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    Hove actually (too)

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    '82 911 SC Sport
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    '07 Audi A3 TDi 1.9 - 80mpg
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    Smurfin' beer
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    12th lap of The Ring, racing an experienced Ringer in a VR6 Mk1 Golf

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  1. Being a lanky kid I had a Grifter. No cool bmx tricks for you then sonny ! 😂
  2. GaryH

    IB Emoticons

    Android tablet Phill ? Have you got pop-ups blocked ?
  3. Digging an extra deep latrine trench ?
  4. I did have an almost complete set of frunk air ducts but IIRC sold most (all ?) of it to an IB'er at some point. Will have a look in the garage next time I'm out there and see if I have any bits left.
  5. Ha - I did think he looked a little uncomfortable driving 'stick'
  6. Hardly at all since I stopped doing trackdays nearly ten years ago.
  7. Doesn't everyone already run zero-toe in ?
  8. He he. See, my money was on Fraser or Nige to be first out of the gate with that one
  9. I considered lots of cars when I bought my SC including a Radical (after several laps pax'ing in one at a Goodwood circuit supercar day). Although an undeniably awesome experience I decided against the Radical on the grounds that if I was quick at track days people would say 'oh it's just the car' and I wasn't quick it would be 'who' s the c**k in the Radical ?'
  10. Lily seemed quite taken with the Caymen GT4 in the Porsche pop-up showroom near us. Apparently it was cleaner than daddy's Porsche !
  11. You forgot to mention Targas
  12. GaryH

    One for Fraser

    Time for new ears then
  13. GaryH

    One for Fraser

    For sound it's F355 or go home. Best sounding V8 evaaahhh !
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