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  1. strosek34

    A Porsche Christmas Sunday 9 Dec

    I might be going, have my name down for it, but I also have a busy weekend ahead. If the weather is ok I will be in my IB, if the weather is c*ap I might not bother going.
  2. strosek34

    911 3.2 Carrera 1987 Guards Red

    Good luck Paul, it's a lovely car.
  3. strosek34

    Alex's overdue front suspension refresh

    That's great of FLM to do that, Rally spec sounds good for the disgraceful state of our roads, but I'm no expert.
  4. strosek34

    Welcome to Impactbumpers

    Lovely looking car, I've been driving my LHD 911 for over 16 years and the problem of driving it in this country are minimal.
  5. strosek34

    Hunting when cold

    I changed the oil filler cap on my 3.2 and it stop the hunting when cold.
  6. strosek34

    My Shed Thread

    Great work, Phil's right your house is mahoosive now!
  7. strosek34

    987 Cayman - any good?

    I've got a deep sump on my modded 1776 engined Bay window VW, can't have too much oil in these things.
  8. strosek34

    My Shed Thread

    Great work Mr and Mrs WC, really taking shape now. I'm still amazed at your work rate.
  9. strosek34

    987 Cayman - any good?

    I've seen pictures of it before, and,,,,, it looks fantastic Mark.
  10. strosek34

    Today I did this in/for/with my IB 911

    Can you do headboards Chris T
  11. strosek34

    Battery disconnect comment

    I've had a version like that on my car for a dozen years or more with no problems, I think it is a Richbrook one from memory. Good warning though,
  12. strosek34

    Spring plate bush questions....

    I post this on the thread back in 2015. I put Neatrix in mine about 12 years ago, front and rear. I think that was all that was around at the time, a couple of times a squeak has developed on a rear one and once on a front, I've given them a quick squirt of something and it's gone away. I've done about 90K since fitting them. I'm now around the 122k mark, 15 years since fitted, and most of this year I've had squeaking from the bushes that I can't get rid of so will need to address this soon, they've lasted pretty good really, but a strip down is on the cards now unfortunately. Those spring plates look pretty good Shrish.
  13. strosek34

    looking for a half cage

    I've got a bolt in Matter half cage in mine. I assume they still do them.
  14. strosek34

    There are still nice people in the world

    It is a great picture, isn't it.
  15. strosek34

    Triumph ITB conversion

    They look good, but a couple of observations, are the welds going to stop the washers sitting flush to the flanges, Might just be the angle of the picture.