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  1. Never write anything down. Eat any receipts ! If anyone asks, everything costs 25% of what it really cost #manmaths
  2. GaryH

    Cool vids

    This is rigged, right ? 🤔
  3. I'll take your crack(ed) one to use as a man cave/loft coffee table/wall decoration Beaky
  4. GaryH

    Help with forum

    Don't you have to be a subscriber to upload pics now ? 🤔
  5. New black brake fluid going in Les ?
  6. Ah - a local event 45 mins from here.
  7. Sounds like we're getting the band back together Booked for Sunday 👍
  8. GaryH

    Pre silencer

    Agreed ^^^^ SSI's or go home
  9. Started by Dale by the looks of it. Done
  10. R. I. P Murray Really sad to hear about Sabine When I went to the Ring I ended up staying longer than expected and the hotel I was in had no available rooms. They moved me to a small B&B nearby run by Sabine's parents for the next few nights. The room I stayed in was filled with pictures of her in her junior karting career.
  11. Not to mention Matt Hancock's next-door neighbour (currently being investigated) and all the other Tory cronies and their untendered-for Corona Virus equipment contracts 🤪 A disgusting gravy train of which you would no doubt lambast the EU for but remain strangely silent when your Eton overlords commit the same crimes. They literally laugh in your faces as you continue to tug your forlocks to them.
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