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  1. strosek34

    "We go again" ....

    Yes, filter and filter housing off.
  2. strosek34

    "We go again" ....

    I fitted the Type911 to mine last year without dropping the engine, cleaned as much of the old goo of as possible first, its a fiddle but doable,
  3. strosek34

    Help me choose a new system....

    Cheers Chris, the more you research the harder it becomes to decide, Personally I would go SSI,s with a good backbox, my H&S box is 1 out by the way.
  4. strosek34

    Help me choose a new system....

    I’ve got a Hayward and Scott backbox on mine fitted to steel sis style manifolds, it’s a deeper sound than a lot of systems but sounds good to me, The whole system has been on the car about about 14 years or more now.
  5. strosek34

    The Old Guard.

    Tops work by the IB technical experts. 🔨🔨🔨
  6. strosek34

    The Old Guard.

    The wet Donnington one must have been the one where my fuel pump packed up, prior to finding the fuel pump has seized Jevvy and co stripped all the imobilizer wiring out. Happy days eh
  7. strosek34

    "We go again" ....

    Just catching up with this thread, Fantastic result at last and well done for percivereing, hope you now get on with driving the bugg*r so we can all find out what you really think of it. (Once you’ve bedded in those Conti’s)
  8. strosek34

    Triumph ITB conversion

    Great work Phil, you must feel very pleased with yourself.
  9. strosek34

    Introducing Bamboo Beige

    I don't think an armchair would look good on a 911 roof personally,
  10. strosek34

    Introducing Bamboo Beige

    Nice work Andrew, car is looking great.
  11. strosek34

    The Old Guard.

    Some great pictures being posted on this thread. Where have these last 12 years gone......
  12. strosek34

    Merry Christmas

    Happy Christmas to all IB'ers and their families.
  13. strosek34

    RB's 930GT

    Great news Rich, I can image the stress of driving it home with the sh*te weather we had last night.
  14. Those modded one's look really cool Lewis.
  15. strosek34

    A Porsche Christmas Sunday 9 Dec

    I might be going, have my name down for it, but I also have a busy weekend ahead. If the weather is ok I will be in my IB, if the weather is c*ap I might not bother going.