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  1. Hi Ivan, no idea, no problem sending it to out you so just stick a bid in if you like. Thanks Phil. Peter did drop me a PM. Cheers Matt. I expect mine will go for £1.50 then & I'll end up losing money on postage!!
  2. I've got a couple of sensors that I didn't know how to price so chucked them on Ebay so they either go for 99p or not. Thought I'd post here in case of any interest. One is the heat sensor that goes down the flapper end (I think) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/303357401340 The other is the cabin sensor that goes between the sun visors. Think this one is NLA. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/303357402256
  3. Well I've got garage envy. Now put loads of boxes of junk in there so it looks like a proper garage!
  4. ALEX P

    996 or 997?

    Yep, and you can go 4.0 😎
  5. ALEX P

    996 or 997?

    I really like 997's. Have you considered buying one with a knackered engine and fixing it? If you are looking to own it long term then it might make sense.
  6. Not ideal but can you not just fit a large washer on each side of the bush to prevent the rubber from popping out of the housing? This is the only suspension component I did not renew because even my crusty old ones are perhaps better than knackered new ones!!
  7. Do they make new 8" 951 offset Fuchs? If not, then does this now make them more sought after than 9" due to their rarity/unavailability?
  8. I thought the general consensus was don't bother. If it's going to go then it's going to go. Just call 999 and hope they arrive in time to save it. If they don't, it's toast. Good to see more progress on the car. I still want your brakes!!
  9. ALEX P

    Distributor hole plug

    Go on you big tease..... Don't keep me in suspenders.
  10. ALEX P

    Distributor hole plug

    Looks good. How did the price compare to Clewett?
  11. I wouldn't get an oil tank blasted. You just cannot guarantee that no media will get inside however careful the guy blasting it is & you are never going to be able to guarantee that you get it all out so you may as well stick it in the bin at that point. From your photos It doesn't look that bad to get off. Wire brushes on drills only get you so far. You could gently use a cleaning disk or a flapper wheel on an angle grinder on the nice easily accessible open faces or you can get some fairly nasty paint stripper (not the pansy B&Q stuff) that would get that off pretty easily.
  12. What a great looking toy. Congratulations & enjoy.
  13. Be quite interesting to see what the market value is for a set of 7&9's. Hope the auction runs its course.
  14. Depends on tyre choice, ride height, geo / amount of neg camber and whether you've rolled your lips or not. Basic answer is yes, 9" are fine on the rear but you may need to tweak one of the above. Or not.
  15. All the cool guys have a mesh rear grille and twin exhaust outlets through the rear bumper
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