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  1. Murray was on a P&O cruise ship I worked on. He gave up his own time and came down to the crew bar to commentate on the crew Scalextric tournament - what a true Gent!
  2. https://collectingcars.com/for-sale/1971-porsche-911-2-7-s-t-recreation well known car, lovely thing.
  3. Could I trouble you for a link to that 3.6 please?
  4. From personal experience I can highly recommend the transaxles. Never had a 968 but I adore my 924 and 928, the latter is a frighteningly complex machine when compared to the former but I think it edges it in ownership experience. The 924 have already gone up a lot but I don't expect make money on the 928. That said I won't lose much and that's a win too in my book.
  5. I would say it has little impact on value now at 6 years old, and the impact will reduce as it gets older. For instance, once it hits 10 years old, the recent service history will be key and I don't think a missing service from 6 years ago would put me off at all, or determine what I might offer. It does however seem to be a very useful bargaining tool for you at this stage. You do hear of the odd vanos issue with these engines so no harm in bringing this up and getting some £ knocked off sue to your fer of no BMW assistance if you have problems due to the lack of the service. Fant
  6. that P5 camper is amazeballs. i probably would have paid that 6 weeks ago when the weather was nicer at the start of school hols!
  7. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1982-Porsche-911-sc-3-0-Coupe-85k-original-car-turbo-extras/203063688526?hash=item2f4789fd4e:g:kgsAAOSwCC1e96C- Probably not to everyone's taste, but I think that interior is brilliant.
  8. looks lovely and original https://www.jzmporsche.com/used-vehicle-details/Porsche-30L-Carrera-Sport-U1836/
  9. Took a mate to collect this new toy yesterday. https://collectingcars.com/for-sale/2005-renault-clio-v6-255-phase-2 Super low mileage example in immaculate condition and the rarest colour of the lot. It’s such a visceral analogue thing, it reminds a lot a well sorta IB!
  10. my 924T is also non sunroof and non AC. I'm glad I've quit the drink, otherwise this is the kind of thing I would end bidding on last minute after a few jars! https://collectingcars.com/for-sale/1982-porsche-911-sc
  11. You should buy a 928 - they are life changing! Such poise and power mixed with the gut wrenching fear that something super expensive is about to go wrong at any minute!
  12. Many thanks as always for your continued efforts JG, they don't go unnoticed. More that happy to support.
  13. To be honest I wish I had just used my real name. I don’t hide who I am anyway so it offers no anonymity. Mine was dreamt up when I joined PCGB forum. Carrera cos I had just bought my 3.2 and cat as I worked on fast cats at the time. Nothing to do with felines, don’t much like them!
  14. Yes scuttled as we couldn't find enough structural strength to tow it to a repair facility safely. We represent the insurers and I have some awkward questions to answer by Monday on the decision to scuttle, it's not seen as a very green approach these days!
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