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  1. Yeah, I may pop up there as it's so close. I haven't been before - Is it any good?
  2. Hello all. I was up in my loft putting some Christmas decorations away when Mrs.P wasn't looking and found this tank lurking in the corner. I have got no idea what state it is in internally, so presume it has some rust but just in case it is of some use to anyone - I don't know if anyone on here wants it for free? If not it's getting recycled!!
  3. Maybe try Rain-X or Fog-X Nige. I've always found them ok.
  4. Magnesium 6 speed 915k gearbox! I never knew that was a thing. Do you reckon 911k is a nod towards the price tag?
  5. Nice work JG. Great to be able to stack store them, just make sure the working one is underneath!!
  6. Hi Martin, No problem, all yours. Drop me a PM
  7. For those cool cats who worship at the church of the lightweight - Drilled Door Handles 3 x Pairs There are 2 x pairs of black ones and a pair of chrome or polished ones. They come with 2 pairs of triggers, a set of new new genuine Porsche rubbers and a selection of fitting parts. I think the part numbers are: 911.531.061/062 35/36 911.531.061/062 29/30 911.531.061/062 31/32 Nice condition, exactly as you can see in the photos. I had these drilled professionally and was going to get them painted and fit a pair to my 911 but never got around to it. Asking price probably isn't even what I paid to have them machined Asking £160
  8. ALEX P


    Now sold elsewhere.
  9. Just caught up with this thread - Those Italians have really got on top of those build quality niggles haven't they Lovely car though & great to see you getting stuck into it!
  10. I've been removing a load of old glue recently and used this stuff which worked really well. Stinks a bit though. https://www.gtechniq.co.uk/shop/auto/wash-decon/w7-tar-and-glue-remover/ As others have said, if someone has used Araldite you may have to get chiselling. Or just stick over the top!
  11. I put MPS4 tyres on my daily Cayenne (tank) and they were fitted by Costco. They were actually very good and the price was better than anywhere else locally for the same tyre. I think they realise that when you save £50 on tyres you will be highly likely to go and spank many times that in their shop while you wait to have them fitted!
  12. Mark, there are many more grams to be taken out of that key without negatively impacting the structural integrity. I think keep drilling
  13. Sorry, I must have made that up then. It's my age. Maybe I just sprayed contact adhesive all over it and pretended it was self adhesive, which it would have been at that point.
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