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  1. Red dog booked for after. See you all at the old reliance. Will aim for 1700, but I might have been optimistic thinking I could get there earlier so might be closer to 1730.
  2. Oh sorry, I misread your post. 1. carreracat 2. Flatsix777 3. Wingnonut 4. GoldenLane 5. Beaky 6. 7.
  3. Righto, time for beer and meat and IB banter in London. We will be meeting at the Old Reliance pub (336 Old Street) on 6th February, followed by nose bag of the meat and hot sauce variety somewhere near by. I will aim to be here by 1700, but I can get there earlier if anyone else wants to be delinquent too! Please add your name below so I know number to book dinner for. If anyone is unsure of where just PM me. Thanks. 1. carreracat 2. Flatsix777 3. Wingnonut 4. Dr Rock 5. GoldenLane 6. Beaky 7. 8.
  4. Excellent. So far: 1. carreracat 2. Flatsix777 3. Wingnonut 4. Dr Rock 5. GoldenLane 6. Beaky I can’t edit the title of the thread so I will start another one.
  5. Of course. All welcome. I’ve not been to a meet in years so I’m a born again newbie too! Will PM you my mobile so you can be sure to find us.
  6. Sensible asking price if all is well https://m.facebook.com/groups/1498129963748590?view=permalink&id=2354347954793449&anchor_composer=false
  7. That’s set then. I wonder what time it opens...
  8. Wednesday 6th February? How does that suit? start at Old Reliance.
  9. I’ve been lucky enough to own both. Couldn’t tell you which I prefered, both great cars, still have the SC and wish I’d never sold the 3.2. From the other 3.2 and SC I’ve driven they all have very individual characters. So much so that two same year cars can be vastly more different than the fundamental difference between the SC and the 3.2. Ive been lucky - both of the ones I’ve owned have get much faster than they should be. Or maybe be I’m just a driving god?? Either way you need to be congratulated on your taste, whichever you choose they are great fun and owning one makes you super cool (but only in the eyes of middle aged men!).
  10. How do you tell the reserve on these listings?
  11. Anyone fancy a few drinks and perhaps some hot wings or similar to warm the soul during the winter months? Was thinking beers in shoreditch / hoxton area followed by some nose bag at red dog or similar just like old times. Week night during early / mid Feb suits me. Anyone keen?
  12. Makes me miss my 77 terribly!
  13. Rob at Racing Reatorations has always seen me right. Very high standard of work and fair pricing. http://www.racingrestorations.com/
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