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  1. topcarrera

    Baltic blue 3.2 on carandclassic

    Choose what appeals to you not the next owner!
  2. topcarrera

    Baltic blue 3.2 on carandclassic

    Agree it does look nice - I actually prefer the pinstripe inset v full leather ..........
  3. topcarrera

    Oulton Park Saturday 17th Nov

    Oliver (OJT) venturing out in GT3! - Any more?
  4. topcarrera

    Oulton Park Saturday 17th Nov

    Just booked trackday at Oulton for this Saturday (17th Nov) - With MSV, open pitlane £159, waether looks set fair for weekend. Anyone else interested?
  5. What is the position regarding title in these transactions? Surely the arrangement is that you are paying the dealer just the brokerage fees only on completion of the sale and not acting as a creditor? Should be very clear distinction between what you are owed as against general trade creditors, potentially quite serious misappropriation of funds? I'd seriously be looking at recovering the vehicle!
  6. topcarrera

    20 Years Today

    Exactly 20 years ago today I picked up my IB - still find it special!
  7. topcarrera

    Headlights on or off without ignition?

    Thanks Simon, yep just looking at handbook/manuals and this does seem to be how it should be - bizarre that I couldnt remember this!
  8. Evening all., Have just repaired dipped/main beam column stalk switch (same repair I made 10 years ago) and all seems to be working properly again except headlights now require ignition to be on to work (sidelights fine) - not a problem but cant remember whether this is standard or whether I have missed a connection somewhere?
  9. Simply passing on a V5 does not constitute transfer of title, indeed registered keeper does not automatically mean owner. Comes down to exactly what the contract with the broker (dealer) was and how transaction took place. I'd be looking to get balance owed paid in full straight away rather than in installments; accepting part payments might weaken clarity of situation IF you needed to pursue some legal recovery process. Fingers crossed that all works out tomorrow!🤞
  10. Have never looked into this in any detail but surely this is a question of title. You didn't sell the vehicle to the dealer surely you just entered into a commission based contract conditional upon dealer brokering sale on your behalf to a third party. Surely title passes directly from you to third party on receipt of agreed sum? Would suggest that ultimately risk is with buyer? I think with car auctions the auction houses guarantee, as part of buyers & sellers fee, safe title to buyer and insure accordingly - presumably to protect in the event that a sale is brokered where title is not as it seems AND to protect seller from claim in the event that sale proceeds are not realisable, i.e. fraudulent payment from buyer, auction house itself is in financial difficulty. I think sequence of payments might be important in these circumstances - dont wait, get some basic advice, find out where car is!
  11. Just coming down off the M1 Southbound at Sheffield Meadowhall Junction - diamond blue I think with colour coded Fuchs 6s & 7s, good nick and looked very pretty
  12. topcarrera

    New VW/VAG Vehicles WLTP Delays

    Having had my arm twisted by wife and daughter 3 years ago to enter the exciting world of sensible SUVs we looked at various things including Mitsubishi EV - agree with your views compared with the Honda CRV (zzzzzzz) it felt decidely cheap and nasty. I would just shop and get best deal you can. I went through VW finance at dealer for lease price same terms etc on same spec Tiguan that I am due to have delivered later this month. Price was nowehere near and wouldnt move, like +17%! As David mentioned in earlier post try contracthireandleasing search engine as a good startpoint. The best offers come and go very quickly and things change all the time. Sometimes good deals on madsheep, leaseplan not bad for VAG, lingscars - They seem to be a bit like bookmakers at a race meeting, no single one will give consistently best odds on every horse for every race at every meeting.
  13. topcarrera

    New VW/VAG Vehicles WLTP Delays

    The few times that I've looked at PCP deals then these have been quite a bit more expensive in terms of total cost (deposit and payments) over the term than the best leasing deal - I guess that you would expect this for the additinal flexibility that PCP provides. Being open minded about choice of particular vehicle at time of needing to make a commitment helps to find best bargains.
  14. topcarrera

    New VW/VAG Vehicles WLTP Delays

    Have assumed working as an employee not as contractor/ltd company so full VAT payable on monthly lease payments - this was in my assumption of just over £500/month inc VAT for a 3+35 term 30K miles a year (unmaintained) on a c£38K list A6. Shopping around you'll get this, drop this down to £400/month inc vat (max) for same on 20K miles pa. As a general rule of thumb I would always look for total (inc initial) lease payments inc. VAT over a 3 year/20K non maintained basis to be about 40% of list. You can sometimes get better if manufacturer is pushing a certain model or pay a lot more; it helps to be flexible on choice of model to get best deal. My Tiguan (if it arrives) is just over £30K list and with VAT will be paying about £320/month on 3+35 / 20K miles pa.
  15. topcarrera

    New VW/VAG Vehicles WLTP Delays

    Have taken cash option instead of vehicle now for several years - just like the flexibility as well as, in my particular situation, the savings. If BIK is reduced by £5K that is a reduction in tax of £2K so still no advantage in case of example I presented - as you say just depends on individual circumstances (i.e. personal v business mileage, car type, list price, emissions etc..). Just need to do the sums ....