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  1. Converted from an original S, complete with SV engine according to that link.
  2. If we're considering the 'heart' (not 'head') perspective. Do you still look at it as the same car with all the good memories or is it now (and probably always will be) 'the car that caught fire' ? From the 'head' perspective, haven't you done pretty much all you could do with that car ?
  3. Ok, but not finding a leakdown issue on a cold engine doesn't necessarily mean there isn't one ? Er, my memory might be confusing leakdown with compression test 🙄
  4. Isn't a cold leakdown test on a flat six of dubious value ?
  5. Too expensive Try this one instead... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/How-to-Rebuild-and-Modify-Porsche-911-Engines-1965-1989-9780760310878/312535557568?epid=87312498&hash=item48c49225c0:g:5GMAAOSwzFRdNwHB
  6. @mean in green @Von Twinzig More cleaning up needed here too mods !
  7. Sounds like it was straight-forward right up to the point where someone (BSM?) tried to jemmy it open
  8. This possibility had crossed my mind.
  9. Interesting, I was certainly of the opinion that the accepted wisdom was that ROW 1980+ SC's had small ports. Although from this PP thread - "ROW SC's maintained the big ports through 83 for exports to unrestricted emissions areas." ?
  10. Could the later model 204bhp engine you saw the large ports on have had earlier SC heads ?
  11. Anecdotal 964 cam timing results in SC and 3.2 engines here.
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