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  1. Always fancied a grill badge : This initial proto is about 6cm long and seems way too small - please can someone tell me how long/tall and deep (letters and base) a real one is? I will probably make it in two prints, then sand / primer / paint one bit black / one bit silver and superglue them together. May also just make custom clips at the back rather than bolts.
  2. Brilliant - looks like the diameter of the filler is pretty much the same. Final lot went to the postie today so all now on way or delivered.
  3. Hi Busybee, Yours went out on Thursday. Wingonuts went out on Tuesday, and arrived Friday so gives an idea of mail speed. The last lot should go out Monday, diary permitting. Cheers
  4. Great! Have you got any photos of it fitting the Cayman?
  5. Glad they are arriving! Another set sent out today. All are now printed. Just had one more request but I think the immediate demand has been satisfied, which is just as well as the novelty of the kitchen production and despatch centre is wearing off a bit I ran out of paracord but should get some more this week to finish & wrap the last three. Anglophone1, yours is printed - I'll PM you.
  6. Great, glad to hear it Ian. Next lot sent out today. Only a few at a time as our post office is a very small village job plus I've hurt my knee so senior management is doing the drop offs. Wingonut, yours is packaged up and should go out on Tuesday. I'll try and confirm Eire postage too. All orders should all then be out by Wed. Northy - did you get my email?
  7. Great! A good fit for the Super Carrera?
  8. This guy is a legend. Never knew he had an IB. (PS the plate gives it away!)
  9. Hi - I saw the post saying you were interested but just had a look in outlook and messages here and can't see anything? Apologies if I've mislaid it. Can you try sparestuff71@hotmail.com again please?
  10. Many thanks for all the emails, I think I have most of them printed now and have some boxes to send them out in over the next days. Everyone who has emailed I think should now be sorted except: - busybee - Graham T - Swift911 - Anglophone1 (action on me, I need to confirm specific P&P etc.) - Northy Drop me an email if you are still interested. Sorry for delay replying on some as it went in my junk folder and I didn’t notice. Please drop me a line if you think I haven’t replied to an email (I think I’ve replied to them all now).
  11. ajd

    8 years later!

    Looks great - brings back memories of putting on the Carrera script. This was about 8 years ago now and I may have brain fade but thought I got them from Highgate and paid about £15/side. I can't see the colour choices there anymore and the 2.7 ones are £120 (!) for two. I do love the gold wheels on black, looks very nice, as does the beige interior and steering wheel - something just right about it. PS I was given a BMX the other day and am in process of converting into homage to the Burner Team Aero Pro. White replica Skyways/tuffs from ebay £30 sorted - not sure how tough they'll be mind as a load cheaper than the right thing .
  12. Thanks for the emails, had 7 confirmed orders so bear with me as I work through them. Found a sort of gold Ian.
  13. Thanks for the interest. I've deleted a few messages in the inbox. I'm happy to do a few for £15 (inc I estimate about £3 P&P, but not been to check yet). Email me your IB name, address and any colour preference (for the logo) on sparestuff71@hotmail.com. I only have a few limited colours and this is just a bit of fun. Note I may have swap to a grey plastic as I'm running low on black, and it is getting harder to get hold of (and prices have doubled in some places). I expect to get bored after about twenty and I suspect that will be probably be not far off the total demand anyway, but email me and I'll confirm if still happy to run a number off. Can only do 1/day really and will probably get down to post office only once a week. Note due to the way it is secured, the cap is not designed to be liquid tight, but seals well enough to stop drips from any residual oil.
  14. Only just noticed this thread, or I would have joined in. I've knocked up a Mark 2 in the isolation thread (the white mark 1 is on page 4). PM me if you want one, happy to print a few - say up to about 20 for IBers, but then I think I will be bored as it really takes too long to print. Happy to do the IB outline in the colour of your Porsche, as long as I have the colour. Still haven't found any gold paint around the house Ian .
  15. Some more pictures. I couldn’t find any gold paint Ian but I’ll have another look in the shed to see what I can find PM me if you’re interested. I reserve the right to get bored any any time - they take ages to print! Cheers J

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