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  1. Aberdeen, Scotland but doesnt have to be local. I'd rather go with tried and tested over local.
  2. Engine is currently being dropped after finding several snapped studs. Can people recommend a good and well priced garage to use for extracting these broken studs?
  3. Front 34-001134 - Turbo 34-001158 - Sporty Street 34-001165 - Club Sport Rear 24-001694 - Turbo 24-009676 - Club Sport 24-009751 - Sporty Street
  4. Ta, I've tried Bilstein UK several times over the last 2 days but cant get an answer on sales or service. Prob shut for Christmas. What part no's correspond to OE/sport etc? I'e... if I want slightly firmer than I had (Green Bilsteins on Sport Pack SC) Front 34-001134 34-001158 34-001165 - sport Rear 24-001694 24-009676 - club sport 24-009751 - sport
  5. Got a reply from Ian @ IGRacing. They use Bilstein to rebuild their Bilstein rebuilds too, so it would be as well just dealing direct... as per his guidance.
  6. I know Stan has won in the past. Did you or him win this year? I thought the Morgan had been dominating again (maybe race wins, but was his class small)? Its hard to keep track of other series on the day LOL Who owns is the red 911?
  7. I'm wanting to get the 4 struts on my car rebuilt. Its running standard T bars, so should I stick with the 'Sport' valving, or go a little stiffer with 'Club Sport'. I'm not planning any crazy trackdays, so dont need it too firm. When speaking to Bilstein, do I need to quote any part no's, or simply telling them what I want them valved to? sport/clubsport/turbo etc I this correct contact? Bilstein UK 3-5 Swannington Road Cottage Lane Industrial Estate Leicester Leicestershire LE9 6TU 01455 283407
  8. I'll need to renew my PCGB membership!
  9. Any users frequent Knockhill? I havent used my 911 at Knockhill yet, but plan to give it the odd blast in future. Tried at it Crail, but just for a few laps (surface a bit bumpy/abrasive and loose) We race these cars (mostly KH) so know the track, but hardly see any old Porsches out on our Trackdays (TrackScotland). I know there are 3 (IBs) cars that occasionally race in the SMRC Classic Saloons.
  10. only had my SC on a Trackday once, and it was an airfield track so scenery is a bit lacking! 3 wheels though..... and that was my wife driving LOL (girl friend at the time)
  11. Yup, read a few topics suggesting 7" is a better option all round on the front (handling). What are they on the Sport Pack again 16x6 front and 16x7 rear?
  12. Re - Wings... 10% Discount from Porsche. Bought from Aberdeen OPC. Came in at £1371 all in
  13. SOLD! Looks good. What offset were they?
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