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  1. I’m with Jonny, I find S02’s too stiff for B roads , but the wet grip is great too be honest. Might Be because my car is light, not sure.
  2. Good information Phil, We've booked 2 weeks in Cornwall in Sept. Might not get the weather but no hassles, We are giving going abroad a miss until next year.
  3. Thanks chaps, confirms it’s wrong, I’ll have to chase someone up then.
  4. I'm going on Saturday NJP, Porsche Club parking , but I think they've sent me a pass for the wrong area, Says YEAR is 2000+, and parking area is 13, What does yours say.
  5. Was the MM really 10 years ago, what a great trip. Ivan, That engine rebuild looks really tidy
  6. strosek34


    Looks very nice Siy, 👍
  7. I went Saturday for the 1st time, it's a nice setup , some interesting cars turned up including a Taycan, I had a good look over it, and have to say, I didn't particularly like it, and it's massive.
  8. strosek34


    Fingers crossed Siy, exciting times ahead.
  9. Go for it Steve, car will look great cruising round Hook Norton at night.😀
  10. Crikey, that’s a busy week you’ve had, specially with the heat to cope with, as always I’m very impressed. Thats some roof you’ve insulated.
  11. Yeah, great pictures Franck. 👌🏻
  12. Yes, junior hacksaw is another option 😄😄
  13. I thought atmosphere at Bicester was very flat to be honest, nicer that there we're less people but all in all disappointing. Le Mans Classic is the best place, Silverstone Classic is good as well. Highlight of Bicester was seeing Northy (Lewis) and his dad. Great pictures as usual Chris.
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