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  1. So how did it go? Hope all ok and you and the kids enjoyed it - any good pointers for us?
  2. Like that Lotus XI (?) that used to go to Classic Le Mans!
  3. Thanks for this Phil - it's very helpful and I hope you enjoyed your break. If we manage to get away we're planning to take NHS tests with us for guidance +to try and mitigate any anxiety) but also take one of the tests where you do a zoom call to get the certification for travel - mainly to avoid travel to get a test as we're not near a city.
  4. I really hope you have a great day but I really don't get this. You pay to take your car for other people to pay to see it and the organisers just count their money! Perhaps I'm a cynic but when a Citroen DS4 is listed as an eligible classic then something is not quite right! I wouldn't mind paying if the exhibiting car fee went to a charity but it all seems to just go to the organisers! Might just be a grumpy mood day though!
  5. My wife would kill me if I stuck Porsche related bits on her kitchen cupboards!!
  6. That looks like a pretty decent breakfast bap!
  7. I will always associate him with that 'Lobster' Brabham (BT58?) RIP
  8. I would think they come out easier than they go in.
  9. Hundreds of them still running around the Spanish Pyrenees!
  10. https://www.historics.co.uk/buying/auctions/2021-07-17/cars/ref-158-1995-ford-gt40-mk-iii-evocation-by-kva-jg/
  11. If you're worried about them sliding getting on then a towel or similar folded round the bottom rung so the tyres start on the towel before reaching the ramp should stop them sliding. Once it's on, depending on the steepness, the weight of the car should produce a vertical force moment which is behind the ramp thus pushing them forward rather than away which should be secure.
  12. Do you have any ramps? Could you use these at the lowest part to level it up and then jack up the part not on the ramp?
  13. When this happened to mine it was the pivot point on the gearbox sticking. Given a throttle lift lowers the speed at least it's somewhere in the linkage and not something harder to find!
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