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    Porsches, Alfas, Healeys, Aces and more. I can't afford any of them anymore but I still love them.<br />

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    1965 289 Cobra
  1. Thought you might like to see a shot of a beautiful old 370 mm monza and my typ 917 prototipo
  2. Wow... hard to believe its six years since I've posted in here. I've aged a bit.. put on a hundred pounds or so and the car has bad gaps and a million stone chips. Great to see IB hasn't been ruined by Photobucket. Cheers, Morrissey
  3. Thanks guys. And thanks Andy. I'll be searching out some more turkey in a few hours
  4. Things have changed a little bit I found a staggeringly rare early prototipo at 360mm diameter. Impossible not to get excited about a 44 year old prototipo in this condition.
  5. Here's a cool shot from a rally we had here on the east coast; the Mountain Mille. 3 days and 1,000 miles of pure, unadulterated fun through New York, Vermont and New Hampshire.
  6. Hi Jon, Love the muffler. I'll work on a vid... Shot of the finished car
  7. Wow, have I been out of touch. Fabulous car and great work Andy.
  8. Thanks to all for the warm welcome! Absolutely I remember you Ed. Welcome to you too. Great looking car! Are you planning on going to Hershey this April?
  9. Better late than never. My name is Mark Morrissey. I'm from New York and live in New Jersey. I'm a graphic designer/illustrator for The Star-Ledger newspaper in Newark (Brick City) New Jersey. I've been a sports car nut for as long as I can remember. I'm a new member of R Gruppe, a long time member of Early 911S registry, frequent visitor to TYP 901, DDK and here of course. Porsches are number one, but Alfa Romeo, Healey, AC, TVR, Ferrari, Lancia, Maserati, Cobras, Shelby all make me weak in the knees. This car was a 3 year project that finally came to completion early in 2009. Looking forward to another year with it. It's a lot of fun this car. I love this site John. Great job.. I have such crazy dilemma what with my backdated '78SC; In one way, I'm a traitor to the impact bumper crowd and at the same time, not completely fitting in with the long hoods group. Perhaps its just in my mind. But I know the SC is one of the greatest 911 models made and I have no doubt some one, some day with be converting my SC back to it's original state while cursing my name. What the hell. I love my Porsche. It's one of the best cars I've ever owned. Cheers, Mark Morrissey
  10. Hi John, Not my shop. But my good friends: R.O.C.S. in Belleville, New Jersey: have been Rolls Royce and Bentley specialists for many years here in the states. They have always loved the Porsche cars. Mark
  11. Cage is going in. Actually spent 2 weeks getting the paint laid down correctly on the floorboards if you can believe it. That drove me nuts. I've been promise the car will be finished by April. Still have to weld the knee bar and side bars in. I have high hopes for some serious progress in the coming weeks. Cheers, Mark
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