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  1. Don't know where your based but infinity exhausts nr Bristol do some nice custom stainless for reasonable money 01454 273123
  2. D911ldw 3.2 , looked like it was going on a vintage display in Monmouth
  3. Spotted in sheep street , stow on the wold nice blue r reg 911 sc coupe . Anyone on here ?
  4. when this happened to mine the dme relay had a dry joint , just take relay apart and re solder joints age and the fact the relay is mounted flat means the vibrations break the solder connections
  5. That's why I opted for repaired original tank That's why I opted for repaired original tank
  6. Get it repaired if not to bad , company called tank re nu cut open clean repair re seal inside and out £295 + vat
  7. wally

    Cars that rock

    Worth a watch , met him at goodwood last year
  8. Porsche 911 , quest channel 9 pm
  9. I would be interested , just put new front and rear shocks on and waiting for rear bumper to come back from spray shop
  10. Anyone know if i should put a drop of oil in bottom of strut leg for anti corrosion purposes ? if so how much cheers Andy 3.2 carrera 1986
  11. Had the same on mine , brake cleaner worked for a bit then bit the bullet bought new valve
  12. Hi whats it doing checked dme relay ? had dry joint on mine re soldered and away
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