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  1. Worth checking ARB mounts etc before shelling out on these - typically they knock when loaded if they fail.
  2. Would something like this https://www.amazon.co.uk/Sealey-RS1322HV-RoadStart-Emergency-Compressor/dp/B076M9RTP5 do the job for him?
  3. My 911 with Jonny's Air Con added Bentley Continental T Bentley Racing Green Replica Aston Martin DB6 mark 2
  4. Does he just need light or power tools and would he be able to get solar panels in place?
  5. https://mathewsons.co.uk/auctions/auction-dates/vehicles/14563-1982-ford-cortina-crusader-3 Should take you there!
  6. Roy M

    Clutch life

    I've got about 120k on my car - no evidence of a clutch change in the history and I haven't had it done in the 20 years I've had the car. Absolutely no evidence at all that one is needed yet!
  7. 205 55 16 £236.40 each Their only other option are Pirellis which I wouldn't fit if they were free so I stopped reading after that I'm afraid.
  8. Hi James - received mine today thanks. Might bring forward an oil change now - what oil do you recommend?😜
  9. Unfortunately whenever I've had an overseas delivery from FEDEX it's been swiftly followed by a bill! If you get one challenge the £12 part - info on the web - and they'll take it off. Also check the amount - my invoice was nearly double what I finally paid.
  10. Roy M


    The Bonham's Lynx went for £384k in 2014 but I haven't seen any sold recently - I think the one at Silverstone in 2015 didn't sell. As you may guess - I'd kill for one of these but it would have to be Boris or Dominic to raise enough cash!
  11. Roy M


    Definitely a Lynx and probably s really early one. Still probably £500k!!
  12. Shame the buyer's premium is so high - 18% in total does seem to be taking advantage to the detriment of creditors.
  13. Always thought the 510 racers looked great - is that a 1200?, Love the G4 - one of my all time favourites

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