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  1. Teacher: Cummings junior, can you put contagious in a sentence ? Cummings junior: Dad should've self isolated in London, but he chose to drive 250 miles to try and kill my grandparents, and the journey took the contagious.
  2. Programming, how hard can it be
  3. Arduino for the controller Phill ?
  4. Take it on track at Bugatti for half an hour in the summer and check the temps then Couldn't touch the rear bumper blade it was so hot
  5. Ahem... "Having a Super Car Meeting in Cumbria/ Lakes is NOT essential. Approximately 10 Super Cars escorted back the motorway and sent to their respective county's."
  6. Reminds me I have a RHD fg dash in alcantara finish (sitting in the garage of course )
  7. I have a sh***y '82 915 too so I'm sticking to my original answer 😛
  8. You never tracked your car though did you Shirish. If you did you'd understand
  9. Nope - '87 remix all the way ! :lol:
  10. Not going to be exactly inconspicuous is it. Media would have a field day with that Everyone has a camera phone these days.
  11. https://www.channel4.com/news/factcheck/factcheck-the-new-coronavirus-lockdown-rules I think some of you are reading what you want to read into the restrictions, not what is actually stated. 🤔
  12. I don't reckon they're even that good. "From Wednesday in England, two people from different households will be able to meet in outdoor settings - such as parks - as long as they stay more than 2m (6ft) apart." That's two people from different households, not thirty middle-aged duffers in Porsches all going to the same place. Mass organised meet ups are clearly still not permitted. This could be a very bad IB PR feck up if anyone catches on to this, no ?
  13. The funnel automatically dissolves if you put the wrong oil in

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