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  1. Dick

    The Old Guard.

    Thanks JG! Glad you are doing well mate.
  2. Dick

    The Old Guard.

    Ha ha, that was wishful thinking on your part :-) It died the way it's maker intended though!
  3. Dick

    The Old Guard.

    Oh yes Gary, you think we would have had enough speed by the end of the day wouldn't you?! You still got that Mk1 MR2 which I wanted to buy?? I still want one of them.
  4. Dick

    The Old Guard.

    We've been there 4 years now, after a stint in Dubai. My commute is to Oxford and back every day which is a pain in the rear, and not helping the premature aging! I will drop you a PM with my details.
  5. Dick

    The Old Guard.

    Gosh it is 12 years isn't it?! That is scary. I certainly still miss those days, but I have still have 2 IB t-shirts that get worn every so often :-) It looks like you aren't too far from where I live now (Guildford) so if you're ever in the area, please do drop me a line. My kids and I would love to see one or two of your cars, and I could show you something which is built slightly less Germanicly!! Rich
  6. Dick

    The Old Guard.

    It's been a long time since I had my IB, but here are a few shots from Silverstone 2007. I still really miss my IB but couldn't afford to buy it back these days! I have to consol myself with a Lotus Elan +2 which gets some track use. I hope you are all keeping well, Rich (aka Dick)
  7. I have been out of the market for a while - sold my immaculate 58k miles supersport in around 2008 for 17k! So I can't believe the price they are fetching these days. Performance wise, I could keep up with the coupe's and 3.6 engined carrerra on the track, so there really isn't much in it. I also just loved the turbo shape, but didn't want the running risks and turbo lag of a Turbo (plus they were much more expensive at the time, now they are about the same!).
  8. Yes someone has been fiddling around with it a bit (dodgy pedals, gear knob, speakers etc). Worth taking a look though, once it arrives. As for aircon - my Defender doesn't have all that much, but I have survived the summer without melting!
  9. You know more than me about the vents etc Richard - I will have a look into that. The front arches just seemed to scope in a little dramatically behind the front wheel - possibly nothing wrong with them. No, I don't believe many/any stolen cars end up here. The rules for registration are very strict and require lots of paperwork, so it's highly unlikely in my, somewhat limited, knowledge. Sounds like it worth me giving them a call - not that I have got authorisation to buy a new car from the long haired one... Rich
  10. Chaps, Just perusing the local version of autotrader and I came up with this: Looks quite interesting, especially for the money (about £12k). It's a Japanese import, but still LHD (the Japanese loves driving LHD apparently!). Clearly they have something wrong calling it a 930 RS(?) and then saying it has a 3.2! I am guessing it's a 3.2 carerra in drag, judging by the odd fit of the front wheel arches from the rear view. Might be worth me taking a look when it gets here though. Cheers Rich
  11. You're too kind Jevvy, but well done for passing on a decent motor that has had the full "Jevvy" eye passed over it prior to sale. I am sure he'll love it. Rich
  12. Indeed I will be mate - that's a certain!
  13. You go Jevvy! You lead the kind of life I would like to lead: See nice car, buy nice car. See another nice car, buy another nice car, etc etc...
  14. As said, have a search. You need a Klippan Futura, or Maxi Cosi Rodi for +1 year old kids, or the Porsche Prince to fit in the back.
  15. Dick

    1975 turbo

    Wow - just wow.
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