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    I've got my lottery car (honestly!!) but if I HAD to choose, it would be a GT 40
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  1. The savings aren't massive, but I figured that if I'm going to use Synergy+, then why not get a card? All info. here:- https://www.essocard.com/en-gb/porsche/
  2. That was my post on the PCGB forum. Having heard rumours the Synergy+ was ethanol-free, I first raised the question with Esso when I was deciding whether it was worth signing up for their PCGB fuel card. Initially, the sales team were surprised I'd asked about ethanol, having only previously been questioned about octane rating. In fairness to the person at the other end of the line, she was genuinely interested when I explained the potential issues with older cars resulting from the inclusion of ethanol in fuel and so I could get a definitive answer regarding the formulation of Esso fuels
  3. Liking the fresh clean look of the update, good job JG👍🤚
  4. Anyone who has the good sense to drive an example of Porsches finest gets my ✔😊
  5. Indisputable fact👍😂👌
  6. Lockton - £52k agreed, 1500 miles pa, plus Boxster S, £6500 agreed, 3000 miles pa, £620 the pair
  7. The hard copy is completely different, it's an A4 sized, high quality, hard-backed book with history and restoration articles. A definite keeper.
  8. Among other things, you get free oil (1/2 litre?), free number-plate surrounds (if that floats your boat), 2 free nitrogen fills, a keyring and best of all, the classic parts catalogue - and it's free. A no-brainer!
  9. 986 Boxster S and lots of money in the bank. Cheap as chips, pure sports car fun.
  10. This can only be a statement from someone who's never owned or maybe even driiven a 986 - they're brilliant, brimfull of character and IMHO, more pure sportscars than any Boxster that followed. I own an IB and a Boxster S and although the 986 could never replace my 911, owning the pair make my a very happy chap indeed. Clearly the final decision can only be made by you and I don't envy you, but I can assure you that if you go down the 'sell the IB and buy a house and Boxster' route, it would be an acceptable compromise...I think
  11. Given the fact that you intend to drive the car occasionally, you've got most bases covered but I'd suggest that 5 miles isn't anywhere near enough to get the car nicely hot though - if you have a good day and you go to the effort of connecting everything up again, take it for a 20 mile run, minimum. When you put it away again, that air movement Graham mentioned is particularly important to get rid of the heat from the garage. By the way, you do yourself a injustice - you're not laying the car up, you're just restricting it's use over winter. Good man!
  12. It's not only washing up liquid you need to avoid, it seems that different formulations are incompatible and the modern (read 'Porsche') stuff reacts badly with traditional washer liquids and creates that jelly that's like something out of 'Alien'. For those of us who have dabbled in the dark side and also drive a kettle, the top-up dillema is similar to that attached to different coolant types, with only the brave using anything other than Porsche's own...
  13. No Cheery Bomb for me, just a Lotus Twin-Cam with Broadspeed cams after my trick Kent engine threw a rod...
  14. Mine doesn't register until the engine starts to warm up, so at idle when cold it stays put hard against the stop. It starts to bounce around a bit when the temperature gauge has moved a fair way, but in normal temperatures at speed, as others have said the temp. gauge doesn't move past 8 o'clock. At this point, the thermostat wouldn't have opened, the pipes would be cold. Sitting in traffic yesterday, in high ambient temperatures, the tempersture rose to the 9 o'clock position, the pil level was at about 10 o'clock and the flow and return pipes were hot. Sometimes after a run out, I'll l
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