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  1. Nick Moss at Early 911 is the place to go, have tried a few others over the years when working for others and none have come close to Nicks finish. I got a set back last week from him and they are stunning!
  2. I have seen and experienced Jonny`s system and it`s much better and more effective than anything Porsche did, so well worth waiting for!
  3. Thanks everyone for the feedback and hopefully it seems that I am not too far off on price. To answer some of the questions, yes as far as I know the engine is original to the car which is a tatty 964 with a mileage of high 130s and not complete but certainly a lot of history and the car currently resides in East Sussex and was bought solely to build an RS style car and to use up a 993 engine and box that I bought on a whim. Should be fun when its done.
  4. The easiest way to diagnose is to remove the wheel and operate the indicators, you will then see a little nylon lever shoot out towards the steering shaft. Try pushing it on its upper or lower edge (As if you were turning the wheel against it, if that makes sense?) If the indicators stay on then your switch is at fault, if they go off then the raised peg is missing on the back of the steering wheel boss or fitted in the wrong position, but this is only really relevant with aftermarket bosses as I have yet to see a standard one cause any issues( I have been working on these for 18 years now) as it is very heavily engineered for its application. Hope this helps. Lee
  5. Hi, I wonder if someone can help advise me as I have a complete 964 engine package that i will soon be removing from my 964 to make way for a 993 lump as I will be converting it from a C4 to 993 6 speed C2 box at the same time. It has oil leaks from both chains and a head on one side but pulls well with good oil pressure and no smoke and will come with ECU and loom and already has a MAF conversion fitted. I was hoping for around 8k for the whole package,and am in no rush to sell. Is this realistic? Thanks for your input. Lee
  6. With regards to the dizzy you seem to be missing a vacuum pipe on the servo advance, may be the one that is plugged?
  7. Hi, a mate off mine was Avonbar Racings engine builder then went on to set up on his own as OAP under whose banner his race engines won many championships in mini seven and mini migilia and he has just reopened for business. PM me if you want his details.
  8. Forget any 997 ideas, I have just bought a 930 rolling shell which we could build into the car of your dreams! Or should I not mess with your head in this way. Lol.
  9. targa boy

    Coco mats

    Hi, I am pretty sure that Barney at Classic Heroes is a UK agent for coco mats give him a call on 01825 830227. Tell him Lee Colbran sent you.
  10. Thanks for the well wishes, I hope to do the car justice and plan to do any mechanical work and some of the body work myself, but know a man who can for the paintwork. Its been a few years since I have built a Porsche for my self (due to the arrival of children) and not for a customer so looking forward to getting stuck in!
  11. Not sure yet, restore, back date or 964 engine (although current engine in rude health) or may be a combination of either of these options. No one can have enough 911s in their life, although may have to have a clear out of the spares department to pay for the project!
  12. A big thank you Nick for the lead, I didn`t want to disturb you weekend so will catch up with you next week. The targa boy name stems from DDK and my previous two long hood targas, both of which I miss dearly but have had a tuned 930 coupe (sadly also gone) and currently also have an `86 3.2 coupe so guess I have been an honorary coupe boy for a while, so will happily answer to either name. lol. I have also had to lay low on the forums at the request of a previous long term employer but now I have jumped ships to another up and coming Porsche specialist (Precision Porsche) I can happily post to my hearts content so hope I may even bump into some of you and your cars during work hours, but in the mean time Happy Easter all!
  13. Sorry to be a party pooper but can`t contain my excitement as car now sold to me on Friday. Really looking forward to getting stuck in!
  14. looks lovely!!! Making me miss my black 930 as wide bodies look best in black! lol

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