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  1. Thanks Richard I appreciate your input 👍 .
  2. The engine has :- rebuild done at 178,864kms, Oct 2012 : Valve guides Head skim Rings Chain ramps Drain tubes Intermediate shaft bearings Spark plugs New engine wiring harness Has now done 197,046kms Around 12,000 miles Engine has been equipped with Motec and dyno‘ done both 95 & 97 unleaded. 308hp on 95 and 325hp on 98
  3. What cars for sale at £65k already done ????
  4. Thanks for the comments exactly what I need to come to a decision. Strolling around Bicester scramble today to see what else is out there . The option of having some work done on the two bodywork issues and getting to see what is there before I buy is a worthwhile consideration. cheers Alan
  5. To be fair to Colin it’s not for sale through the business . It was his car which he sold to a mate but retained an interest in . His mate now wants the money out of the car so it’s easier for Colin to broker the sale . The car drives really well and the engine pulls strong and effortlessly. Find it strange there is no corrosion around the windscreen . Car seems very honest and sits well .
  6. Been up to see it today and took it for a spin . Drives very well and looks great from a distance . Two bad bits of rust which could be the tip of an iceberg but the rest of the car appears very solid . What are your experiences of surface rust as shown in the pictures . The car has fantastic road presence and whilst rough round the edges could be a useable Ib. only mechanical upgrade to do would be brakes as has most other upgrades done . interior carpets and seats tatty but the driving experience overcomes this . Trying to decide whether it’s worth £50k . Thoughts ap
  7. Thanks Richard, Im going up to see the 9m car tomorrow will let you know how i get on but the appearance of your old car is of interest to me . Alan
  8. Richard, I notice your old car has appeared for sale in the other cars section of pistonheads . Would i be better looking at this over the Ninemeister one. They want £39995 but its in Paris. Alan
  9. Thanks mate . THink your on my wave length !!! well i know you are. The sum of the current bits even with work required is similar to me hunting about and at the end of the day the Rat look seems to be in . ☺️
  10. Thanks Richard, Will let you know what i discover next week. Just considering my options on buying a car that on the face of it has all the bits i need to build my ideal car against buying bit by bit along the way and probably spending a similar amount of money. Why did I sell my CS ??????
  11. Im going to have a look at this next week !!! Is there anything similar out there to compare it to. Its been a while since i owned the 3.2 clubsport so need reminding of the things to look out for. Colin tells me the car has a couple of minor dents and the only rust is rear quarter panel which apparently has foam behind it which obviously holds the water a rots from the inside. Any comments appreciated. Cheers Alan
  12. Think i Need that car if its still for sale . Time to get back in an aircooled i think .
  13. Good decision you wont regret it.
  14. After having an IB Paul you will be dissappointed with a 997 turbo. I bought one after the clubsport and it was a manual as well. Great for blasting in a straight line but not a drivers car and if you take it on a track day reckon on a set of tyres plus brakes as a minimum.
  15. Here’s the 968. 6 owners and 78k .
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