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  1. Or you could take your head out of your **** and look at the reality of the travel situation (because of the demonstrably incompetent handling of CV19) and stop pretending it's somehow different because you want it to be ? Just sayin'
  2. Facts Mark, not alternative ones either Another fact is that UK's handling of CV19 has been more Little Britain than Great Britain. Maybe take a stroll out of your echo chamber every one in once in a while and checkout what's really happening in the world ?
  3. Britons risk being shut out of Europe over quarantine and infection rate. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/jun/16/spain-may-quarantine-british-visitors-in-response-to-uk-policy-coronavirus
  4. World leaders in exports now too. New Zealand's two new cases were travellers from the UK We are getting more details now of the two new Covid-19 cases in New Zealand – the first cases there for 24 days. The two women had travelled from the UK and were released from government quarantine and allowed to drive 650km from Auckland to Wellington on compassionate grounds.
  5. Police make you drive over your camera detector if they catch you.
  6. Possible car confiscation if you get caught going crazy speeds.
  7. Just silly string glued in IIRC Beaky.
  8. You might want to give Northy a message...
  9. Lol at the idea of the UK preventing infected people coming into the country. We're now the dirty man of Europe for CV19 ! We may end up being the only country that other European countries won't let in.
  10. Ian and Foggy - never seen in the same place ! 🤔
  11. Blimey Charlie Halley's Comet sighted next !
  12. Will have a look Friday evening (there's at least a 50% chance I sold them years ago) and let you know.
  13. Complete one-piece bumper/valence fg/cf lower rear end including overriders please Bonus points if it's already one of the fifteen shades of metallic blue that I already have on my car Oh and your ally 964RS bonnet obvs.
  14. Think I have a set of these in the garage Lewis ? Might be the weekend before I get out there though 🤔
  15. GaryH

    25mm adapters

    Yep, long studs and open nuts. Only needed a few mm off so they just milled down the ones we already had.
  16. GaryH

    25mm adapters

    Can't remember exactly but think my rear spacers are 18mm+ ? (had to shave them a bit to allow the square-shouldered S02s to clear the arches).
  17. GaryH

    25mm adapters

    I think people often prefer spacers to adapters Phill.
  18. Teacher: Cummings junior, can you put contagious in a sentence ? Cummings junior: Dad should've self isolated in London, but he chose to drive 250 miles to try and kill my grandparents, and the journey took the contagious.
  19. Programming, how hard can it be
  20. Arduino for the controller Phill ?
  21. Take it on track at Bugatti for half an hour in the summer and check the temps then Couldn't touch the rear bumper blade it was so hot
  22. Ahem... "Having a Super Car Meeting in Cumbria/ Lakes is NOT essential. Approximately 10 Super Cars escorted back the motorway and sent to their respective county's."
  23. Reminds me I have a RHD fg dash in alcantara finish (sitting in the garage of course )

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