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  1. Hi Ian, i might not be understanding your measurements correctly (and I don’t know your specific model) but those control pressures seem way low. Cold pressures are specified at an ambient temp of 10, 25 and 40 degreesC. You will have measured at around 25, even clap cold, so I’d expect a cold CP around 2.4bar depending on WUR and a warm CP around 3.6bar? Are you sure you’re measuring correctly? The higher the control pressure the higher the AFR (i.e leaner), so your figures suggest mixture is over rich. System pressure is OK (I think ideal is you nearer the top of the range). You need to resolve any issue with CPs before worrying about other stuff. Can you clarify the cold/warm pressures at a specific ambient temperature? i would also test CO concentration next to check where your AFR actually is. This will help you double check your measurement of pressures. If it ran right before i can’t help thinking that’s it’s unlikely to be your WUR. More likely something that’s been done. Maybe check fuel delivery rate (think 1L/Min but sure on your spec. David
  2. Yes, all good. Only very superficial damage to the 914 and I felt a wrong was righted. It was a point of principle for me and, seemingly, ERS who risked roughly the same as their initial loss in court/barrister fees. I had the advantage of truth, but still surprising. The accident data was changed to no-fault & full recovery without my having to chase (ClassicLine?) so credit where it’s due. David
  3. My own recent experience of ERS with a ClassicLine policy on my 914 was excellent. A car reversed into me having not left enough space for a lorry to come through a bottleneck with parked cars. I had no camera at the time and no witnesses. He just lied. ERS worked with me to source a hard to find moulding (Mittelmotor) and fixed the car at my chosen repairer. No damage to his towbar so the total claim was only £1400. ERS backed me and took the case all the way to county court. It took 3 years to get there but I got the judges decision and recovered my excess & costs along with their outlay. It may not be typical but I can’t fault the ERS/ClassicLine effort. I thought that they’d just settle at 50/50 for convenience. David
  4. Hi Ian, You’ve changed quite a lot and disturbed even more so I would start with the basics and rule out issues in a systematic way. First would be to check your system/ control pressure to make sure there isn’t a more fundamental issue with the new lines and filter. This would then point to an air leak or issue with the newly installed injectors. Spraying WD40 around suspect areas can be really helpful to temporarily seal leaks and isolate problems. Are you sure the injectors are sealing correctly? David
  5. Nice work John. Very happy to support. Thanks David
  6. I passed my test in my dad’s 1100 mk1 into which I dropped a 1600 crossflow. I still have this motor at the back of my garage. It probably needs a refresh after 35 years. David
  7. Looks great John - I don’t think I’ve seen a blue Monster before but I much prefer it to red. Nice buy and good for a little fun. David
  8. Great to see everyone. Worked out fine. David
  9. Will be there around 7-45 ish. See you later. David
  10. I recently used the furniture clinic colouring balm to recolour a cream BMW interior that had faded badly and unevenly. I had best results by mixing ivory and cream to the correct shade and building coats up. The only issue I had was that until you fix the colour using a spray sealer, applying a new coat lifts the previous ones if you’re not very careful. The end result was very presentable. I wouldn’t use for a full recolour but to address localised areas it worked fine. David
  11. I’d go for a mid 8O’s Euro S2. For me it’s the best of both worlds with the visual appeal of the S1 retained but with the 4.7L motor, which gives a much bigger punch over the 4.5L (only 240 I think). If it replaced one of my classics it’d need to be manual but if used more as an everyday car then it’d need to be auto. For an everyday car I’d trade a lower price for miles and a few cosmetic issues then you can use it and not worry about parking at Tesco’s. David
  12. Sorry - lagging too. Next Thursday is good for me. Look forward to it David
  13. It’s a confusing system. My 914 has been classed as historic for a little while but only recently has become MoT exempt. I expected a proper online process to allow declaration but not so. As far as I can work out you have to wait until the tax is due and then seek exemption on the new form; now done. There seemed no way to notify before tax renewal. Mine still appears as ‘no return’ on the system but is green rather than red; hopefully this means something to the police. What they see before you declare I’m not sure. David
  14. Sounds great! A 928 is on my list of must have motors and good to seize the opportunity whilst you can. David

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