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  1. ALEX P

    Daisy going 3.8!?

    Good work Haith. I assume you're not going to fit the stock a/c so you may want to de-clutter the bay a bit and either find a non-a/c bracket or chop yours down like I did in the pics below. I would add that to remove the old one you have to remove the harmonic balancer which will require either the correct tool or a makeshift version by winding a bolt in as it's fitted on a taper. The other thing you may want to start thinking about is the engine mounting bar. Did it come with the engine?
  2. The other big bonuses of 993 h/e are they don't hang too low so no ground clearance issues and they chuck out proper heat
  3. ALEX P

    Daisy going 3.8!?

    Neither of those oil lines looks too bad. I wouldn't get too het up about them, particularly the second short one. If it's been there for time and doesn't leak then you could be causing yourself pain by disturbing it. Maybe just clean it up and add some protection on the outside to make it look nice. Is this a zero hours engine? The faces where the h/e sits are clean which shows it hasn't run much but the valves and guides have run. TBH mate, I would start getting your shopping list together from Timmins, then when you have your quote, before pressing the button, get the build sheets from him & ask exactly what he has built/reused/replaced. He's a reasonable guy & if you're dropping $$$ on the conversion parts then I'm sure there won't be any problem with that. He might not anyway. Sorry, I can't remember the details on the engine - Do you know if the case was machined or if the cylinder are slip fit? What pistons/valves/valve springs/cams/rods/rod bolts etc are fitted? For your own info, it would be nice to know about the head studs too. If you don't some of have this information and have a box of unknowns when you get up and running it will make whoever maps the cars life a bit trickier. Have to say though - I am really looking forward to seeing it fitted in RB's old car.
  4. Haha, I was watching those too (only out of pure nosiness). Aren't the silencers supposed to be RSR? I would imagine you could flog them on their own to a 993 owner to dramatically offset the bits that are useful on an IB! Does this mean you are about to have false t1ts at last Mark?
  5. Looks tidy DBS. Nice little summer runaround.
  6. Hi David, Go on then, I'll take it. I'll drop you a PM Thanks.
  7. Good find mate. Should fit better than FG too.
  8. ALEX P

    Distributor hole plug

    Honestly, I didn't know what their trading situation is. I always dealt exclusively with Chis historically as he kinda was that place. I'll give them a bell tomorrow & see what the score is. I think they're all 30mm dia - Yours is right?
  9. ALEX P

    Distributor hole plug

    Sadly, I'm guessing I've missed the boat with these. Anyone know of any other UK options?
  10. ALEX P

    2035 ban?

    So what are we going to do with all those spare cows? They'll go extinct I've hurd they make rubbish pets Sheep will always have a special place in the heart of a Welshman.
  11. ALEX P

    Daisy going 3.8!?

    You will want to put a power steering block off on the front RH of the engine. The tinware has cut-outs for the power steering which you will want to fill in. I mentioned Timmins instructions earlier. They detail all of the conversion, assuming you buy the parts from him. Not sure about Patrick Motorsports.
  12. Very nice SP, congrats. Make sure you keep us updated with the AM owning experience
  13. ALEX P

    Daisy going 3.8!?

    I didn't mean that the kit was supplied with the engine. I meant bits that you will need on top! As far as the adaptor loom goes, just buy it, making it is a ball ache you don't need. BTDT. http://forums.pelicanparts.com/porsche-911-technical-forum/554815-3-2-3-6-wiring-harness-dme-advice.html Think Jev means Roger H (Harrodine). He makes good quality FG tinwear that a number of us are running. FWIW, if you're not going to do it yourself then you should have a good think about tapping Jevvy up to do the conversion for you if he's available.
  14. ALEX P

    Daisy going 3.8!?

    I think I read in your other thread that Timmins build your engine and he offers conversion kits with all of the bits you need. I would start off speaking to him. Your alternative for 3.6 conversion parts is Patrick Motorsports (also in the US). Not much to choose between them but Timmins is/was slightly cheaper. I like the idea of putting the big engine in the 912 but I don't think you will end up doing this. 915's life expentantcy is reduced with the additional torque that 3.8's deliver, RB's old car is finished, has the much stronger G50 which 'should' slot straight in and would take you a fraction of the time to get on the road so I fully expect you to take this route. WRT your list you don't need oil lines, fuel lines come in the Timmins kit, harness comes in the kit, didn't the engine you bought come with an exhaust? Oil filter remains the same on a 964 engine (you are not changing your oil tank). Spacers are to lower the engine at the back if you don't have enough clearance to the firewall. G50 is fine, you should only need to shorten bellhousing if fitting a G50 into a 915 chassis. Mod to engine support bar will come with your instructions from Timmins who provides an entire how to guide. Congrats, you now have false t1ts
  15. Haith, it's in the very first post in the 3.6 thread that Mark posted above!! That thread amongst other random 3.6 threads are well worth a good read as there are a fair number of folks on here who have done the engine swap. The first thing you need to figure out is whether to do it yourself or get it done. You seem a pretty hands on kinda guy with the space and time to do it so I would say stick your polisher in the cupboard for a bit and get stuck in. I would also try to avoid getting distracted by too many shiny bits and 'while you're in there' mission creep kinda mods. I would not even bother with the FMOC mod until you are up and running. You might find that you do not really need it, even in the balmy Welsh heat Loads of info and help on here if you need it
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