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  1. Thanks Dean & Sladey, payment received and I will get them in the post over the weakend.
  2. Clearing a few things from the garage now the 911 has gone. Payment via paypal, PM me for email. Cash on collection fine too. Bentley Service Manual Coupe, Targa and Cab 1984, 85, 86, 87, 88, 89 - £55 posted UK. Used couple of oily thumb prints. 101 Projects for your Porsche 911 - Almost unused, I preferred the Bentley - £15 posted UK 911SC original alloy engine lid badge - in alloy - £25 posted (a piece of art on its own) Pair of electric window switch bezels (the bit that secures the switch in the door card) - £7 posted. Like these http://www.aasesales.com/products/d3a-a82
  3. Door already in pieces, I have checked all the wires from the Plug inside the door shut to the switches. Then also checked the switch powers on a multimeter whith door open and shut. Nothing changes (with Ignition on) its just that the window stops winding before it triggers the door open switch. Next job I think is to remove the door and access the wires which are inaccessible at the front of the door. At some point the wires have been "repaired" so I have new wiring from the body connecting plug to the switches.. and its all red (Long shot) Does anyone have a 3.2 door in piec
  4. Not thought of that, I will give that a go, thanks
  5. I used Burgfield alternators & starter motors in Burgfield north of Basingstoke. It's just a chap who specialises In repairs. I believe a few Porsche independents use him. You can post or drop off, great value & amazing work. I cox not believe it was my old one when it arrived back. I may sound a bit excited, but I love that attention to detail you get from some specialists.
  6. I have a problem on the Drivers electric window. The switches work fine when the door is open, but wont work when the door is closed? I have checked all the wiring today, and thought it may be linked to the auto enabling of the electric windows when the door is open. Sadley not, the window stops working before the door reaches the door light switch. Also when I have checked all the window switch wires they are all still powered when the door is closed and ignition on? So why wont the window work? I guess it is a broken wire earthing, but I dont see what could stop the motor worki
  7. 3 years ago I bought an 1987 targa with a G50 and good history. It is a surprisingly comfy solid car, did not feel very quick and its taken a while for me to get used to it. I also had a Caterham & a 1961 Alfa Giulietta Sprint Coupe at the same time. The 911 felt like a pair of comfy slippers car by comparison. A pal bought a 1982 SC and drove that back after he bought it. It was a very different car, the engine felt much more willing / interesting if no difference in speed. The 915 gearbox felt sloppy in the hand, but was pretty sweet to use. Since then with new bushes it feels good,
  8. Thanks guys, & great pictures Tea boy, very useful to know there are 3 skins. Assuming both have been replaced before, after I have ground clear, what is the best method to ensure the replacement go on in the corret location? Hopefully the chassis will be OK behind, its very solid where visible. Checked twinspark & they have the Wevo ones listed, I'll call them in the morning.
  9. Was checking my Rear ARB today whilst installing new Rear Dampers. I have removed the ARB to blast and paint, but I was a bit shocked at the Rear ARB brackets!! The passenger side is just a pressed bit of steel and look very flimsey, the edges are broken and it needs replacing. The Drivers side had an additional plate to add strength, but is not properly welded on?!?! Is this normal? I cant believe the ARB was doing much if anything! I presume i'll need to grind these off and weld some new ones on properly. I found an old post that mentions Wevo brackets here: http://www
  10. I didn't take any before pictures so I am not sure how low the original Dansk SS OEM box was sitting. Here is a pic with the new Dansk Trombone style. Overall still very pleased and will be putting my back box up for sale on IB / Ebay
  11. Been for a drive in the car today - Impressions on the Dansk 92.691s Trombone style exhaust. 1987 Carrera Targa 3.2, Standard Headers, SS Cross Pipe & SS Pre Silencer. Accel Racing Chip. My car sounds so much more potent, At idle it has more rumble on the gas it sounds really nice, especially above 4.5k revs. So far only had a couple of pops on the overrun, but then only a short trip. Crusing at 80mph it in not much louder than with the OEM Dansk SS exhaust. Heel & Toe changes sound fantastic. and you do get the 6 cylinder snarl, that I could not really hear with OEM Dansk M
  12. OK, the guys at JFK Automotive in Thame sorted the imobilzer for me today and will be fitting a new alarm shortly. On start up the car sounds a more throaty, meatier sound, but not excessive. I like the initial impression. Will be out for a drive tomorrow and see how that sounds.
  13. I have just bought one of these Dansk Trombone rear boxes. It is the 92.601s It arrived today and is a work of art, its was nice and easy to remove the old SS Dansk and replace with this. I will let you know how it sounds, but my immobilser is playing up and wont let me start the car at the mo and I cant find the spare imobilzer fob. Grrrrr Update to follow Just a quick question. In fitting the Trombone style, is it fine to fit with just one strap? The exhuast came with a SS strap, and as the box is at just one end the strap fits fine. If I used the second strap point
  14. I dont think i'll be able to get sign off from the misses to take the 911 unless I sort the clutch issue.!
  15. Hi Guys, Thanks for all the replies, my weekend was Hyjacked by the turbo blowing on my daily driver... which meant I got my hands (and drive) very oily over the weekend... Anyway - I had to move the 911 so checked fluids (fine) and was crawling around by the pedal box.. The Clutch pedal was stuck down? I pulled it back up and its fine again now? Any idea what caused this? I plan on ordering new fluid and changing to ATE racing Blue or Motul 600, the pedal does not feel great and its a while since the fluid was changed. I have to visit Switzerland by car in 8 days and am very
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