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  1. Yes I guess that might have Les! Are you going to keep the beast and spend some more time tinkering while you are locked down? I have been doing all sorts of jobs on my MR2 - outside of work hours - obviously.
  2. It would be for me too, having learnt to drive in my mum's 205 1.1XL, but I am with Jevvy, I was a Golf man. First car VW Golf mk1 1.1L, then had a mk2 GTi, then a mk 3 GTi Colour Concept ad lastly a mk3 cabriolet.
  3. Wow, that seems like a lot. It's a shame I don't have any room for another spare car. If only I could afford his house too, as it comes with a double garage!
  4. That is very cool Carreracat. I have a neighbour, and old boy in his 70's who is due to emigrate to Oz soon (to follow their daughters who are all over there). Chatting to him the other day he mentions, "I just have to get rid of my 205 GTi which has been in my garage for 20 years". It was his daily driver when almost new, then he put it away when he bought a new daily and hasn't touched it since! I have had a look and it's pretty tidy. 101k miles, black with red carpet interior like yours, but not a convertible, and it's a 1.9l too. Body looks really straight as well. No MOT but he has had the cambelt changed this year and it runs fine, although I am sure the entire braking system will need to be changed. Unfortunately he does know what they are worth, so I can't steal it off him :-) I think he has £7k in his head, but I don't know if that is realistic with no MOT!!
  5. Computer for ours - I know it will be a bit wrong, but when the wife is putting £90-£100 in a week and getting around 350 miles then I know it's terrible and that's enough for me! She isn't doing short town journeys anymore so it's using much less these days.
  6. You can't go wrong with a 4x4 for some household duties. We have had a 2010 Land Cruiser 3.0D4D for 5 years and it is bullet proof reliability and has taken us all over Europe. Great work horses.
  7. Oh that is so cool. What a shame you won't be able to get to the TT, but at least you will have fun fettling for the next few months! Rich
  8. Hi David! Sure was, I hope you are well. Rich
  9. Oh god, my memory had completely erased that part! Probably due to it being so traumatic. Good memory Twinny. Those were the days... I don't think any of the Model 3 get it Roy, only the S or X.
  10. Blimey, there's no hiding my mistakes here is there, 13 years later and I am still haunted by it :-) Nice to hear from you Lewis. That was a cracking day out, still one of my best.
  11. Yes I think they are the same 4-AGE engine. I found mine on twitter would you believe - bought it directly from the 2nd owner for £7k, probably a bit much, but I value originality, and I was just selling a Lotus Elan for quite a bit more, so felt quids in anyway. So far, it's been really reliable, which I could not say for the Lotus!!!
  12. Nice spot Jevvy! I will have a read through that. Unfortunately the Model 3 doesn't come with free supercharging, which is a shame, but I am unlikely to use it that often anyway. You can get 1,000 miles free using a referral code when you order one, which is handy. Otherwise it costs about £8 to "fill up" at a supercharger, which is still pretty cheap. Blimey, I had forgotten all about that! In the days when the Nintendo Wii had just been released you couldn't get them for love nor money in the UK. Twinny very kindly offered to get me one when he was away on business (Scandinavian country if memory serves?) and I turned up to meet him at the airport with a brown envelope full of readies to do the "exchange" 😅
  13. I get that Les. I am a big fan of the newer Porsche's with buttons everywhere but so far I like the fact it's decluttered and easy to keep dust free. The centre console comes in that awful piano black plastic which I hate so I have wrapped mine. I have had a charge point installed, you can see it on the wall in the last pic, but it will do over 300 miles on a full charge so plenty for my 130 mile daily commute and I can charge at work for free with no taxable benefit. A three pin plug wouldn't get you full overnight but enough for my commute. Pre-heat is one of the biggest plus points. You can schedule it to be warm at a certain time each day or just press a button on the app ten minutes before you leave.
  14. Yes I have always through proper knobs for heating would be better. I haven't used it much yet, for obvious reasons, so haven't made my mind up on that part yet. Thanks Carreracat, I always wanted a white MR2 T-bar when I was a teenager about the time they were released and got this one last year. I am the 3rd owner with 49k on the clock, garaged from new, never been welded and not a spot of rust. Quite amazing for a Japanese car of the 80's! I have the original alloys with the original tyres on them, obviously not being used... Gratuitous pics
  15. Hi Chaps, I am almost a long forgotten name in the IB world, having sold my '86 SSE a few 'cough' years ago, but I think a few of you chaps still remember me 😉 I peruse the forum regularly, but being an ex-owner unfortunately don't have much to contribute. In the spirit of John wanting to keep all topics upbeat, I thought I would show you my new car. It's only a lease, and it is American, and it doesn't make a nice noise, but you can't criticise it this week - ha ha. In all seriousness, I do miss the sound of a decent engine, but this is for my daily commute, and replaces a Skoda Superb diesel, so it's not exactly much of a loss on the engine note side of things. So far, I am pretty impressed, the build quality is really great, bordering on German quality but still falling a little way short. The ride is excellent and the speed really blows my mind, considering my fastest car other than this is the Mk1 Toyota MR2 in the background (happy to share pics if anyone is interested? Seem to recall they are a fav of yours Gary?) The looks, well they are subjective, but I like it from certain angles, not so much from others. Feel free to critique, but don't get drawn into the whole EV vs petrol debate, I am no echo warrier, it's just cheaper for me to run for my commute. Cheers Rich
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