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  1. I’ve joined as well, not much of a Facebooker to be honest.
  2. Welcome Johnboy, you got yourself a great car. 👌🏻
  3. strosek34


    If you search Markj’s thread, “RSR bumper fitting” there’s a lot of info that will be useful for you, I didn’t have any impact bumper shocks when I fitted the Clubautsport set, had a different set of fibreglass bumpers beforehand. mostly used M6 cap head screws, washer and nyloc nuts and screwed the bumpers directly to the flanges on the inside of the wings, also used a length of 38 x 38mm ally angle to support the inside top surface of the front bumper, the width of the bonnet opening.
  4. Top quality work as usual Apesman.
  5. strosek34


    I’ve got the Clubautosport bumpers on my car, the rear has the vertical slots in the middle section as shown in your top picture, no reason you can’t cut the extra corner slots in it. I think Northy on this forum cut Ruf slots into his rear bumper, I’ve been pleased with the quality of the bumpers from Clubautosport by the way.
  6. Good to see you too, battery powered shifts, wow, very swish.
  7. Sorry I missed you Gary, it’s been a long time, should of left Tea to get the tea and come and grabbed me.
  8. Very nice Andrew, carbon fibre I guess.
  9. Good picture, it was good to meet up with this motley crew pictured above yesterday, didn’t think there was as much there as last year, but still a good event to meet up for a chat.
  10. Congrats Paul, Anyone from the IB forum bought it ?
  11. I knew there was some reason why it was a problem Mark, just couldn’t remember what exactly.
  12. I don’t think the standard bar fits as the engine is slightly longer ,, think you need to bend the ends or similar, Alex knows.
  13. HE’s and the back box look great Haith, sure its going to sound epic, anyway crack on dude and get it fitted.
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