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  1. Blimey Dr Rock that was quick. Thank you very much.
  2. Hello wonder if someone can help. Need to switch my H4 headlights on my 1980 sc from RHD setup to LHD. Can I get away with replacement lenses or will I need the whole shebang incl reflectors and assembly? The whole lot looks darned expensive 😞
  3. warehouse not the place for such bravery.......
  4. Well thank you SO much for the advice. If I ever get to meet you remind me I owe you a beer. SWMBO & I spent 10 minutes trying to ease the car to and fro and we were waiting for a bang. I had given up but she said why not try it and see if it has freed up. And lo, it had. So aside from the lever feeling slightly wobblier than I remember, it is all good in the hood. I shall treat her to a fluid change as a result (the car not SWMBO). I am sure you'd never be able to do this with a Ferrari of similar vintage. Thanks for the advice chaps, give yourselves a pat on the back from me............
  5. Wow. superb advice. Thank you. She is booked for MoT on Weds so I will try thr 'freeing off' thing then admit defeat and let the garage do it. Many thanks for the input.
  6. Ok so I have been a bad boy and my sc has sat in the corner of our warehouse unused since October. Good as gold she started second time this morning but when I depress the clutch it does not actually disengage and I can't select a gear. I am guessing something has seized, but when it comes to spannering I am a complete spanner. Is there something I canhave a look at and squirt WD40 into to see if the situation gets better? Or do I call the RAC and get her trailered to a garage. The clutch still has weight when I depress it and there was no bang or anything. Thanks.
  7. flat6buster

    Seat fabric

    I have to say this is far and away my favourite cloth for cars of our era. If I could track down the beige I would snap it up in an instant. Such a pity we had ours re-done in leather in a moment of madness. I think I may end up settling for a Mercedes plaid instead as I am not especially keen on pasha or pinstripe (sorry guys).
  8. flat6buster

    Seat fabric

    Found it: linky Need to go to OE seat cloth and they have grey and blue
  9. flat6buster

    Seat fabric

    There's a company in the states that has it in grey and one other colour. I have them saved as a bookmark on my computer at home I will have a look tonight. I've been trying to track it down in beige but to no avail. Someone told me it was called cloth of self-colour which smacks of google translate to me! If you find it in the meantime PLEASE let me know if they have beige.....
  10. anything I should check before..... sending my speedo off to be repaired as the odo and trip are u/s. Bit strange as I had a spare that used to work but this too is packed up. Is there anything else that can go kaput that is not the little gears that an idiot like me can check before spending £100+ on repair..? Thanks.
  11. flat6buster

    Rear Wiper

    Damn. Never thought of that. I really feel stupid now!. I'll try that tonight. Thanks.
  12. flat6buster

    Rear Wiper

    I have sort of fixed my rear wiper which was not working. A spring thingey inside had come off and now it works. Only it doesn't park correctly - it 'runs on' a bit and parks at about 2 o'clock rather than 12 o'clock (if you see what I mean). Any handy person able to explain why this might be and how I might fix it? Thank you.
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