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  1. Probably worth adding - I could be persuaded to sell my spare (fully working) if you get stuck. Will be back in the ukk in just over a week
  2. I replaced the capacitors on mine - easy job even for someone as ham fisted as me! The instructions are around the web - example here http://forums.pelicanparts.com/porsche-911-technical-forum/874417-911sc-clock-repair-annotated-photos.html
  3. A couple of 8x4 sheets of hardboard would enable the wheels to run easily.
  4. Whenever I've tried to sell on Autotrader the only responses I've had have been low ball offers from 'traders'. I've also had issues with back street traders masquerading as private sellers when chasing a car. I suppose I expected better and have already got my suspicion filters in place for eBay. Try piston heads as they're free if you're registered.
  5. Depends on the car - I look at both but am more suspicious of autotrader. A good ad on eBay will sell
  6. I've hesitated to respond to this as I didn't know Chris or what drove him to this. However I was at lunch with someone on Sunday who talked openly about how he felt suicidal in his early 40's and couldn't see a way forward for himself. The point for me was that, in his early 60's, he was one of the happiest people I have met with seemingly a very positive outlook. I hope no one misconstrues my post - I am very sad at the news but sadder at the possibilities lost for Chris and his family.
  7. https://www.autocasion.com/coches-segunda-mano/porsche-911-ocasion/911-3-2-speedster-ref3381331 Full link
  8. https://www.autocasion.com/profesional/magna-supercars These people have one in Málaga!
  9. I know it's January but I've just done the C1311 Puente de Montañaya to Tremp road - 28km and didn't see another car!!
  10. Don't want to rain on any parades but I believe those are SC ones and you're planning on fitting them to a 3.2. May just need pipe extensions but someone with more knowledge should be able to give a definitive answer!
  11. Interesting - I've got loads of favourites but not looked at them as an extended trip. I'll get the maps out and take a look. I like nice lunches etc so 150 - 200 miles a day?
  12. http://forums.pelicanparts.com/porsche-911-technical-forum/305677-911-silouhuette.html But you'll need to open at least one door! ( or get a remote control for your sunroof!!)
  13. Planning regs won't allow me an extra garage so I bought an enclosed trailer for winter car storage and for while we're away. Mine is aluminium and works really well. Some condensation issues at one point but sorted that by putting the car in an outdoor cover inside the trailer and connecting a small fan to the trailer battery ( it's got a hydraulic lift). Both car and trailer have trickle chargers and everything has worked well so far. Also I shouldn't lose much money while I have it and it's very secure (trailer secured to post embedded in concrete with another embedded post behind it and monitored by CCTV - not that I'm paranoid or anything)
  14. Out of interest what are you intending to use as a screen?
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