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  1. Main thing at the moment is who your contract is with - if it's with Eisenmann then they can't keep passing you off. If your contract is with the British agents then you have to deal with those idiots. If with Eisenmann try these people https://www.ukecc-services.net/ECCDE.cfm That should make them take notice. Personally I would also do another Facebook post saying that they are not responding to you and asking for a named individual in Germany to contact you. However, I can fully understand any reluctance you could have!
  2. Sorry - I can't find it now. It was simply a thank you direct for the offer of transport and a double check that you wouldn't be inconvenienced on Thursday. Thanks again - it was a massively generous offer.
  3. Thank you everyone - Chris has got sorted closer to home so doesn't need my silencer Awesome forum this!!
  4. Or Facebook - wider audience. Some welding pictures would be good
  5. Would be interested in why they think the law doesn't apply to them! Citizens advice any good? https://europa.eu/youreurope/citizens/consumers/shopping/guarantees-returns/germany/index_en.htm See fourth point down - they have to prove it isn't defective rather than you prove it is. Credit card company probably the biggest hitter though.
  6. I must admit I find this almost unbelievable - the ONLY way Eisenmann could salvage anything from this situation is to apologise and claim that the exhaust sent was unacceptable in quality, not up to their usual standards, and they will refund immediately. Yet their response to the issue is to try and weasel their way out! Good luck Chris - give them hell!
  7. That"s fantastic! At the moment Chris is in the process of getting one that is closer to him so I'm on hold. As soon as I know whether he needs mine I'll get back to you. Thanks for the offer. Cheers Roy
  8. Thanks Matt - will check it out when I get the silencer out.
  9. I'll get the silencer out tomorrow - if you can't get one closer from your other post I'll get it packaged up and contact you direct to finalise details. OK?
  10. Ok - when we catch up somewhere you can buy me a pint (or take a picture of my dog - very impressed!)
  11. That's great thanks - will get it out tomorrow and do a final quote Cheers Chris - no need for anything at all thanks - just happy to be able to do something concrete after all your issues!
  12. Thanks - checked with Parcel2go and it was £25+ with a £300 value. Probably being overcautious but wouldn't want to do the thing uninsured! I'll give Mailchimp a look when I get the chance later Thanks Again
  13. Long shot this - I've offered @Chris_911 my presilencer as a loan to get him going until his new exhaust comes in. I've just done some checking and the carriage cost is silly as I feel I need to insure it (it's a new one). Anybody here doing a full or part run so we can set up a relay - I'm near J43 of M6 but can come to Gretna or Southwaite Services if that helps. Added complication is that I'm only around until Friday!!
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