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  1. what's the trick to adjusting the sunroof mechanism so that the plastic hinges which push down the air deflector, don't break when the roof moves forward?
  2. thanks! related comment: I've got he same spoiler as the sliver car, i.e. a turbo -look spoiler, and i'm about to remove it to have a standard engine lid. I don't have the front rubber lip and i think its better to have both spoilers or no spoilers.
  3. thanks for the quick replies. The length of the rubber strips makes sense, so its not a straight swap thankfully there isn't corrosion on the bumper so fortunately, I don't need to get a replacement
  4. I've got a US spec car, 1985 3.2 carrera. One of the rear overriders is cracked and they are about 2x the price of the European equivalents. I'm thinking of replacing the bulkier US ones with the European ones, but was told by a Porsche center (who have a good guy that helps historic models and normally gives good advice) that the European overriders don't fit the US rear bumper. I cant' see an difference between the bumpers of the US and non US cars. Does anyone know if the euro spec items will fit my bumper? thanks
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