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  1. Someone buy it, with this fixed up and Doc Rock's car back on the road we'll have the band back together 😎
  2. Β£1500 rods are cheap insurance πŸ˜‰ When a rod goes it will be at max RPM, to make yourself feel better about the extra Β£ you've just spent, cost up a new block, full engine, new crank and anything else internally that has been damaged, possible gearbox rebuild if the engine locks solid, maybe you'll have to remake a new cooling fan assembly, no more racing for a while etc, etc
  3. I'll confirm that too, Fraser never struggled keeping up with my stripped out 964 climbing mountain passes Bob, welcome, thanks for resurrecting this car from it's ashes Lot of updates please, this car has been to more countries than the rest of the cars on this board put together so well worth saving
  4. Nige, happy to have chat or meet up with your experience you'll never be out of work
  5. Good haggling skills, like the all white look, defo back to the 90's 😎 You're a jammy bugger as this is the 2nd car you have that was on my list of new cars I like enough to give a 2nd thought to buying new, your GT4 is the other car
  6. Love this 😍 MarkJ, is it a jap import as UK prices have gone bonkers, 2nd hand going for more than they were listed new
  7. Think the Australians use the expression, 'If you want to explore the outback buy a Land Rover but if you want to come back buy a Toyota' RB I'm usually right with you on your car purchases but seems like you're on your own with this one
  8. That's a great drawing RB, your daughter has skills 😎
  9. Thanks, Richot, some days I think I've taken on too much, all I can do is keep chipping away at it Rear of the house before my week of staycation maintenance, note the vegetarian friendly main roof with half a century of moss growth Decided I didn't want to wait decades for the old and new roof to look the same so I Mc Quivered up a super long handled wire brush and put my bingo wings through a hell of a work out 😭 Looks so much better but the front can wait until next summer. With an old house there is always something exciting that needs doing πŸ™„ The yew hedge we planted last Oct. has taken really well, growing great guns but ma dawg keeps poking his head through it to bark at folks walking past. He's got a good bark on him and quite protective of his flock! Back to the new build, with Mrs WC's help lifting the full sheets I finished the fireproof plaster boarding of the ceiling on the high half of the garage Even with two of us, man oh man a full sheet of 1/2 plasterboard is a heavy bugger to lift and hold in place 😩 6 meters floor to ceiling should do it 😎 No idea how the plaster will cope, think I'll spoil him and get the scaffolders back in to build a raised platform as I doubt he'll have tall enough stilts for this job πŸ€”
  10. No worries, thought it was reasonably priced and didn't look like a complete rot box
  11. A little older and a project https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/373158164214263/?ref=search&referral_code=marketplace_search&referral_story_type=post&tracking=browse_serp%3Ab2f499c9-2d7d-42c0-933a-41bc09315970
  12. I'll see your 190 and raise you an 80 https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/4650027418349701/?ref=search&referral_code=marketplace_search&referral_story_type=post&tracking=browse_serp%3A058d500b-7707-486d-be16-866867eb0347
  13. AX was so lightweight, the interior light was used in the McLaren F1 road car πŸ˜‰
  14. Hey Haith, great to see you still have the love for Daisy πŸ₯° Be sure to start a build thread for your 3.8 fitting festivities
  15. Go big or go play lawn bowls 😁
  16. Sorry to read you've sold up Phil FJ Cruiser looks fun but nowhere near as cool as BJ which IMHO is more of a weekend toy than family hauler 120Y sleeper sounds fun, what engine would you use?
  17. Defo makes you drive slower, as my son put it 'it's like going out for a drive in our living room' Mrs WC and kids are doing a 4hr drive today, back from seeing family today, will be interesting to see what their thoughts are on doing an 18hr drive later this year as the longest drive I've done so far is about 30mins Love the W124 era of Mercedes, along with the W126, hoping a W126 will be refined enough for me after the Lexus as that is top of my luxury car itch list Hope you find the GR as much fun as I did
  18. Here is another one, supported my local classic car club with a drive out to this local place a couple of weeks ago https://gilksgaragecafe.com/ Like C&M but on a micro scale as there were only about a dozen cars, service spot on, food was good, a very enjoyable evening Only 10mins from the British Motor Museum or the M40 so a good place for a pit stop
  19. very impressive, seems like you've found a place that does great work, car should be like new when all done πŸ‘
  20. Nige, I priced up cast iron guttering 😲 soon forgot about that idea which is one of the joys of not owning a listed property Simon, that looks ace, I've forgotten what straight lines look like, very impressive, you must be well pleased As Mrs WC is away I promised no scaffolding tower work so this morning's safe activities πŸ€” was cutting up and dry fitting 3" stone flagstones. These are the steps to the side of the shed where we'll hide our extensive bin collection. As there will be quite a bit of bin traffic I'll need to lay them well This reminds me of the old joke..... What do husbands and flagstones have in common? If you lay them right the 1st time, you can walk all over them for life 😁
  21. My thoughts exactly 😁 towards the end it was like looking down this
  22. Still chipping away at this project, work on it nearly everyday, all day making slow but steady progress with my 2 steps forward 1 step back approach 😟 Pictures I have aren't very good at showing how much work has been done so I'll save them for when it's possible to spot the difference Quite often I have a bright idea, I then start off doing the work and it dawns on me what a monster task I've taken on, in too deep so can't turn back so I keep at it until it's done, kind of like the story of this build πŸ€ͺ Today's job is a perfect example..... Never liked the look of the black rain water down pipe on the stone wall of the drive through and thought it needed to be slightly more discrete as it spoilt the look of the front entrance porch So I bought a 4.5" core drill and enough shaft extensions to make a 3.5ft deep vertical hole down through the porch solid stone plinth to hide the soakaway down pipe inside the stone plinth I drilled and drilled, hours went by, after a while I was looking down a big hole, couldn't reach or see the bottom of the abyss I'd made 😲 Eventually I reached the ground, then started again with a horizontal hole, lots and lots of chiseling the holes intersected, I did a thing, mission accomplished, phew! Just mocked up the new down pipe position as my arms/wrists didn't seem to want to work after hanging off a large drill all day. Think it looks heaps neater, no one else will notice but that doesn't matter That plastic white electrical box to the right will have to go too but I'll leave that battle for another day
  23. RB nurture that part of you that wants a 30yr old daily, I whole heartily endorse that sort of behaviour My daily Toyota 4Runner 3.0 TD is 27yrs old, perfect wagon for my needs but I'm collecting new parts for a full chassis up rebuild with a few enhancements to future proof it when it hits 250k miles. Hoping I'll get 25 more years out of it There is nothing new or newer that I can see out there that would do a better all round job so I'm going 'green' and recycling my truck instead of replacing with a new EV
  24. Lovely car 😍 TB your last sentence was very funny πŸ˜…
  25. Great stuff RB, a few good mountain drives and you're woes will be quickly forgotten 😎
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