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  1. Checker plate Shirley ? 😂
  2. My engine builder was 250 miles away so I just drove home and back
  3. Fingers crossed on those through bolts Phill 😗
  4. Johnny H's (Unit 11) advice after my full rebuild.... Use limited revs for the first 500 miles (someone else can probably remember 'what' that rpm limit actually is ). Don't keep it at the same rpm too long. After that - change the oil and go for your life
  5. Yeah - but it's just a number, like the motorway speed limit, and I've never taken any notice of that either 😎
  6. 26 in '97 too (been working for 7 years though 😋)
  7. Ah Leepu and his 'wavy lines' 😂 That show was like a car crash you just couldn't help gawking at .
  8. Not necessarily a financially rewarding one though. That invoice was for one hood shock
  9. Car had done 88944 miles in September '97 according to the old MOT certificate.
  10. Can I play ? From my SC's history folder...(November '97).
  11. Some proper spade work gone into that
  12. Haway the Dunc ! No one ever forgets the Danger-Mobile !
  13. Being a lanky kid I had a Grifter. No cool bmx tricks for you then sonny ! 😂
  14. GaryH

    IB Emoticons

    Android tablet Phill ? Have you got pop-ups blocked ?
  15. Digging an extra deep latrine trench ?
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