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  1. ALEX P

    Light weight undertray

    I know, that's why I said bare aluminium.
  2. ALEX P

    Light weight undertray

    You want to put a bare aluminium panel underneath your car where it is exposed to the worst of the elements? I would stick to a painted finish.
  3. ALEX P

    17inch Split Rims

    Might be worth posting the weights up (and the offsets) as they could be a good set of track wheels for someone because there are more options with 17" rubber
  4. ALEX P

    Alex's 3.6 Engine Transplant

    It was pretty crunchy and tired before I did the 3.6 and then a few years of the extra torque just stretched it too far so I've been nursing it around ever since. Yeah, I'm very impressed with the turnaround time and the level of service & communication. I'll give them a big up after I've driven it.
  5. ALEX P

    Alex's 3.6 Engine Transplant

    Cheers Ben. After 12 years of crunchy nut cornflakes I'm quite excited to see what it's like! Yep, roll on spring - I'm sure you me and Henry have got a very overdue meet up!
  6. ALEX P

    Alex's 3.6 Engine Transplant

    Out with the old: In with the new: All sealed up: And back home where we started: Now I really better pull my finger out and get the engine cleaned up so I can get them mated back together again.
  7. ALEX P

    Spa Classic 2019

    Ah ahem: Too easy right?
  8. ALEX P

    Interior refresh - Winter project

    Sorry guys, I think you've misunderstood. I am refitting the top caps, I peeled the old blue vinyl off them and recovered them in leather so I'll definitely be fitting them! When I offered the caps up there was a gap between the cap and the glass & rubber where I could see bodywork. What I was getting at was where abouts you locate the top edge of the carpet - does it fit flush with the window ledge or does it wrap around so that it touches the rubber?
  9. ALEX P

    Glass scratch removal

    My front quarter windows and door windows are a state after a bodyshop kindly did some grinding next to them. I did consider using one of those headlamp polishing kits on the end of a drill but maybe I'll just come down to the seaside to see your chap! Or just replace them. Aren't the front quarters a PITA to remove?
  10. I've got the Weltmeister one fitted to mine and use it all the time. Really handy bit of kit. I do like the Stuttgart-classica ones though because you have the length option on the tow hook and the hook is removable. It's probably where i would put my money if doing it again.
  11. Haha, all I'm saying is I'm afraid I'm going to have to pass on option 1.
  12. ALEX P

    Land Cruiser

    I've got to say in my limited off road experience I did drive a Landcruiser all over Fraser Island in Australia which is basically a giant sand dune with no actual roads. Great fun and really capable but pretty agricultural. Your one looks newer so probably quite a lot posher. If you get one then you've got to take it off road.
  13. ALEX P

    Interior refresh - Winter project

    In between distractions like taking the engine out I had a chance to progress this a bit the other day and have a question: The top rear side panels - Do you fit the top of it flush with the window frame or fit it right round and under the window rubber? It will fir both ways but I'm leaning towards squeezing/fitting it up to the rear quarter rubber because if I don't then there is a very visible bit of bodywork behind the window trim. Did I just answer my own question??? Flush with the window frame: Tucked under the rubber:
  14. ALEX P

    915 gearbox rebuild time

    Thanks 'another Mark'. That's good info - I don't remember setting my seal 2mm back last time so maybe that's where I went wrong. Maybe I'll use the old seal as a setting tool or knock something up with that key 2mm dimension. Out of interest, did you install it dry? Oil on the inner lip? I think I went flush a bit like this: https://rennlist.com/forums/964-forum/1005832-diy-rear-main-seal-replacement.html
  15. ALEX P

    915 gearbox rebuild time

    David, I don't suppose you still have the dimensions do you? Mark, I'm in the same position you are/were so while my box is out I want to replace my rear main seal. I don't suppose you still have the dimensions do you?