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  1. Do you actually work? I thought you just toured the country taking photos of your car
  2. Yeahbutnobut. My car made more at Surrey Rolling road than it did at Waynes original premises or the 9M rollers. They do (did) offer a rock up and do a power run on a Saturday which is quite good. Great if you're local and messing about with bolt on tuning options.
  3. Cool, let us know how the first drive goes. How many hours was the car on the SCS dyno, well, how many hours were you billed for? I think they said at least half a day to me.
  4. Perfect timing. That's the first decision made.
  5. Hey SP, I've been after an OBD reader for a while for my VAG fleet and can never figure out which one at which price point I want to get so this will be a good start point - I'll take it. Drop me a PM or call or text or whatever & we can sort the deets.
  6. ALEX P

    Engine drop

    Look under the trolley jack Nige, you just keep adding more under the jack and taking the axle stands up to the next notch. I think that was really badly explained! I don't like leaving the car on jacks or stands or working underneath a car on stands so tend to add either concrete blocks or wooden railway sleepers to build the height under the wheels and let it sit on them and then have axle stands etc as well as a fail safe. As an extra precaution it's a good idea to put a length of wood in the trolley jack as well in case that gives up. Belt and braces.
  7. You are going to have to make a call about whether you want to do a quick top end refresh or whether you want to go the whole hog and do the bottom end at the same time. By the time you are in there it actually doesn't cost a great deal more to do the whole lot. A lot of this will depend on what you find as you start stripping it down. One option is to do something similar to what I did and remove your engine and disassemble it all yourself then give it to someone to build it back up to a long block. This can work out a good cost effective way of doing it. Dave (and Russel) at RSR would be a very good shout as they are fairly local to you and do this in their sleep these days in their new premises. Nobody will be able to give you a price for a rebuild and when people just brandish £10k estimates it really is BS. What this should consist of is X amount of hours labour. £X for parts that are always replaced and £X for anything that is worn or you choose to replace. If you measure your P&C's and they are worn beyond being able to reuse then your bill instantly goes up by a large amount. Cams, you will do anyway to optimise your ITB's so budget £1000ish for them, you may as well resurface your rockers at the same time. Prices for this are available on the Dougherty website I think. Headstuds will be £500-1000ish depending on what you go for. Fully threaded 993TT ones are hideous money, the standard ones are cheapish but made of cheese and Supertec/ARP etc are somewhere in the middle. You will want to put ARP rod bolts in there, maybe £300. It goes on and on but you should be able to compile a spreadsheet easy enough with essentials, nice to haves and worst case.
  8. That looks in really good shape David. There was a wanted ad on here not so long ago:
  9. SteBe, it would probably help if you added your approximate location as they are a heavy old thing so not really something you want to courier and probably not worth travelling half way across the country for. By the way I sold a prussian blue one to Vincent on here a few years ago. Don't think he ever used it but like David Gander has an entire car in kit form waiting to be built!!
  10. Car is looking good Ben. Is there anything inside your exhaust add-ons or are they simply to redirect the outlets to the ground?
  11. Cool mate. Keep the updates coming. Are SCS doing the mapping or are you getting it done locally?
  12. If you want to make one job easier then just lob one of these on They just pop over and glue together: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/370901673037?ul_noapp=true I did it as a temporary fix to get me through an MOT but it has outlasted the rubbish GKN ones by miles. No idea what the genuine Porsche ones are like.
  13. Is that even a thing? Did they say what the pass fail criteria was for a parked wiper?
  14. I've got a very similar one. Thanks for the heads up though. It does make me look a bit like I'm about to go sheep 'bothering' which I promise I wasn't.
  15. I thought the whole point is that it pointed to your feet no? If that points cool/hot air straight at your nuts then your toes will still be falling off in the winter even if it does help your betty swolloks in summer. What you want is a flap to direct it forward or backwards.
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