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  1. i wanted an early one cos i think they look cooler without the front and rear spoiler and the early ones tend to come in cooler interiors (tartans, pascha etc). having driven a few on test drive the S2 was a good compromise as it has smaller spoilers than the later cars but the 4.7 has much more punch than the 4.5. i even quite like the auto box, mine has the shorter ratios fitted from the factory so it goes well off the line and through the gears. maybe i have rose tinted glasses as someone put this under my wiper - it appears to be in need of restoration!
  2. pretty much describes mine! (which now doesn't start, but that's just a flat battery!)
  3. Just picked it up from London and driven to the new secret hideaway location - about 60 miles mixed motorway and country roads. First impressions - bodywork as tatty as advert makes out, no unexpected betterment there! But bloody hell, what a car. I can well imagine why Porsche thought it was going to spell the end of the 911. Compared to a contemporary 911 it must have seemed streets ahead in terms of refinement in it's day. Bags of power and torque, lovely V8 sound and even the auto 'box isn't particularly dim witted. This one has the shorter gear ratios so is sprightly enough off the line and holds the revs all the way to a little over 6,000 before changing up with your foot buried. It handles beautifully and when pushed on twisty roads has real balance. It feels solid and big even by modern standards but the best bit is definitely when you catch sight of the reflection it in shop fronts. Just what I want from car - makes me beam from ear to ear when looking at it and driving it.
  4. On the Clio V6, they have relisted as a buy it now on their site for £23k. I did up my offer to £21k but they aren't budging so I've walked away. On a more positive note, I picked up the 928 today - what a lovely bit of kit to drive!
  5. I won this auction last night. Stupidly I was bidding against myself after £17,250 as there was a delay in the system after I submitted by bids! Anyway, my final £18k bid didn't make the reserve and they have since been in touch saying the reserve is £25k and they think that is fair market value for the car and would I be willing to go that high. I've told them that the online auction shows precisely that the fair market value is (bar the idiot bidding against himself!), and that £25k is too close to phase 2 money. I have however, bid against myself again and offered to up it to £20k to close the deal - let's see what they say. https://themarket.co.uk/listings/renault/clio-v6/dbc0cf35-f895-43a1-9bb3-3926e0e470f3
  6. Thanks, that's interesting, I hadn't seen that. Optimistic estimate on that!
  7. I’m 43 next week so not that old, but there was drop off in premium once I got to 40. That’s with an annual mileage limit of 3,000 miles though. I plan on driving it as much as possible. It’s low owner but not low mileage so I’m not worried about value impact. And it’s probably more economical than my current petrol discovery daily!
  8. Thanks for the positive comments, I had a pang of buyers remorse the following day but I'm confident I've bought at the right condition and price for me. One advantage of getting old - the insurance premium is £96.60!
  9. After missing out at the weekend when I had a 12.5k bid on the blue manual 1978 928 and as per my other thread, I guess this belongs on here too as I’ve been drooling over this for a while! https://collectingcars.com/for-sale/1986-porsche-928-s2 I’m not too clued up on the newer car prices, but This seems like a good deal no? https://collectingcars.com/for-sale/2007-porsche-911-997-gt3-clubsport
  10. All this talk of the future and EVsHas resulted in a typical knee jerk reaction from yours truly. Please welcome my new and very un futuristic 3 owners 4.7 V8 928 S2!
  11. At the moment no, the plan is the drive my 924. If the cab is done and back on the road by then I would think I will though.

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