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  1. I’ve had a Clarke air joggler and punch for quite a few years and before that a manual tool with the same function. The air tool was around £50 and has a very low air consumption, so works with a small compressor. Both work well but the air tool is much easier if you’ve a lot to do. I still use that manual tool if I’m just punching a few holes for spot welds. For the money, good to have. Lap joints are good in some situations but butt welds are still needed when letting in small pieces of metal. I also prefer butt welds if the metal is good and access is OK. More difficult to do but penetration is better and you don’t have a moisture trap on the rear with the overlap. Lap weld are easier to do and you can be approximate with fit. I don’t like them if I can’t get behind to sort the overlap out. Daxid
  2. There are a few videos on YouTube for TT’s 930 silencer so worth a quick search and listen. I run a rarlyl8 system from the states which uses a M&K silencer. I really like it, although I modified to quieten a little. All the alternatives to stock that i’ve heard ,including TT, are quite loud and often pop on the overrun. No droning on mine so only really an issue for track days and maybe early mourning start-ups. Nice to hear the turbo spooling though. One of the best mods for sound is to fit a dump pipe on the wastegate in place of the silencer. Cheers David
  3. Hi Kev, Sorry to hear it’s still not boosting. Your split lower O ring in the boost pipe was very bad bad and would certainty have killed boost. Are you certain you haven’t pinched the replacement; it’s very easy to do. I loosen everything around the pipe to give me a little wiggle room and then grease the O ring. Tricky even then. I’ve tried and failed to slip the short hose back off the turbo outlet to access the cold side of the rotor. I’d guess it’s possible with more determination but I’d take the back box off which gives you good access to the hot side of the rotor. You need to first remove the heat shield and bumper. Any physical damage is going to be on the hot side. I think I’ve read that’s you can get overhaul kits but I imagine there are plenty of low quality parts out there that need avoiding. I had my 3LDZ rebuilt by Turbo Technics (Northampton) some while ago and others on here have more recently used AET (Wakefield) with, I think, good results. Cheers David
  4. It was a nice event, quite chilled and a bit of everything to look at. Nice to meet a few IBers and to have a day out, feeling pretty normal again. Cheers David
  5. I helped install a 123 tune Bluetooth on a 3.4 Mk 1 Jag and it was possible to effectively set a rev limit revs when programming. I’m not sure this is possibly on the lessor versions where you select from a range of pre-programmed maps. I run the programmable MSD on my 930 and it has the ability to set a soft rev limit. Again I’m not sure if the basic MSD allows this. Both the programmable MSD on the Porsche and now the 123 on the Jag had issues initially. The MSD melted rotor arms, requiring a mod to delete the ballast resistor, but has been 100% for years now. The 123 is currently destroying caps (centre electrode) which is yet to be sorted. What I take from this is that, in my experience, both MSD and 123 need tweaks from the box. Not sure how this relates to your setup. Hope you sort. David
  6. Very fair point, and I can see the logic, but that’s what it is. The charm of a small type 4 worked hard through a dogleg box in a 940Kg chassis is lost. That might be a good exchange for many but in gaining in one area you lose in others. Daxid
  7. Yes, I’ve had one for many years. I’m not sure on model number but it looks the same. It’s worked great and has always been in the ballpark when compared to my innovate LM2 and MoTs. I use it to check emissions before an MoT, set mixture and general diagnosis. Very handy. David
  8. I have this DeWalt also, along with various other brushless tools that use the same battery. Very good quality, never defeated and no problems. Seemed a good value choice to me and it hasn’t disappointed. David
  9. Have a good one John. David
  10. There is probably a lot of truth in DBS’s critique if the object is to develop and somehow market improved CIS for IBs but I didn’t see it as that. It’s an interesting project and if you have the skills it can be good to take on these technical challenges. CIS is much maligned but back in the day was a good system used by Porsche, Mercedes, Ferrari, Ford and no doubt others. It does have limitations, particular with turbo charging, and the kit is 30 or more years old in our cars. Trying to use current tech to improve it, whether dealing with old parts that don’t work or overcoming things that were constraints back in the 1970’s but need not be now, has a place. Personally I have no wish to EFI my 930, although I do see the benefit over CIS and would happily do so in other circumstances. I am quite interested in making CIS work reliably and, if possible better. I also like doing some mods just because I can. When I do this I’m only trying to make myself happy, nobody else. Some of the things that Peter is doing might have benefit, time will tell, but we’ll definitely all know a bit more about what is possible with CIS. David
  11. Great work Les. Admirable persistence and it sounds to be much improved. I’ve run since 2006 with my CSV disconnected and have no issues with cold starts. The less fuel the better when cold to avoid any bore wash. Cheers David
  12. Age 29 1982 LHD 911 SC, Grand Prix White Paid £9.5K from a dodgy dealer in Marlow and sold in 2006 for £6.5K. All the usual issues and then some. My first drive was a manual 928 earlier that year. £4.5K but Cat D so I passed. Beast. Second drive was a 71 911T. Arizona import, 2.2 with the dogleg 901 box. £8K, but sun damaged. Lovely but I didn’t know what I was looking at back then. David
  13. Exactly, I knew about the reliability issue with MSD boxes in our cars so did the fix from the off. No problems at all. David
  14. Yes, it has ballast resistance although I’m not sure if it’s 5k. I removed this on my rotor arm to work more reliably with the box. Here is my 930 modified arm. Not pretty but has stood the test of time. David
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