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  1. On what basis do you make this claim? 3.5 / 4 % broadly speaking is only just under an AFR of 13 which is far from excessively rich and still below levels equating to theoretical optimum power. My car has run at 3% for years and I couldn't see another 0.5% increase making any significant difference. Conversely I would be far more concerned if my CO% was much below say 0.75%, i.e. AFR > 14
  2. What ARE we running our cars to? Mine is a micro-smidge under 3% and is consistent at each MOT test. I even use the known stability of my 3.2s CO% level as a means of roughly calibrating a cheapo CO meter that I use to set my Lancia. Haven't adjusted my car in any way since last Wayne Schofield RR Map. 3% is still perfectly safe IMHO and certainly not crazy rich. AFR of 13 rather than theoretical perfect of 14.7 is good compromise to ensure optimum power and smoothness without risk of issues by going too rich.
  3. What year/month is your 3.2? What did it fail on CO or HCs? The limits change on CO% from 4.5% to 3.5% from August 86. (HC remains at 1200 ppm). A car running very slightly rich may be close to the 3.5% limit but should be well clear of 4.5%. Shouldn't be any problem being way lower than the 1200ppm on HCs unless imperfect ignition or more serious general engine health issue? On a warm engine after a good blast I'd certainly expect to be within these limits
  4. I use this with my factory ZF 40% LSD Castrol Axle Z Limited Slip 90
  5. Again, flow rate for injectors is quoted at a standard 3bar. Actual flow will depend on fuel pressure setting. From the injector specs quoted then it would indicate that the 964 is set to run at a higher pressure at full load than for a 3.2???
  6. Yes - was also thinking the same. I think flow rates for injectors are normally quoted at a nominal 3 bar working pressure. The 3.2 fuelling system runs at a slightly lower prssure, 2.5 bar so quite possibly the actual flow from 240cc rated injectors will be nearer 200cc - maybe this is potential; source of confusion here ??
  7. I have sold cars privately and for my employer on Autotrader - have always found very good response both private and trade and generally sold quickly. I think you will catch a slightly wider more focused audience for a mainstream medium/upper market value car than via ebay. Wouldn't get too hung up on trade v private buyer profile - if you know genuine market value of your vehicle pitch at fair but attractive price but hold firm against daft offers. Would only agree to test drive once price agreed in principle making it clear you wont go lower.
  8. At last a small window of opportunity to take car out today for a "cheeky" local run on salt and damp free roads - almost three months without turning a wheel and as per usual "on the button" and everything working how it should. Roll on spring!
  9. Naughty Naughty .........
  10. Anybody remember struggling to try to help Danger bump start his SC away home from one of our (IB forum) early Silverstone trackdays only to discover that the immobiliser had been left switched on? 😄
  11. Welcome back Danger! Hope you are well - any interesting projects on the go?
  12. I bought a new SWF/Valeo one off ebay twelve months ago from Ahrens Automotive Duisburg for £101 delivered (Independant Porsche repair/service garage - search web for site & contat details). Another new one on ebay from another German based seller £114 ......... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SWF-Indicator-Lever-Steering-Column-Switch-Fits-Porsche-911-76-89-Combination-/274047005372?hash=item3fce7972bc £100 is bad, £180 is ridiculous ............
  13. https://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/motorsport/track-day-cars/road-legal/awesome-improved-porsche-cayman-24v-s------------------2007/10078790
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