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  1. map

    Porsche cloths

    OK, I'll bite - if you PM me your PayPal details I'll send payment (£25) for all four across same day. Thanks map
  2. I thought that too but now know of at least one 987 with PDK that couldn't be run up on the dyno. It is a very late lifecycle 987 so maybe it shares something with the 981... Will go digging and will update the thread if I've misunderstood.
  3. As I understand it PSM (Porsche Stability Management?) & TC (Traction Control) monitors wheel speed differentials across all four wheels. If it detects too big a differential then one of the things it will do is wind back engine torque through the ECU. PIWIS 2 & 3 can implement a “Dyno Mode” for - well - dyno runs which essentially fully switch off the chassis safety systems and allow the engine to be run exactly as instructed by the throttle pedal. This is more of a problem on PDK cars as the gearbox also has a Dyno Mode which I think essentially shuts the engine down if the rear wheels are turning and the fronts aren’t. It’s a bit of a faff with PIWIS as it is configured to minimise the accidental removal of the electronic safety net but it can be done.
  4. map

    Escort mk1 - fun

    A Millington (https://www.millingtonengines.co.uk) would be interesting - certainly was in a MKII Escort and a 4WD Proton
  5. Yes - easily printed onto wrap type vinyl, laminated and then applied to the bonnet. Laminating protects the image and can help with UV protection - also possible to go matte or gloss. Just make sure the image is dowloaded at the maximum resolution available - check with your printer/wrapper.
  6. Fantastic looking car - Will come and say hello if you're there.
  7. Hi Would like to buy this - please let me know by PM how you'd like me to send payment for it. Thanks map
  8. Hi If this is still available I would like to buy it. Assuming it is can you PM with details for payment please? Thanks map
  9. Sounds like a great trip and am sure there's an appetite for updates. Regarding the brakes - as you know I run (and recommended) RC5+ pads. Absolutely recognise the high braking load noise which I get on track - to me it sounds like the drone you hear when the plane you're in is approaching landing. That said the lack of bite you're describing at 75%+ doesn't reflect my experience of the set-up on my car which aside from being on a 986 is essentially the same as yours. I've run it like this for more than two years as my daily and plenty of track days. One thing I do know is that my own car is a little sensitive to the braking circuits being properly bled - the sensitivity I am describing isn't about a "feeling" that the brakes won't hold but that the high load "grab" isn't as sharp as usual. Am sure that you've got the system free of air so it may just be a case of needing a proper work out of all new components which isn't always possible on the road. Fingers crossed a "few good downhill hairpins" will, as you say, bring everything up to par.
  10. @Richard Bernau - looks great, wheels suit it too. Roof down, engine rung out and a great road - bliss. Another way to really wake the car up is to install a lightweight flywheel - something that's pretty obvious but a bit too hardcore for many (virtually all) Boxster drivers and as such it doesn't get flagged very often. I had one on mine which was temporarily removed as part of a ongoing project, it's being reinstalled when the bigger engine goes back in.
  11. I use the AA - they provide both Annual and Single Trip options - they also cover cars that are more than 10 years old. Had to use them twice in one trip a couple of years ago and they were brilliant - great service, communication and no nonsense with the local providers.
  12. Should clarify - other people's feedback is specifically Boxster drivers. If you're running 19" wheels you might be able to get Pilot Sport 4 S which is the very latest version of the MPS series.
  13. Based on personal experience and feedback from other people my preference is for Pilot Sports and a decent tyre pressure gauge.
  14. The CL RC5+ pads have served me really well and are used throughout the year for daily driver and track day duties. Unless the price has rocketed in the last few months I never saw them as being expensive in the context of similar track focused pads. Understand your point about having enough brake pad for a couple of trackdays a year and so a standard road pad should be OK. That said and as suggested in a previous post I would strongly recommend you opt for 996 GT3 brake scoops for the underside of your car. They're less than £30/pair easy to fit and bring a significant amount of cooling airflow to the brakes on track days.

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