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  1. Is this the right time to ask what oil you’re using, 😀 I’ll get my coat.
  2. Good perseverance Chris, Well done, Agree with others, Does seem odd that one injector should cause a no start issue.
  3. Very nice, Best colour as well for a 928.
  4. Just over 18 years for me, Bought it from Paul Stephens before he got so very fancy, I saw him at Classic Lemans 2 years ago and I asked him if he remembered the Strosek bumpered car and he told me the Reg. No. instantly, I was impressed. Its been a very good car.
  5. That looks stunning Mark 👍
  6. Interested to know how you use the Stomski jig if both studs on one port are snapped as you use on for clamping, it looks like a good bit of kit so be good to see how you get on.
  7. Marks right, you need longer than standard 3.2 calipers ones, I had to make up longer ones for my 968 calipers.
  8. strosek34

    25mm adapters

    I would have thought they would be ideal for someone with 7” wheels, I had that size on my SC years ago, perfect.
  9. Great work Mrs WC, I hope you keep her supplied with cups of tea Steve. 😀
  10. I would do as Ivan suggests, Wind the mixture screw in fully, then out 3 or 4 turns, counts how many turns you initially screw it in so you can return to your baseline point if necessary. Screwing it out let’s more air in so weakens the mixture, On another note, I replaced the oil filler cap (which has a seal in it) a few years ago and the slight hunting I had went away, Might just have been coincidence
  11. Been using 20/50 Valvoline Vr1 for years, and have always had great oil pressure, so don’t think that’s your problem.

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