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  1. ajd

    Sunroof clutch

    Cor the sunroof motor headlining zipper is stuck really fast. WD40 no effect so far. Annoying a my headliner is not torn (yet) but will be if I have to apply much more force.
  2. ajd

    Sunroof clutch

    No hurry at all - don't worry - just thinking about options for how I might fix it.
  3. ajd

    Sunroof clutch

    Thanks Roy - can you remove the clutch it easily after undoing the two screws that hold the gear to the two cables? Or did you need to remove the whole motor assembly?
  4. ajd

    Sunroof clutch

    Sunroof not working - need to do some investigation but suspect I have either some cable issues or perhaps the rear clutch may have gone which it seems can split. Given a new clutch is £120-130 (!) for what seems a simple rubber part, I wonder how it actually works and if any 3D printing could be applied. Is there a keyed part around one shaft that moves within the rubber part to perform a slipping function at each end of travel? Or is it just rubber to reduce loads/shocks into the motor at the end of travel?
  5. Oh yes - on my list too. Or the coupe. They seem quite rare but the early 2.3e ones can deliver that 5 pot quattro sound. Shame the cabrio never had the 20v engine (at least I don't think they did).
  6. Original Saab 900 Turbo 16S? They still look so good.
  7. Just bought some new door bins from Sideline Design (which is Design 911 I think). £240 for the pair ex VAT from ebay, which is not cheap but not too bad either - the old ones were really past it so seemed the right thing to do. They look pretty similar to the real thing and all straight and new looking. There are no holes drilled - before I just go at them with the drill, any tips to avoid a *beep* up?
  8. Hi, I have a very small cut in the drivers side bolster seat. I think it really needs a professional repair. Any recommendations around Bristol / Swindon area? Or perhaps a mobile service?
  9. Anyone tried one of these for their kids? Looks like quite a good way to get kids driving at a young age (from 11) so by the time they are 17 they are more competent and safer behind the wheel. When I think about how I drove when I was 17 it is clear that doing something like this would have helped with my initial solo driving exuberances! https://under17-carclub.co.uk/ This also gives a good excuse to get another car as the family wagon is an auto and the 911 won't really be suitable. Toying with the following: - Audi Coupe/Cabrio 2.3 (i.e. 5 Cylinder noise) - Pug 205 CTi - Saab 900 Cabrio - 2.0 straight six BMW cabrio - Gen 1 Mini Cooper cab (the boring but reliable option) Clearly this us also just an excuse to get another car from the 80s/90s to tinker with, possibly a soft top as I've not had one for a while. Welcome any thoughts on the car club - and random ideas for an ideal car shed. I was considering a Toyota Mr2 Mk1 (having had two, having some nostalgia) but to be eligible the car has to have 4 seats.
  10. ajd

    Lego IB

    Not bad, but not as good as the tiny one in some ways. Apols if repost.
  11. I used to daily drive mine for around 7 years without problem. Much less use in last few years. On balance I'm more concerned about it not being used enough now compared to when I was using it everyday.
  12. Garage fitted now and they said it seemed very substantial thick rubber and looked like it would last. Sorry no other details or branding (other than it was OEM Porsche item from the OPC).
  13. Good work Lewis. Did your Ender Pro come with the glass base? They do now it seems but when I got mine it came with the magnetic one. Whilst this is easy to remove parts from due to it's flex as it aged it started to get harder to print on. Eventually I got a glass bed and it is miles better - so if you haven't got one yet consider upgrading (only £20 or so) if the mag base starts to frustrate. Keeping the glass clean is also really important - an alcohol wipe before printing and when the base is hot the parts really stick and have a perfect 1st layer with no "elephant foot". When cold lift straight off. Any contamination - even just finger grease - on the plate though and you end up having issues. I can see the argument about just learning the 3D modelling but you do learn a lot by actually trying to make / print and then use the item for real. Most of my successful prints are usually version 5/6 of a given idea and you really learn about not just the CAD modelling side but also the practicalities of printing, limits of overhangs etc. and things like tolerances for flexible aspects and interference fits etc. and the limits of a given material. Still trying to perfect the phone holder around the ashtray - the basic clamping geometry is sorted, just need to work on the rigidity of the mount which is the real challenge with many designs particularly in an old vibrating 911. Might pick that up again one day. Also managed to 3D print all the mountings for a DIY e-bike which was able to be tailored around my bike and conceal wires/control boxes etc. as part of the battery mount. Some of this ended up as sizable 30cm parts too so I'm back to thinking about whether multi-print door bins might be an option again. Had a few requests from the US for my printed oil funnel via pelican - there are now 3D printed 911 oil funnels in CA, TX, AZ, NY, MI.....
  14. Thanks for replies - garage say they have sourced one from OPC (~£40) now but need to have a look as they had looked into whether the inner and outer could be interchangeable and it seemed not. Perhaps I have one of the 85 cars with differing inner and outer mentioned above. I'll see if I can take some photos.
  15. Thanks guys - that says inner Ian - is that really that same part for the outer? It is the outer boot that needs replacing (according to MoT garage).
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