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  1. If the goods are of EU origin then in virtually all cases (i.e. not alcohol, tobacco etc.) then no "duty" is due. The prevailing duty associated with the relevant commodity code will be applied if goods are wholly are in large part of non EU origin. For serious traders including volume B2C the necessary declaration paperwork is pretty simple. I guess in the short term a lot of traders particularly smaller ones wont feel it worthwhile to bother with this and goods will be shipped to customer in UK without this (declaration of country of origin) and duty will then be due. I'm waiting for a
  2. Keep hearing about all these import duties for "goods" from the EU ? - Presumably this is only for goods of non EU origin?
  3. What duties ?? Should only be paying for UK VAT and any nominal handling/admin charges on the part of the carrier - short term whilst the carriers and customs come to terms with the change then likely that all carriers will absolutely fleece small customers at the end of B2C transactions.
  4. Supersport with an ancient (even in 1981) pushrod 75bhp lump needed eveything it could muster to live up to its badge so the tinny build and consequent sub 800Kg weight really helped!
  5. Have only just looked at this thread; car looks very "sweet". Love the green and light interior combo, agree nice to keep a bit of "characterful patina". Will watch with interest!
  6. Not quite sure what to make of this - Disgust at the irresponsibility and danger to other road users, laughing at the nonchalance and coffee on the dash, or the Ari Vatananen Manx Grand Prix style sideways recovery (watch section between 10.00 and 10.30)
  7. Rain stopping during the night, temperatures dropping in early hours, black ice followed by heavy snow at dawn - Nice! Not desperately deep snow but roads horrific in Yorkshire today - How's this for a four wheel drift? - Just got to love the commentary!
  8. Nige you need "LA Muscle Vasculator" !
  9. 1998 32 1984 911 3.2 Coupe £15K from Autofarm selling car on behalf of expat. 1st owner ex-Bahrain PM and member of Royal Family (so I was told? and name in drivers manual matches a Google Search!) Still have - Great Buy (i.e. zilch rot anywhere!)
  10. Thanks Mark for the heads-up on Number 27 - have just been enjoying his 308 adventures!
  11. Looks gorgeous - Maybe a few subtle mods, suspension, ECU mapping etc. but otherwise I'd be inclined to enjoy as is (apart from the blingy instrument bezels of course!😏)
  12. Wishing all a healthy and happy 2021. Let’s hope things start to look up in time for the better weather. Stay safe!
  13. Probably not concours but looks good value ........ http://www.justinbanks.com/1980-ferrari-308-gtsi/
  14. At the risk of being an internet warrior 🙂 my post rebuild running in routine was as follows ........ Basic mineral oil for whole of running in period. 400 miles - keep within 4/4.5K rpm. Continual change of engine speed, opening up and moving to upper running in rpm limit. Avoid pottering and labouring at low rpm. Avoid excessive load on engine. Plenty of engine braking from 4K rpm downwards. Check for leaks, noises etc .. 400 miles - change oil and replace with similar. Raise limit to 5K. Repeat above but putting more load on engine. Check for leaks, noises etc
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