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  1. Shocked to hear of Sabine's passing - so sad. Always seemed so positive and full of energy. RIP
  2. Text message from GP arrived later yesterday with a different NHS link. Tried that and it offered earlier bookings at a nearer NHS centre rather than the commandeered pharmacy that I had booked earlier yesterday. Cancelled the original bookings I made yesterday I now have first jab on Tuesday at a local NHS centre. Didn't get confirmed second vaccination date with new booking but not so concerned about that. Think the NHS centres will be morel likely to provide Pfizer jab rather than AZ variant ...........
  3. Same here. I think every 55 year old in the country must have had a text at the same time and gone online to book all together. It took me about six attempts to get confirmed. Everytime I went to press confirm slot(s) had gone so had to go through routine again with earliest dates moving out a day each time. In for next Friday
  4. Absolutely +1 Whilst I openly admit to having something of a Lancia Beta fetish I would love to get hold of a nice HPE - I had one in the early 90s as a daily and it was one of the best cars I have ever owned. Unfortunately prices starting to go up but still a relative bargain. Forget the Clarkson b*ll*cks these are great cars and were leagues ahead of most typical British stuff of the 70s/early 80s. Lampredi Twin Cam, dual circuit discs all round, 5 speed, Macpherson struts with first mainstream multi-link rear suspension, 120 Bhp, quick, fabulous neutral handling for FWD. This
  5. Ian, any updates? Please tell us that VT's prediction was wrong ...........!!
  6. Given that David has one and has provided endorsement then I don't feel quite so ashamed to admit that I bought a new one on offer online somewhere 2 years ago. Feels like something from poundland and the receiver unit is tackily glued onto main instrument body with clear blobby stuff that turns to jelly the first time you use it and it gets warm. I read reviews before I bought so was anticipating this but a spot of superglue has done the job. I bought it to set idle CO/mixture setting on my Lancia (carb) and it has proved to be pretty accurate - i.e. v MOT. The Porsche (3.2) CO s
  7. Ah the perils of using "interweb" - thanks for the correction! On the subject of copper then its consumption by the automotive sector would probably quadruple if we all switched to EVs.
  8. topcarrera

    Lego IB

    Our daughter has got a bit of a thing about Land Rover Defenders and asked for this model for Xmas - she still hasn't finished it!
  9. Wondering if anyone on here has experience of the above ...?? Looking at options for putting a poured resin coating on a clean, sealed prisitine smooth concrete floor in a brand new c20K sqft industrial unit. Very light industrial machinery, 1 x 3 tonne max FLT in use & pallet trucks. Products mainly soft (textile, paper etc..) few heavy metallic/sharp objects being handled. How much £ per SQM ? Needs to last at least 5 years
  10. Which of course has very little to do with Brexit
  11. If the goods are of EU origin then in virtually all cases (i.e. not alcohol, tobacco etc.) then no "duty" is due. The prevailing duty associated with the relevant commodity code will be applied if goods are wholly are in large part of non EU origin. For serious traders including volume B2C the necessary declaration paperwork is pretty simple. I guess in the short term a lot of traders particularly smaller ones wont feel it worthwhile to bother with this and goods will be shipped to customer in UK without this (declaration of country of origin) and duty will then be due. I'm waiting for a
  12. Keep hearing about all these import duties for "goods" from the EU ? - Presumably this is only for goods of non EU origin?
  13. What duties ?? Should only be paying for UK VAT and any nominal handling/admin charges on the part of the carrier - short term whilst the carriers and customs come to terms with the change then likely that all carriers will absolutely fleece small customers at the end of B2C transactions.
  14. Supersport with an ancient (even in 1981) pushrod 75bhp lump needed eveything it could muster to live up to its badge so the tinny build and consequent sub 800Kg weight really helped!
  15. Have only just looked at this thread; car looks very "sweet". Love the green and light interior combo, agree nice to keep a bit of "characterful patina". Will watch with interest!
  16. Not quite sure what to make of this - Disgust at the irresponsibility and danger to other road users, laughing at the nonchalance and coffee on the dash, or the Ari Vatananen Manx Grand Prix style sideways recovery (watch section between 10.00 and 10.30)
  17. Rain stopping during the night, temperatures dropping in early hours, black ice followed by heavy snow at dawn - Nice! Not desperately deep snow but roads horrific in Yorkshire today - How's this for a four wheel drift? - Just got to love the commentary!
  18. Nige you need "LA Muscle Vasculator" !
  19. 1998 32 1984 911 3.2 Coupe £15K from Autofarm selling car on behalf of expat. 1st owner ex-Bahrain PM and member of Royal Family (so I was told? and name in drivers manual matches a Google Search!) Still have - Great Buy (i.e. zilch rot anywhere!)
  20. Thanks Mark for the heads-up on Number 27 - have just been enjoying his 308 adventures!
  21. Looks gorgeous - Maybe a few subtle mods, suspension, ECU mapping etc. but otherwise I'd be inclined to enjoy as is (apart from the blingy instrument bezels of course!😏)
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