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  1. The car in the video is the works Ickx/Mass 962. The blue 956 that features here is a Walter Brun car driven by Stefan Bellof and Thierry Boutsen. Think the drivers in this vid are Mass and Boutsen but subsequently after driver changes then Bellof was chasing Ickx hard for the lead. Bellof attempted to pass Ickx through dip on approach to Eau Rouge, touched the back of Ickx's car and both ended up slamming hard into outside wall on exit. Ickx climbed out and walked away, Bellof's wasn't so fortunate and lost his life at the scene of the accident. There is in-car cam of incident from Ickx's cockpit that you can see on Youtube which is pretty terrifying. The Blaupunkt car in your plaque/poster is a Joest Racing car that Mass drove in 84/85 separate to his drives for the works Rothmans team.
  2. This race famous for a very sad end of course ,,,,,,,,,,,,
  3. Given current climate and uncertainty then I would say brave move to keep reserve so high for so long and similarly brave move for anyone to bid any higher
  4. Nah, 82 v 87 - its a bit like 915 v G50 Should have corrected Young Blood is actually opening track on album
  5. Listened to this a few days ago - Great album before they went all mid 80s US Power Ballad style. Original "Here I go again ..." on here so much better than remake. Last track "Young Blood" is fantastic - heard it once on Tommy Vance Friday Night (TV on the radio!) and bought the album.
  6. I thought it was there to capture answers to challenging maintenance questions?
  7. Good choice - made in Batley Yorkshire since 1853!
  8. Was it? The first production Urraccos were being built towards the end of 1972 but I think the Lancia Beta (Saloon) which also has MacPherson struts at each corner (as well as tranverse link rear suspension) was already being sold?
  9. Never driven one (unsurprisingly) but have spoken briefly to owners of cars and all back up The Doc's comments to say that the 300 is the one to have and although only 30 hp more than the 250 is by all accounts a much quicker car. Handling is meant to be very neutral and forgiving.
  10. Really hoping that the (Classic Car) market does crash some time soon. Reasonable ones of these were little more than IB money just a couple of years ago. By all accounts pretty solid mechanically ...........
  11. Would do me as well! - This one is similar price and condition and equally brilliant colour IMO. Although not crazily priced relative to other things think these may just fall into the category of exotica that stands to face a big market value correction over next 18 months or so. Just before I bought the IB in 98 I bid upto £20K on a tidy (albeit non concours) Jarama S at auction, and at one point I thought I was going to bag it - it went for about £23K in the end. How times have changed!
  12. Very tempting ............ Ferrari F430 £49,995
  13. Try Brakes International Rochdale - well established and as good as anyone for sourcing just about anything brake wise; also have expertise to refurb to a high standard at sensible rates. Have used them several times in past for both Porsche and Lancia stuff.
  14. Earlier this year I ordered various mostly service items from ECP/Carparts4less (think it may have been latter but still same outfit I think) and frustratingly came in 3 separate deliveries. 1st online notification came on a Friday and I duly popped to local collection point looking forward to a weekend of work on the car. I was very disappointed when just a rather smallish cardboard box was presented; I was even more disappointed to discover that only one of several ordered items had been sent, a single small £0.03p copper crush washer - in a box!!!
  15. Good choice! I dont subscribe but these are generally the mags that I will look at first

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