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  1. If it's Royal Mail then the thievin' ****s will also take an extra £8 off you for telling you you need to pay the import and or VAT charges (if not paid at the point of sale) 😠
  2. Ha ha - indeed. Was there with Jev and Fred when the deal/robbery took place
  3. So we're just doing this to p**s off people who have to pay ~40k to get the same car nowadays ? 🤔 🤔 Fred, your thread has arrived dude !!!
  4. About as much use as this.....
  5. Would love to meet anyone who thought this was a good idea 🤦‍♂️ Companies are being sued already after people are sat watching tv in their living rooms and a voice from the camera says "so, what are we watching ?"
  6. Unless the basic detection had failed (like it obviously did in the cyclist fatality case). Except (IIRC - it was a few years ago) the automated car didn't even attempt to brake or take evasive action even after hitting the cyclist.
  7. Maybe, if the human in 'charge' of the automated vehicle hadn't been playing with her phone when it happened !?
  8. experts admit the autonomous vehicle challenge is bigger than anticipated No........, really ? "Looking back, Reed says “the technology worked … people had the sense, it does the right thing most of the time, we are 90% of the way there. But it is that last bit which is the toughest. Being able reliably to do the right thing every single time, whether it’s raining, snowing, fog, is a bigger challenge than anticipated.”
  9. Oil change after the first 500 miles ? 🤔 (been a long time since my rebuild)
  10. You going to dyno it Ian ?
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