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  1. GaryH

    Cool vids

    EPIC is an overused word in today's vernacular but this is what the word was invented for 👍
  2. I'll need to know this for when my lottery numbers come up It's a slow burn story but wait for the brilliant ending
  3. I'm not sure Rick Rolling them will work WC 😂
  4. Shot or stabbed ? 🤔
  5. Everyone else here is just Too Cool For School Nige ! 🙄
  6. Elon Musk says he didn’t expect creating self-driving cars would be ‘so hard
  7. Not commenting on your painter's ability but where the A-pillar meets the door meets the wing meets the scuttle on my metallic blue SC all the panels are slightly different colours Metallics are indeed a total b**ch to match.
  8. They won't get hot unless you leave it running for about 15/20 minutes after a run.
  9. From a Jan '14 post Uncle Tim's old house used to sport a rather fetching wishing well in the front garden We're just joshing him about it and he's referring to the fact that this 'might' have been mentioned before
  10. I was thinking the same but not sure I can be bothered to get up off the sofa (plus my bag's not actually full yet )
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