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  1. Can anyone recommend a Audio Installer in the West Midlands they have used please.. Thinking of sorting out the sounds in my car.. Cheers..
  2. Panic Over.. Took the car out yesterday and found the critter under the drivers matt.. The fan symbol must have popped out the last time I drove it.. A bit of superglue should do the trick..
  3. Can anyone help me out please.. Was sitting in the car today in the garage and noticed that the little square symbol from the top right slider was missing.. Ive never noticed this before. I don't suppose anyone has a spare knocking about, or knows where I can source one from ? Cheers..
  4. Geoff are your doors white or painted a colour ? Just wondered if the coloured ones get scratched due to the paint they use rather than the plain white ones.. Any thoughts anyone..
  5. Happy Christmas Everyone.. Ive been playing Clangers...
  6. Matthew

    New Coat

    Looking Rather Super
  7. No Pud now thats a crime if there was one
  8. SORRY John It all went Pete Tong at work ...
  9. I might be able to make it next Wednesday if your up for a threesome John ...
  10. Hi and Welcome to Hillclimber and Sean
  11. Welcome JD.. Loving the Flat Lid..
  12. Welcome.. Nice looking car and glad to hear no rust issues for you..
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