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  1. 7"x 951 + 8' x 911 Fuchs to clear 993/965 brake calipers......aspire to a set of 8" x 951 + 9" x 911 Fuchs: Martin
  2. More likely my son bribed him with beer 😁 Martin
  3. Pleasantly surprised to receive a Goodwood Breakfast Club 'Star Car' from that Jonny Smith bloke (ex 5th Gear), can't question his exceptionally good taste when considering the numerous and very expensive Super Cars parked on the grid. Martin
  4. A nice day to swap out my Carrera steering wheel with a three spoke SC wheel and finally got around to finish installing the PF911 carpet: Martin
  5. Bert, Some more photographs of your stunning Gulf Blue 74 would be very welcome 👍 Martin
  6. A great looking car you have there Martin
  7. Man at work: Happy Birthday John Martin
  8. mrg3.6

    drivers mat

    Just had a full set of mats made up by Simon at PF911 Bespoke Porsche Interiors in Cardiff - they should be with me next week: Martin
  9. Thanks - unfortunately not my garage, that's next months project Martin
  10. Picked up my spare lid from Chris yesterday - very pleased with C&S service Martin
  11. Productive day - Madras Blue Plaid sports seats duly installed: Now just need to collect my new floor mats from Simon Farrell in Cardiff. Martin
  12. Completed my Xmas week in Wales with a visit to Simon Farrell at PF911 to drop off my knackered old factory mats. Simon is another hidden Porsche resource and I'm looking forward to seeing his work in the New Year. Martin Any recommendations on how best to fix the rear seat pads? Thx Martin
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