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  1. Interesting project Jonny. When I made the custom cooler in the nose of mine, one thing that I learnt was there are significant differences in the performance of the core itself. Changing to a higher quality more efficient core could be an easy win. If you ended up going down the custom cooler route you could also incorporate an alternative method for heating the car instead of blowing air around the exhaust...... Something along these lines (but better): https://www.demon-tweeks.com/uk/demon-tweeks-lightweight-heater-tsdlwh/
  2. Nice one Phil, gold on (best Porsche colour ever) arrow blue looks great. The additional mass is well worth it especially if you offset the mass of any spacers or adaptors you were considering.
  3. Could be head gasket?
  4. Phil, have we seen pics fitted yet?
  5. Few nuggets in there! If I have a cheeky bid are you gonna collect for me Nige seeing as your'e already oop north
  6. I hear you. I had the same issue so I borrowed a spark plug light tester, disconnected an HT lead, plugged it in & positioned it so I could see whether the light was flashing or not. You can buy them for cheap & it's a good sanity check - Normally these issues end up being either spark or fuel right?
  7. It is 100% your choice but a lot of folk would say LHD is more desirable, as well as being a non-sunroof model that appears to be well priced. If that car isn't a million miles from you I would certainly be paying it a visit, if nothing else it could prove a good yardstick.
  8. What are you trying to say Haith? All I see is a dirty wheel that needs cleaning and repainting in silver or grey
  9. Nope, I know lots of people love gold on red but I hate it. Silver or grey/anthracite all day long for me.
  10. Interesting picture DBS - What is the piston on the non-Pauter rod? Also interesting to see the completely different approach to the rod design. Are the materials a similar grade? Also, how do the masses compare? p.s. Your LH/RH is our upper and lower!
  11. So you've definitely got spark yes? Have you tried hot wiring the fuel pump so it runs constantly to check if it starts & runs? Just because the pump runs when you first crank it over if the crank sensor is dead it will cut out.
  12. Hi Sam, yes, it's sitting on my parent-in-laws driveway! I have had a fair bit of interest but have just said to contact me again when travel restrictions are eased as I cannot really responsibly support viewings. Hopefully, Bojo will allow car sales to proceed (from 2m distances) after Sunday at which point I will re-advertise.
  13. That is some good pondering time Phil, glad you're not rushing into this! I would always go for longer studs with spacers over adaptors - Simply because, it's one less set of fasteners to torque up or worry about loosening. As far as fitting longer studs goes, zero problem for a man with your skills. You just put a sacrificial nut on the end of the old stud to knock it out and the new stud will pull into position when you torque it up. I would perhaps try to borrow a few different sizes to see what rubs or what fills the arches best for you before committing to buying. I've got some stuff here I could post & I'm sure a few others have too.
  14. Wow! 10/10 for commitment to the thread! Officially the first person to put their money where their mouth is Congrats on the new toy, it looks a proper hoot. Completely different to the use-everydayness of the 996TT. Please give us an update when you get your hands on the keys. Bet you can't bloody wait!!
  15. ALEX P

    Coco Mats

    Drop Simon from PF911 a message. He does some nice work and is on here. https://www.impactbumpers.com/forum/index.php?/profile/12884-funkysi1/ https://www.facebook.com/simonpf911 Excuse the Facebook link for the haters out there.

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