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  1. No worries SP, thanks anyway. Time to start filling it with AM parts then!
  2. Blimey SP, no wonder you had to stick your IB in storage, there was no room for it at home because of your parts stash!! Don't suppose you've got front side glass or front quarter glass in your collection do you? This seems the most appropriate place to ask.
  3. I really like these and was loosely looking but a couple of things put me off. Firstly, I always thought it would niggle me that it's a poor mans RS6 so when I looked at S6's (and 4's) my search always wandered off into adding the extra all important letter! Secondly, they are a very expensive car to run so a bought a super frugal planet hugging, Gretta loving V8 Cayenne instead! I definitely do need a V10 in my life one day though and maintain that the Carrera GT is the best sounding production car ever. Good shout.
  4. Yeah they do, it's a Magneti Marelli part
  5. Excellent, I've been messing around with the SC kit on and off for some time now. I know a few people that have fitted it and all are very happy with the quality, performance and flexibility of it. Are you installing it yourself & then sticking it on their rollers?
  6. If you want a slightly unusual 911 then happy to oblige, maybe a twin with Phil as they're clearly both the best and most photogenic colour. Happy to travel too. TBH, there are so many car options, you might want to think about what you want to fill your portfolio with!
  7. This is exactly what we did and it worked out fine. Bottom line, the V5 is not proof of ownership. Keep all payment receipts and you'll be fine. I would just proceed with the sale, retain the V5 until the plate comes off it then when the original reg is restored, transfer ownership online. P.s. Just to maintain the other side of this thread - I'm so sad, I still have all the paper tax discs from the heavily laden disc holder in my history folder(s). I really need to get more. Maybe this Saturday on our (pub) independence day!!
  8. Yes, that is different and that seems to be an automated process. The problem was taking your plate off the car during lockdown. TBH, I thought that the whole of DVLA was automated and I also think that the whole way you can do the V5 and tax online works really well. Just seems to be this bit. Remember when you have to go and queue at the bloody Post Office on the 1st of the month for your little round perforated paper disc!!
  9. Yep, it's true. I bought a car 1-2 days before lockdown and it has had to remain on P.O's private plate until last week because that branch of DVLA has been closed. I think most of DVLA services are automated but clearly the private plate transfer side is less so and was deemed low priority (and probably rightly so) and has been closed up until very recently. Seems to be business as usual now albeit presumably with some backlog so I would imagine it will be sorted in the next couple of weeks.
  10. Yeah, that's nice. I wonder what premium the colour gives it over the subdued humdrum colours. The Gen 2 are supposed to be better than the early ones. The way I see it is that with our old 911 engines, after X amount of years/mileage they need headstuds/top end/engine rebuild. Porsche just stuck with the same philosophy with the later cars but mixed it up with IMS/bore score etc. Even with all of these engine ailments, you can still drive the cars so they are not completely unreasonable!!
  11. Jayzus SP. You've gone from hero to zero in just a few short weeks. You crap at cards or is this the just the Aston Martin antidote?
  12. Car now sold and collected. Funny, you put a car up for sale at £2750 and don't get that much interest but put it up at £2595 and I had a queue of people wanting to take a look and offering me deposits before collecting. Hey Chris, I'm not sure if you were expressing an interest or just letting me know. If the former then apologies - I have cleared a bit of inbox space and did reply to you t'other day.
  13. Quick update in case anyone is in the market for a great little runaround - I have just dropped the asking price to £2595 ono I honestly thought it would fly away at the previous asking price which seemed quite a bit below the same cars on Auto Trader and I have had a lot of questions, silly offers and a no show but nothing concrete. Personally, I think it's a lot of car for 2 1/2 grand so maybe I've advertised too cheap and put people off because they think somethings wrong with it or maybe cars aren't selling well because it's too close after CV-19 restrictions. Who knows but just in case anyone on here is in the market.
  14. Have they? It makes perfect sense to me. It will be interesting to see how you duct the air out without impacting on the actual cooling performance. At least with the cooler in the rear arch, it is nice and close to the flapper boxes. I've always kicked myself for not incorporating some heat functionality into my front cooler. I had ideas about either adding a jacket to the oil entry end of the cooler for water/coolant to flow through and then a small inline pump and something similar to the off the shelf fan I showed above. Alternatively, incorporate it into the oil line plumbing. Good project Jonny, a decent alternative heat solution opens up a whole new world of exhaust/header options so well worth cracking. I bet one of the questions that you get asked most about the Classic Retrofit electric A/C is when a heat option is becoming available!!
  15. Interesting project Jonny. When I made the custom cooler in the nose of mine, one thing that I learnt was there are significant differences in the performance of the core itself. Changing to a higher quality more efficient core could be an easy win. If you ended up going down the custom cooler route you could also incorporate an alternative method for heating the car instead of blowing air around the exhaust...... Something along these lines (but better): https://www.demon-tweeks.com/uk/demon-tweeks-lightweight-heater-tsdlwh/

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