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  1. I suppose to I was coming from the direction of many failures of epoxy repairs - perhaps something like loctite 660 although I haven't checked the specs?
  2. Lovely work but wouldn't something like this https://www.toolstation.com/tru-blu-pipe-thread-sealant/p32502 be better than using epoxy?
  3. Funny - I thought it was orange!
  4. On the Harry's garage video about costs he insured his 34? cars with Footman James for four drivers for something like £7.5k so policies must be out there.
  5. Thanks David - now paid. Cheers Roy
  6. I am - do you have a total cost and is it the same bank account?
  7. No hurry at all David so don't put yourself out - Keep safe!
  8. Yes - he's on the maximum dose of Loxicom for his weight. We also tried him on Tramadol but he took it once and then refused to take it after that no matter how we tried to hide it. Chatting to the vet we put him on 125 mg of paracetamol twice a day which we can hide in mashed potato and tuna (he loves mashed potato). We also had him on Cannabis oil until recently but that didn't seem to be doing anything so we're dropping that off. The vet seemingly doesn't have any more options and, to be honest he's still a bright and happy dog most of the time. We only take him on shorter walks now on
  9. I think it is very well established but I'll try anything that helps him. I was expecting a 4 - 6 week lead in before seeing any real difference so still some way to go. Even if he's slightly more comfortable it will all be worth it
  10. Happy new year to you as well. I did get the YuMove for Oscar. So far he has had 32 tablets ( double dose so two a day). No discernible difference although I keep thinking his legs look better and then am not so sure. Will keep going with it - I mix it with mashed potato and tuna as he'll eat it then! Will keep you updated
  11. Agree that was an accident that couldn't have been avoided except by the cyclist not attempting whatever they were doing. Give me 50% autonomous driving tech for those long motorway journeys and some night vision tech for everywhere else and I could go for that. When I'm 95 I may want more autonomous tech to ferry me from the care home to the hospital without endangering others!!
  12. Got to like a Venturi. My brother had a GTA turbo and the Venturi was always the upmarket brother to my mind. They did get very serious though with the 400's!!
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