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  1. Very fair point, and I can see the logic, but that’s what it is. The charm of a small type 4 worked hard through a dogleg box in a 940Kg chassis is lost. That might be a good exchange for many but in gaining in one area you lose in others. Daxid
  2. Yes, I’ve had one for many years. I’m not sure on model number but it looks the same. It’s worked great and has always been in the ballpark when compared to my innovate LM2 and MoTs. I use it to check emissions before an MoT, set mixture and general diagnosis. Very handy. David
  3. I have this DeWalt also, along with various other brushless tools that use the same battery. Very good quality, never defeated and no problems. Seemed a good value choice to me and it hasn’t disappointed. David
  4. Have a good one John. David
  5. There is probably a lot of truth in DBS’s critique if the object is to develop and somehow market improved CIS for IBs but I didn’t see it as that. It’s an interesting project and if you have the skills it can be good to take on these technical challenges. CIS is much maligned but back in the day was a good system used by Porsche, Mercedes, Ferrari, Ford and no doubt others. It does have limitations, particular with turbo charging, and the kit is 30 or more years old in our cars. Trying to use current tech to improve it, whether dealing with old parts that don’t work or overcoming things that
  6. Great work Les. Admirable persistence and it sounds to be much improved. I’ve run since 2006 with my CSV disconnected and have no issues with cold starts. The less fuel the better when cold to avoid any bore wash. Cheers David
  7. Age 29 1982 LHD 911 SC, Grand Prix White Paid £9.5K from a dodgy dealer in Marlow and sold in 2006 for £6.5K. All the usual issues and then some. My first drive was a manual 928 earlier that year. £4.5K but Cat D so I passed. Beast. Second drive was a 71 911T. Arizona import, 2.2 with the dogleg 901 box. £8K, but sun damaged. Lovely but I didn’t know what I was looking at back then. David
  8. Exactly, I knew about the reliability issue with MSD boxes in our cars so did the fix from the off. No problems at all. David
  9. Yes, it has ballast resistance although I’m not sure if it’s 5k. I removed this on my rotor arm to work more reliably with the box. Here is my 930 modified arm. Not pretty but has stood the test of time. David
  10. Yes, the spec said they had exterior braiding and noise suppression. I purchased from Pelican and think I paid about $150, although it was a while ago and part of a much bigger order. Regards David
  11. I’ve been running Clewitt leads on my 930 with a MSD box. Think I fitted around 2012 with no issues since. David
  12. Great work Peter. I can’t add anything I’m afraid but am very interested in your project so please keep the updates coming. Cheers David
  13. Looks great Ian. I’m looking forward to your updates. Excellent job. David
  14. That’s interesting. I’ve read on 914World that the early 914s, I think 70-72, had a different column to the later ones. There is lots on there about replacing early columns with later ones and also 911 columns. I don’t recall too much as my focus was on replacing the upper bearing but I wonder if the mount position changed early vs late? David
  15. Can you not maintain the same angle on the upper UJ when extending the intermediate shaft and compensate with a shorter boss to bring it back to the dash? You should be able to work out orientation relative to stock pretty easily to see if this is possible with an acceptable wheel position. Until I read your post I never realised when driving my 914 that the wheel is offset. Are you sure this is a problem that needs fixing? David
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