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  1. I know they have a great reputation. Thanks Beaky. I’ll contact them v. Soon !....
  2. She actually looks lower in the shot than it is, and handles so well and flat, but obviously not as chuck-able as my old RS. It doesn’t ground out either, and the rear still sits higher than the front.....as it should. That said, I think i’ll go for 8’s at the rear. I’ll have her geometry re checked and adjusted afterwards.....
  3. I recently had the front arches rolled whilst having some bodywork done at the front end, so hopefully this will help....
  4. Looking at putting these on my ‘81 SC and moving the 7’s to the front. I had the suspension set quite low a while back and was wondering if anyone has had issues with clearance on the rear when fitting the 9’s to a low slung G body car ?....
  5. Thanks Jevvy. Matt made me aware. Scary prices though 😂. Thanks for the link nonetheless.
  6. Condition unimportant, but not cracked or previously welded. Many Thanks ! Nick.
  7. Is a 1976 2.7 according to the DVLA
  8. Good call. At just £95.00 it’s cheaper than a decent 🛷
  9. In reasonable condition with no rust or heavy dents. Collection from Biggin Hill. £95.00
  10. I’ve fitted one on each exchanger on the rear two tubes this afternoon. Improved ‘slightly’ so will do the same on the front two tomorrow 😉...
  11. Yep Matt .... meant to clarify the outside covers ( the nice shiny bits ).... Wasn’t doing it prior to going back down to D9 for the tensioner job....??
  12. No vid I’m afraid, but it sounds like a resonance/ chirping / squeezing sound....rather reminiscent of dare I say....a 1200 beetle ! Would copper slip be worth a try....?
  13. This is driving me mad 😩...any known quick fixes other than turning the radio up ? Had it down to 9E this morning for tracking adjustments and whilst up in the air , thought I’d have a look. The chirping noise only comes in at 1400 rpm through to 1800 then disappears. The stainless exchangers ( SSi ) are not as tighter fit as I thought they would be. Is there some heat proof lubricant or similar that I could squirt around all 6 tubes ?? Cheers in advance. Nick.
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