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  1. Ours are 30 and 28 and seem to cost more every year if that helps!!
  2. As a slight aside, does anyone else find themselves temporarily blinded by 'main beam assist" headlights on twisting roads? To me they don't seem to react quickly enough and obviously don't anticipate the way an alert driver does. Fairly certain that it is the automated type dipping system at fault here.
  3. Wasn't a criticism in any way. You're living the dream and good luck to you! Onwards and upwards!
  4. Sorry Haith but you're the other half to me!
  5. I've got one of these https://marinestore.co.uk/pela-6000-spherical-oil-extractor-sump-pump-6-litre-pela6.html Works really well (used to have a Smart when we had the motorhome). I've used it for extracting hydraulic oil from a trailer circuit and little things like that but never on the 911
  6. Ok - will double check tomorrow and contact you via pm
  7. Fairly sure I've got a set of the wheel trims that fit the centres of those steel wheels. Came of my 1990 Golf GTi. If they're any use to you I'll dig them out and get them off to you.
  8. Agreed but don't know where to start really. She 'respects" the 911 and loves the Boxster but if I put four space savers on it she just wouldn't notice! I think I'll just stick with the traditional "Yes dear"
  9. Saw this on collecting cars but was a bit deflated when the wife described it as 'a little old mini'
  10. Pads out - thin strip of wood in place of them - pump pedal until firm - move pistons back until new pads just fit in - fit pads. Always works for me
  11. Hope it all works out well Nigel. Take care
  12. Why did they have to do that!!!! Sorry to be selfish but the coastal route from Gretna to Kirkcudbright (for an ice cream) is one of my favourite runs out. Haven't noticed a big increase in traffic yet but it is probably inevitable now.
  13. Really showing my age here but I was brought home in an Austin Big Seven - registration GR 5949. Car was probably twenty years old then!
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