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  1. There is a little plastic bit on the end of the hand throttle lever that catches the throttle wire underneath the handbrake assembly, it fatigues and breaks, replace it and the hand throttle will work again.
  2. This cracking 3.0 Carrera was at a recent PCI event in Kilkenny, love that blue
  3. It’s the feed to the vent in the middle of the dash
  4. I fitted adjustable rose joint links to the rear of my car, got the joints off eBay, 12mm from memory, circa 5 quid a joint. They were strong enough, but after about 8k miles road dirt has caused wear in the ball joint and they have started to knock when in use. You can get dust covers, but it’s just cheaper to change the joint.
  5. No deterrent at all really, a set of mole grips on the end of the steering column and they’re away.
  6. Must be that special Cuban factor My only comment would be that B373 is the smelliest oil on the planet, so before you handle it put on something you are happy to throw into the nearest bin. Oils are funny things, I remember running Mobil One in a highly tuned Hillclimb motorbike engine. It went back for a rebuild and the tuner said he’d never seen an engine in better shape when he stripped it. The downside was it meant that the wet carbon fibre clutch only accepted half the recognised wear before needing replaced. So to every plus there may be an unexpected minus. However, the guru has spoken and who are we to say he’s wrong
  7. MikeB

    Gearbox rebuild

    I think all of us who have had a 915 box rebuilt will probably have an idea of the cost of rebuilding covering the cost of parts that need to be replaced and then other parts that you replace in order to ensure it is fit to give long and reliable service. Mike has probably given you an estimate, based on his considerable experience, and no doubt if asked could provide a list of what he believes to be required. Reading his caveat, it would appear that if your box need less parts than estimated then that will be reflected in the final bill. To my mind, allowing 3k on parts is a realistic guide, and if he has asked that you cover the cost of these, then as someone who is working on several boxes at anytime, it’s not unreasonable. His reputation is high within the 911 community, so I wouldn’t think you will be presented with an unreasonable final bill. As has been said once he strips the box, he’ll have a definitive answer, just as any other professional will.
  8. I think that all the SSI heat exchangers came with the MFI take off, these days. You just block it off. However, happy to be corrected My SC engine has SSI’s fitted with the take off and they were fitted 15 years ago. Cheers Mike
  9. Denis, look forward to seeing it on a PCI run in 2018 ......... provided you can get it started Cheers Mike
  10. Gents Does the starter ring gear not fit onto the back of the clutch casing, i.e. the end furthest from the flywheel, and not to the flywheel itself? The teeth on the outer rim of the flywheel are for the ignition timing. So you need to fitthe ring gear, Denis. Cheers Mike
  11. Defnitely worth the tenner, here and DDK have been so beneficial in the restoration and maintenance of the two 911s I've owned, great knowledge and advice being freely shared. Long may it continue
  12. Good to hear that Jonny, was contemplating one in my 915. Look forward to hearing feedback from Lewis once he has a few miles on it.
  13. Yes, certainly interested to hear the Quaife performs after some miles. I put one in my 240Z, it was very good, but after a while it started to clunk when changing up. Have just fitted one to my rally Fiesta, and have seen similar comments on the Ford forum, which Quaife say are due to the internal diff gears bedding in.
  14. If you are thinking of a Wevo, you are welcome to try my Rennshift. won't start the Wevo v Rennshift debate, but have had both and to be honest couldn't tell the difference
  15. Greet looking machine, hopefully might see it in the flesh one day, about to embark on a 5 day run with PCI in my backdate.
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