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  1. Yes Matt. Complete with Spoiler holes unfortunately.
  2. After 30 plus years running a Mercedes-Benz company car, of various types, I decided to save a fortune in benefit-in-kind tax, and use my SC as a daily driver, come rain or shine. I’ve loved every mile, and enjoy the challenge of running my hobby car, as a necessity car. Only during the lockdowns, has she recently had a breather - so to speak. She is however, parked in a de-humidified garage every night....which does help tbh. You can drive it in after a right-good soaking. The next morning, it’s bone dry !! I’d say, go for it, but above all else, make sure you properly immobilise her. Best of luck 👍
  3. As per title, looking for an Engine Lid for an SC. However, I need one which has not ever, had a spoiler fitted. I.e, no filled / welded up holes. Colour unimportant. Cheers, Nick. 07815 111167
  4. Age 24 1986 911 SC Coupe ( 1979 ) £11000 paid Exchange & Mart Ad Private purchase ( North Yorkshire ) - I lived in Surrey, so took the train armed with a Bank draft for 9k and 3 in folding. Fell in love, but still managed to Haggle a grand !
  5. That’s a bit ‘pot kettle’ wouldn’t you say Matt 😉🤣....
  6. This looks a lovely example 👍. Nice to have the saffron (?) interior with the hard back seats, with contrasting black carpeting. Nice combo. She’s just about run-in then ! Assuming all running gear wise-all ok, then visually, if it were mine, I’d source a set of Cup 2’s, bin the head unit, along with those chrome instrument bezels. Hold a few quid back for the unexpected. ....then I’d get out, and drive !!
  7. Not really John. They were basically happy, even impressed maybe, with the strength and integrity of the engine build, in what is, in a completely standard state of tune. The torque curve, apparently seems to replicate, pretty much, what would have been, back in ‘82, As you rightly said earlier, there isn’t very much one can do with the standard K-Jetronic as it stands. My main objective today, was to hopefully confirm my hopes that all was well in the back, and also optimise the mixture, if indeed it was deemed necessary to do so. However, they did say she was a tad rich on idle, but immediately you put her under any load, she progressively leaned off and maintained the correct mixture throughout the whole rev range. She was on the rollers for just over an hour, and as no adjustments were actually required, ( which appeared to surprise them ! ) they were more than generous when presenting my invoice. Then followed a spirited drive home to Oxted, in what had to be the most torrential down poor I can ever remember driving a 911 in 🌧. This was one journey to remember - great fun (!), but that’s one for another post I guess. 😉
  8. I took the SC to CCK Historic today ( thank you JG ), to basically obtain a base line reading on mixture settings, torque and power. Baring in mind she’s now covered nearly 6500 on the rebuilt unit, this fresh engine produces 175 BHP at 5210 and manages the factory 204 at 5900. Max torque came in at 190lb.ft at 4320. So all in all, not too shabby I guess, for a standard unit. She runs slightly rich on idle, but progressively leans out as the revs and torque levels rise - so no tweaking required. Nice to have this knowledge, and happy they were very complementary on the quality of the build. 👍
  9. Booked in with CCK Historics at Uckfield for the 24th👍
  10. Many thanks for this info John. Will check this out, and as you say, are just up the road, as it were. 👍
  11. To be honest, I’m just thinking it could be wise to have it re-set up after the rebuild and 6500 + miles covered since. Oil change and valve clearances were adjusted at circa 800 miles. The only issue I’m noticing however, is she is running too rich. Better that than too lean, I guess. It’s was a completely standard rebuild, and not running SSi’s. I would appreciate your lead on this One John.
  12. Could be a plan Phil. Maybe we could get a certain local ‘shop owner’ to joins us with that lovely back-dated Targa ?? let me know if you intend to book up 👍
  13. Sold...to the current owner of an SC I sold back in 2009 !
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