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  1. You will also have to remove some clips under the headlight and add on the correct ones for the front smilie screws.
  2. Should be an easy enough job, depending on the current state of your stereo wiring. The new unit isn't as deep as an old stereo (and a lot lighter) so there is plenty of room to hide the wiring. I stick the DAB aerial to the passenger rear quarter window, so you'll need to run that wire along under the sill carpet.
  3. It's been around for about a year now, I have one in my 964 and we have fitted half a dozen to customers cars over the year, it's a good unit and suits the 80's / 90's dash very well.
  4. Carl, Sports Exhaust, Euro, 95RON Cheers Jon
  5. 87-89 28Pin 911 Euro chip from 911 Chips £200 inc postage to UK See here for more info https://www.911chips.com/c1chips.html
  6. John, Is it still the case after Brexit that if a car has been previously registered in the UK and is being re-imported that no Duties/taxes will be due? Cheers Jon
  7. The Milwaukee kit is very good. Myself and all the lads in my workshop use it. There is a slightly less powerful version of that gun, 1400nm or thereabouts which should be cheaper and well up to most jobs you'll come across. Eurocarparts often have deals if you keep an eye out. One of the best bits of kit I have from them (Milwaukee) is their cordless soldering iron, couldn't be without one now.
  8. They are carbon so much lighter than the standard sports seats but not as light as say a Recaro Pole Position. They have a fixed back rest.
  9. 1969 911T in Blood orange, bought from a work colleague as a part restored project which I then finished off. I was 21 I think, so it would have been 1991/92
  10. It's great, fitted a few extras such as cruise control, one touch indicators etc. It's the 225 BAM engine. Also has the Black leather / Blue Alcantara interior. Even though it's 18 years old it feels better than a lot of newer cars, certainly better screwed together.
  11. This is my Winter Hack and a fine job it does too. 2002 Audi S3
  12. Sepia is definitely a marmite colour, unfortunately I'm not brave enough for that colour scheme! It could work, but equally... I suspect it will end up as a stripped out track focused car. I like trackdays in the 964 but I also love it as a road car and fear that if I modify it any further to improve it's on track performance I will lose my love for it on the road. So perhaps the 993 is the opportunity to build something for the track.
  13. When did 'need' ever come into this hobby, can never have too many toys! I was attracted to this as it's not a low mileage "investment" so the gloves are off. Think it will need to lose a few KGs to start with....
  14. So I recently bought a 993, a Manual C2, but with high miles - nudging 200K It's currently at a friends house and due to travel bans / quarantine etc I've not seen it yet. But by all accounts it seems to have been well maintained and is a useable car as is. I have my own ideas but am curious to know what you guys would do with it if it were yours and you had a few quid to spend on it?
  15. Just my opinion but if that mileage is backed up with service history and provable, then to get the best sale price you would be best to put the car back to standard trim. Interior, bumpers, side skirts, mirrors, wheel finish etc.
  16. Thanks chaps, looking forward to putting it back in to service in the spring.
  17. Yes the shape at the lower end is different where it fits against the lower valance, this is different between and SC and 3.2 as this lower valance is also different.
  18. Yes that should be the case, but assumes that the bore the shaft sits in is in perfect condition with no scoring, not often the case if the engine has been apart a few times before...
  19. Just read from start to finish, thanks for taking the trouble to post. A great trip and one I hope to do one day. I had planned to take a similar trip to celebrate my 50th down to Maranello in my 308GT4 I'm restoring but that date has been and gone with the car still a shell in metal in the corner of the workshop! Perhaps the 964 would be a more suitable candidate for the trip. Here's to the return of "normal" times when we can make these trips again. Best wishes for your move back to NZ Cheers Jon
  20. I visited Andrew at Rasant at his workshop last November, he's a great guy, very enthusiastic and as mentioned in the video comes from a proper auto engineering background. We have two builds in the workshop that will be using his kit, one on a 3.2 which should be running in the next few weeks and one destined for a 964 build later in the year. They are great quality and well thought out. Like any modification though, nothing is ever really completely plug and play and each build requires and amount of fettling and customising. This one in our Purple 3.2 Targa Build, it uses 964 inlet manifolds.
  21. Those roads are pretty, but they ain't smooth!
  22. No Sound yet, we did record it but only some of it sounds right, so I need to do some editing to blend it with music.
  23. A couple of Videos my son and I shot recently. Still learning this stuff so works in progress. Cayman Sport Classic at the Conor Pass And the Healy Pass Make sure to choose HD on youtube.
  24. Subscribed, having run a forum myself some years ago I know how much work and what a pain in the a$$ it can sometimes be. So fair play for keeping at it so long. On the subject of work, is there any possibility it might resurface on Tapatalk? Cheers Jon
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