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  1. topcarrera

    Restoration Costs in England

    £100 p/h !!!!!!!!! ??????
  2. topcarrera

    Wanted; cylinder head temp sensor for 3.2

    Ridiculous prices. Really simple NTC thermistor device. Just looked up temp v resistance data for VW Van / P 914 4 cylinder CHT sensors and pretty much the same. These dont need to be an absolute perfect match. 1 Kohm+ at ambient or below to less than 100 ohms at working temp should do the job. If the VW/914 item has same thread and wire is long enough then it would probably work fine, less than £20!
  3. topcarrera

    911 SC - Monte Carlo

    That car was never anywhere near 1300Kg, I would guess at 1050 Kg tops. Just makes me cringe when journos can get things so wrong ..........
  4. topcarrera

    911 SC - Monte Carlo

    Wonderful! Thanks for posting Mark ........... 70s/80s Rally Drivers were Gods 12.59 - Weight down to 1300 Kg through optimisation 🤣
  5. topcarrera

    Ebay joker

    Same character (I assume given exactly the same repeat text - i.e. I'm on holiday email my friend etc..) runs a wholeload of listings for old Lancias every few weeks - lists the same cars time and time again using pictures from previously listed genuine ads. Tedious .......
  6. topcarrera

    Anyone owned a Lancia Delta Integrale?

    I ran an early (8V) Integrale for a few brief months c20 years ago, I have also driven a 16V as well which was slightly quicker; both were great fun and were brilliant B road drivers. I simply dont get the premium for the EVOs - seem to be multiples of earlier 8V and 16V cars. If I was looking to buy I would buy as original and solid (non cat) 8V or 16V that I could afford and keep standard. On the twisties I'm sure that a good original car will be almost as quick and as much fun as any EVO variant. Irrespective of values and "on paper" performance I somehow found the original cars more appealing.
  7. topcarrera

    Spa - March 22nd 2019 - Opentrack

    Just be aware that Spa weather can be pretty horrid up until late spring. Remember sleeping rough (marshalls cabins) within the confines of the circuit for the whole of the 87 GP weekend; clearly remember waking on early Friday morning to a light dusty covering of snow! That was weekend in mid/late May. In more recent years event has been held in August presumably to improve chances of avoiding non race friendly weather.
  8. topcarrera

    Baltic blue 3.2 on carandclassic

    Choose what appeals to you not the next owner!
  9. topcarrera

    Baltic blue 3.2 on carandclassic

    Agree it does look nice - I actually prefer the pinstripe inset v full leather ..........
  10. topcarrera

    Oulton Park Saturday 17th Nov

    Oliver (OJT) venturing out in GT3! - Any more?
  11. topcarrera

    Oulton Park Saturday 17th Nov

    Just booked trackday at Oulton for this Saturday (17th Nov) - With MSV, open pitlane £159, waether looks set fair for weekend. Anyone else interested?
  12. What is the position regarding title in these transactions? Surely the arrangement is that you are paying the dealer just the brokerage fees only on completion of the sale and not acting as a creditor? Should be very clear distinction between what you are owed as against general trade creditors, potentially quite serious misappropriation of funds? I'd seriously be looking at recovering the vehicle!
  13. topcarrera

    20 Years Today

    Exactly 20 years ago today I picked up my IB - still find it special!
  14. topcarrera

    Headlights on or off without ignition?

    Thanks Simon, yep just looking at handbook/manuals and this does seem to be how it should be - bizarre that I couldnt remember this!
  15. Evening all., Have just repaired dipped/main beam column stalk switch (same repair I made 10 years ago) and all seems to be working properly again except headlights now require ignition to be on to work (sidelights fine) - not a problem but cant remember whether this is standard or whether I have missed a connection somewhere?