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  1. Very early run into the dales this morning. This is at Ribblehead just before 8. First time for almost 18 months that I have taken the IB on this, one of my favourite UK roads, the B6255 bewteen Ribblehead and Hawes, 11 miles of pure driving bliss. Managed two return runs with virtually no other road users to stifle progress although plenty of safe overtaking opportunities on this stretch. Car faultless as usual and felt "extra" quick - perhaps a few more hp courtesy of the still cool morning air; hard to believe car is 35 years old!
  2. Can't recall any Stratos's in period running with Martini livery?
  3. I noticed the amounts owed to certain "consumer" creditors were well into six figures 😲 Really feel for those who stand to lose heavily from this debacle but, given the values involved I really struggle to understand why any sane person would transact in this way, i.e. based purely on trust. Surely as a minimum one would ask for some basic contract terms to ensure retention of title until monies received.
  4. VT Please can I place first dibs on these? Happy to place a few bob with charity of your choice if you dont want anything for them ..........
  5. Are these the same ........ https://www.design911.co.uk/fu/prod7342/Porsche-911-Engine-Pistons-and-Cylinders-Mahle-93010398907/ Just over £1900 a set with the 10% discount - seem much cheaper than where prices were a few years ago?
  6. One for VT ..... Have used this stuff from Simoniz a couple of times and seems excellent, as good as Farecla / Meguiars etc.. £2.50 for 500 ml from Wilko so have purchased a mini job lot, less than a third the price of anything comparable and below half the price of same product from cheapest on ebay ........... https://www.wilko.com/en-uk/simoniz-500ml-quick-shine-detailer/p/0344887
  7. Yep - same position as mine. I'll take a pic but would seem that the difference is the spring itself?
  8. I rechecked spring v pics on the web and it looked correct. The number on the box it came in was correct and seems OEM to me. I had read somewhere that the Turbo variant of the spring was much higher tension and a pig to fit so wondered if I had one of these instead but I dont think so. Once clamped in a bench vice then even quite heavy duty cable ties were snapping as the spring was released and in the end I had to use quite high tensile wire to keep secure.
  9. Dont know whether my new spring is higher rated or I was doing something wrong but there was absolutely no way I was going to "pop" the end of the spring over the post. In the end I compressed the spring fully in a bench vice and then kept under tension by wrapping some high strength wire around it. Fitted assemblye to car and then cut and removed wire to release tension from spring. Adjusted to settings in Bentley manual and all seems good!
  10. Achmelvich to Durness is near double the mileage in this table? Currently on hols for a week in Assynt - 1st time in this part of Scotland for over 10 years, has to be the most spectacular part of the UK. Have come for walking , wildlife watching and general chill out and not a road trip. Having said that have made several journeys on main part of A 835 to Lochinver from Ullapool in last few days albeit in VW Tiguan (zzzzz!). Even challenged with an SUV this stretch of road is just so rewarding, endless fast sweeping bends with good forward visibility, pretty empty particularly early morning and evening but with continuous safe overtaking on most stretches. Main risk is from Red Deer! If stopping at Lochinver try Canisp Lodge - stunning location. This pic is from earlier this week from NC 500 route about 5 miles North of Lochinver on B869 was yesteafternoon fr
  11. Thanks Lewis - I'll just go for it ...........
  12. The clutch Omega spring on my car went ping yesterday. Have managed to disassemble clutch lever assembly and remove old spring from pin in main arm. Have ordered new spring which should be with me this week. Before I attempt to fit back together can anyone who has done this job advise whether it is feasible to fit spring into position without special tools or techniques. The various manuals etc. simply say to force end of spring over locating peg using large screwdriver or pry-bar. Bearing in mind I'll be doing this working under car on jack stands not fully in the air will I need superhuman strength or ? Any help/advice much appreciated .......
  13. Thanks Chris - that was my initial thought and have just looked at pics online to confirm - not quite sure how clutch still seems to be operative. Failure seems very odd ........
  14. Gently moving car forward under power in garage and as I came to rest, engine still ticking over I heard a loud "ping" from rear of car. Looked underneath and found this on garage floor under centre line of car near transmission end. Car now runs fine, engages gear, clutch works, handbrake OK etc .. Whatever it is has obviously failed, see fracture face at non hooked end. Before I investigate further can anyone help me identify what this is??????
  15. Can't help with pricing I'm afraid, everything seems to have moved upwards significantly in last couple of years so will let others offer advice ......... Great to see you back on here again, do you still have your IB?
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