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  1. I can try and measure mine tonight It's a Clubautosport one. I bought a mesh sheet from Halfords which was plenty big enough.
  2. Fantastic work Mr and Mrs WC 👍
  3. Thanks guys, I’ve been to another garage and they’ve had a look, they reckon around a couple of hours @ £40 , this is a much better deal, even if they take 3 hrs I’ll be happy.
  4. Yeah, good to meet up with some old IB friends again, I thought it was a good event despite the weather, some good stuff for sale. I bagged a Wevo shifter and coupling from Tripe for a bargain price so well pleased. Your car looks great Alex, lots of individual ideas being deployed.
  5. I appreciate this is an old thread, I need to replace the rear anti roll bar mounts on my 86 Carrera and have had an estimate of about 7 hrs which seems a lot. Anyone had theirs done recently who could give me an idea of what they paid.
  6. How you doing Ace. Good to see you on here.
  7. I’m hoping to get to it, really miss the Husbourne Crawley meets.
  8. strosek34

    Backdate Time

    Going to look fantastic when it's finished Matt.
  9. Fantastic job Mr and Mrs WC. Looks brilliant.
  10. Hi Shirish Nothing special used for the adhesive and no problems including a very hot trip to Classic Lemans last year.
  11. Yes, filter and filter housing off.
  12. I fitted the Type911 to mine last year without dropping the engine, cleaned as much of the old goo of as possible first, its a fiddle but doable,
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