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  1. What Lesworth says, it’s what makes you happy. My car is done to please me.
  2. Very cool looking car Axel. 10 out of 10
  3. I had one of the loops break years ago, my only mot failure in my 17 years of ownership , was welded up with out any issues.
  4. Terrible news and very very sad, Such a knowledge person.
  5. They should fit , but have thin flanges, 3.2’s have thick ones, so the nuts will bottom out on the studs, so you will need spacers under the nuts.
  6. Well done on a quick sale Shirish. When I first started reading this thread I was expecting to find Busybee had bought it. 😀😀😀😀😀
  7. Just keeps getting better and better,
  8. Looks like you got a great deal Jevvy
  9. + 1, Never had any problems using a very small ring spanner.
  10. How terrible Henry, Sincere condolences to you.
  11. Happy new year to all the IB crew.
  12. I’d go the carport route as well if you’ve got it behind gates, let’s the air flow around it. Running hot pipes underneath it could cause condensation. I’ve got a small dehumidifier in my old VW camper that’s works really well, it was about £30 of eBay
  13. strosek34

    New member

    Welcome to the forum Johan, Car looks lovely, Cant help with the exhaust question but Richard does some good stuff and others on here should be able to help with what you need.
  14. Was the cat model solid or hollow out of interest, makes a big difference to time taken and material usage.
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