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  1. he mnetioned in a previous bid that it didnt really fit in to the collection anymore. I thought it had sold already ?
  2. hot66

    Headlamps upgrade

    think I've worked it out ... for some reasmn I thought the H7 & h1 bulb fitment into the original buckets was different .. but I see these projectors fit the original buckets & teh H1 bulb is for teh new projector . Nice installation
  3. hot66

    Headlamps upgrade

    out of interest why use H1 rather than H4 ? Or is that because the projector has a openig cut off ? I've got a pair of Porsche 964 H4 headlights on my bench I'm about to convert so as not having MOT hassle each year ( I'm currenlty running H4 LED bulbs in my stock headlights which admittedly are touch & go MOT time althoiugh they do work really well )
  4. I had a DMS modded 996 turbo incl sports exhaust etc , nice one low mileage . Supposed to be over 500 bhp . Really quick car but ultimatley was boring and one dimensional. Most of my driving is twisty country roads though. I sold it and replaced it with a CSL Honestly , my friends sorted early 3.4 996 C2 with factory sports suspension , lsd etc is way more fun than my turbo ever was.
  5. they peaked around £180k now for a nice one pre corona , maybe £130k but dont think much was selling beyone corona who knows but 911's have that appeal across all ages & sexes & types so should weather the storm better than others 73 MY cars were built from Sept 72 which is why you see some refered to by their build year rather than model year £55k for this Id say is a scam as from the very limited photos is does appear to be an S
  6. DDK 2020 calendar will be available soon too
  7. not an auto box though ... its a manual box with automated shift. 1/2 throttle might be fine .. think the slu is worse when people completly lift. Personally I never lifted .. which also feels great when doing full throttle red line shifts in the fastest setting
  8. first pic with bronze wheel. New owner wanted stock look so I sold it with the original spec spare wheels I had. Also notice mine was a non xenon car so didnt have the headlight washers etc . I also removed the induction flap .. although that mod is open for debate. Great fun cars , you'll enjoy it .
  9. My old one . Had to sell it to pay for a new roof on the house one thing to consider .. ppf on the carbon roof. They can pick up stone chips
  10. dont throttle lift .. it induces clutch slur just keep throttle postion unchanged when up shifting ( which is usually flat to the floor )
  11. I had a CSL .. dont listen to those who havent lived with one.. in the CSL the agressivness of the gearbox ( only eve use in manual mode at the fasteset setting & never lift when shifting up as it leads to clutch slur ) perfectly suits the car .. at times it can feel like the rear diff is trying to be ripped from the body but thats what the CSL is all about . What the CSL is NOT about is running around in auto mode ( terrible .. in fact worse than terrible ) or posing around cities. I did trip to Dusseldorf and back in a day and it was the perfect cruiser on the motorway as well as fun in the twisties. Will say this , for all its drama etc, on the roads up here it wasn't that quick ... Id like to think my 964 would be quicker .. but on the track it seemed to step up ( I appreciate the CSL smg2 is different to the standard m3 smg etc ) Perfect road trip car ? .... Porsche : for me it would be my 964 C2 , fast enough to be fun, comfy enough for the long slogs & narrow enough to the threaded around the mountain roads at speed + plenty of space for bags if bringing the wife non Porsche : Aerial Nomad or the new Alpine ( just done a road trip into Germany following my mate in his Alpine )
  12. check the grub screws arent loose on the shifter rod couplings & shifter ball socket. Only time mine had lots of play side to side when in gear was when the grubscrew holding the socket onto the shaft was loose .. also meant every so often 3rd -4th change needed extra car too to make sure it went into gear
  13. Just for a bit of extra info ... there are a few different length dip sticks over the years
  14. would these fit the low slung 85 plastic tank early cars ? ( tank hangs very low in these ) .. . my plastic tank is getting shredded and could do with a skid plate https://www.zuffenhaus.us/2016/11/16/85l-rs-skid-plates-are-a-go/

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