.....
  12. Good shout Phil..... Was years ago but I THINK I have changed it. Still could be faulty of course!
  13. Ok, it always starts but used to 'on the button' every time. Now it never ever starts first time and frequently not 2nd time either, but will turn and turn freely without a hint of firing, but next key turn will make it start instantly again. Must still have fuel pressure as it happens after every switch off, so where should I start looking? Thanks, Chris.
  14. Thanks FF, I'll try that when I'm next brave enough to tackle the job. Access is as you say 1/2 the issue, especially when the screws holding the rear light cluster in are rusted solid and rounded off....!
  15. While chasing a non-operating LH number plate light I had need to disconnect the LH rear 1/4 plug that feeds rear light cluster and number plate light. It was of course a 2 man job to plug it back in as the socket is no longer located in the hole in the bodywork. It has a lip which should locate it in the hole but a PO (not me honest) has pushed it too hard and it has fallen back into the rear left wing. I tried and tried to relocate it but with the rubber now 40 years old I got absolutely nowhere whatsoever. What is the tip/trick to relocating these if anybody out there has actually managed i
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