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  1. Blimey - I knew you were famous Ian but didn't realise you had an agent! Or have you gone all northern on us and meant to say 'aven't'?
  2. For me it would be roughly the following Barcelona to Olot - don't know this route but you probably will - you just need to get to Olot Olot to La Puebla de Segur https://goo.gl/maps/mpEbyu9mAF92 Use the C16 to join the N 260 La Puebla de Segur to Biescas https://goo.gl/maps/MCU7TBPQrKz N260. There are a couple of good diversions here if you want to explore a bit - post if you want more detail Biescas to San Sebastian - Santander https://goo.gl/maps/FiNdXCNcWf82 https://goo.gl/maps/RBjdpnMbHLF2 Should point out I downloaded thos
  3. And the challenging 'il monstro' - Alfa Romeo SZ - which is very slowly growing on me!
  4. You'd be lucky - Bluetooth is a relatively low power signal. You'd need something much stronger!
  5. Roy M

    Sunroof clutch

    Honestly can't remember - probably did this 20 years ago! I didn't know the car well then though so it must have been easy or I would have been looking for help! If you're in no hurry I can take a look in a couple of days
  6. Roy M

    Sunroof clutch

    Should have explained. My symptoms were a slow and intermittent sunroof movement. Unzipped the headliner until I could see the clutch. Operating the sunroof showed which end was slipping so I put a jubilee clip around that side of the clutch and tightened it until it stopped slipping. This retained the shock absorption but got me the drive back.
  7. Roy M

    Sunroof clutch

    I put a jubilee clip around mine which got drive going again - worked for a long time (in fact not totally sure I ever actually replaced it)
  8. Got it wrong - used the chrono website and someone was being optimistic about value Actual prices here https://www.exquisitetimepieces.com/watch-brands/singer-reimagined.html still not for me though!
  9. Forgot the Saab 95 just after the Mazda!
  10. Thought the watch looked nice but $58000 is s bit rich for me!
  11. My father actually liked his cars but with three kids money was really tight so he had a series of 'just past bangers'. The Austin Big 7 (GR5949) was the car I decided to step out of when it was driving along when I was about 3 - no seatbelts or kiddie seats then! We graduated to a Fiat 1100 which took us to Cornwall on family holidays - we did all go on the bus from a campsite into the nearest town to get a distributor part at some stage - an adventure as a kid but dad was stressed a bit. Graduated to a Ford Corsair (XGR86) in white with a red interior which the back street garage cleane
  12. Doesn't that main feed only go to the starter so should be relatively easy to replace that cable only?
  13. I'll take the Bosch lenses please. Could you throw in the postage?
  14. Glad it's all worked for you!
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