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  1. I think you are doing yourself quite an injustice there. Good effort for tackling the job; I hope you get it sorted. The specialists might have nice jigs, but it is still a human and hydraulics doing the work. I’ll have a look at the body I have in the workshop and see if I can get some data for you. What I can tell you, knowing someone that has done a lot of 911 work, is that some measurements are non existent which is possibly the issue you have found. When they did jig work, it was often a case of using rack of eye and making the body fit the replacement panel, so to speak.
  2. A picture of the same shell on a lighter weight spit. Shout if you need any more clarification 👍
  3. They really don’t need to be very complicated. Braked swivel castors are a must and although mine is made from fairly heavy steel, you will get away quite easily with 40mm box section, for example. I used what I had to hand, although I could turn a Scania over on it. The key bit, perhaps obviously, is to get the pivot point correct. Both of my frames are exactly the same, with a secondary frame fitted to each that picks up on decent mounting points on the car. I would advise welding something across the door apertures as a brace, depending on what the chassis is and what state it is in. The shell in the pictures obviously has a cage in that negates the need, but in the absence of that, or a very strong structure, it will save you some heartache. The shell went from my place to the Bodyshop for paint on that spit and returned on it as well. By the way, I put the castors on after those photos were taken 😉
  4. Cheers John. You will remember the trader the green shell came from, but it’s origin was Lepley / Prepfab so it was a proper job. Mine had some of the Mudd brothers input, shortly after they did Tripe’s speedster and RB’s car. They packed up and It has sat since, to be honest. Life, racing and involvement with historic race cars has got in the way, although there are no regrets 😉 Might be time to make progress.
  5. If that was aimed at me, thank you. I’ve not always been associated with diplomacy 🤣 There is a basis to my question. About eight years ago and before he went to a taxpayer funded hotel, a North Yorkshire based dealer sold a very nice shell that was sitting on a trolley. RS spec, Viper green, doors, engine cover and bonnet fitted, it was literally ready to bolt bits to. It achieved £13.5k in an EBay auction and it was a genuine sale because I knew the winning bidder. It was later sold on in an unfinished state. I suppose the passage of time has seen fewer of them about and the Chinese and Turks haven’t started making them as they have Mk2 Escorts, so perhaps John’s figures for something that I presume still requires panelling, paint and glazing represent fair inflation. I have a genuine interest in wondering.
  6. Let me explore that a little John and bear in mind Andy M and Twinny have just spat tea at their screen reading what you’ve put 😉 Are you suggesting that a non-rolling coupe shell, rot free and ready for paint could be commanding a £15k upwards price tag. Granted I appreciate that asking price doesn’t always reflect realistic or attainable value, but what’s your take on it?
  7. Are you wanting a 915 body, or a G50? Where are you based?
  8. AC/DC - Thunderstruck Golden Earring - Radar Love Marillion’s Misplaced Childhood. Yes the full album, but it doesn’t have any gaps 😉 It’s got me through the first forty minutes of many a journey in the Netherlands after a good night on the party boat 🤣 Pretty much anything by Fleetwood Mac
  9. I’d even have one with an OM606 diesel lump, if it looked like that 😉
  10. You need to scratch that itch Andy. You’ve been talking about one of those for five years. 😉
  11. It is probably lucky I’ve run out of storage space. I have a real hankering for a Mercedes estate and the MG is just different. I think I need to be sensible and stick to the idea of a DS though 😆
  12. Good call. Like that a lot. They have a distinct air of class about them when they aren’t blinged up with AMG wheels 👍
  13. I’ll be in, Shipshape and Bristol fashion. VPN’s and think tanks won’t get this refurbishment done 😉
  14. Gary, a quick question if I may. Have you ever worked for the NHS, an organisation contracting or affiliated to it, or possibly an organisation regulated or inspected by it?
  15. That’s spooky. Reading this thread whilst looking through channels on the telly. 28 Days Later is on 👀

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