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  1. If you're not sticking a cooler behind then you may as well cover it with a number plate. That blocks a lot of it off anyway.
  2. The 'old' configuration just looks wrong to me. I've always gone with the 'new' configuration.
  3. ALEX P

    Seat belts

    It's a simple enough job. You could either replace the webbing only or the whole thing, probably based on the condition and functionality of your current set. Speak to Stuart at Quickfit: https://www.quickfitsbs.com/gallery_porsche.php
  4. Not sure the logic works for me either. SSI's are supposed to be a great product on a 3.0 or standard 3.2 but the general thinking is that they will become the bottleneck if you decide to start tuning your 3.2
  5. Same for the Rennshift/J West shifter. I sacrificed a bit of luggage space last week to bring one home. US customs were so impressed they opened up my case for a better look and to admire the build quality but being the nice chaps they are, they just left me a note to let me know they'd been having a sniff around!
  6. Yep, could be DME relay. Probably worth whipping your idle control valve off and giving it a clean, it's only a quick job. Could be your crank sensor messing around too. Not a difficult job but a bit fiddly.
  7. Personally I wouldn't bother with Hayward & Scott. A good friend of mine recently bought a full system from them and subsequently had to spend a load more ££ getting it reworked to make it fit. I think that this is generally the case with a lot of the 'off the shelf' exhaust solutions which is why I think that for the outlay that you are spending you can/should/deserve a bit more service and get a made to fit suit rather than off the peg!!! https://rennlist.com/forums/964-forum/744869-964-refurb-63.html
  8. Chris, for me you 100% made the right decision sending that back. No way I would have accepted it. Cargraphic exhausts will not be cheap. Moving on - I would be very tempted to go down the slightly more bespoke route. Ryan Edwards Exhausts near Bicester made a batch recently which looked really good. May be worth a call. If not then I know of a couple of other exhaust fabricators.
  9. Until it gets covered in oil and muck. Then you have a pretty big fall out with your friend.
  10. Sounds like a sensible approach Chris. When are you planning on getting the car on the rollers?
  11. Was Prussian up until 2015 then went on a long holiday to the bodyshop and reappeared as Arrow in 2017
  12. Those gearbox mounting bolts and threads are a PITA and you really do have to get them perfectly aligned and go very slowly, hand tightening only to make sure that you are not cross threading them. When I put my engine back in a month or two ago this took a ridiculously long time and I told myself I would make a tool for this next time around!! One thing that does help is loosening the crossmember bolts right off so you have as much play/adjustment as possible. I don't know what stage of refit you are at but it may be worth supporting the gearbox, taking the crossmember off and having a good look and feel of the thread with just the bolt on its own to see when & if it starts to go tight. Good luck!
  13. Haha, does it make your 993 feel lardy?
  14. That is the seller from Wembley right? They should be very much avoided. He's traded under numerous names on ebay for a long time now and the chap is a proper, erm, 'wally'.
  15. Looks mean doesn't it. Bet you're pleased with that. There is some serious clearance at the front arches there! TB15s look the nuts but they are mental money.
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