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  1. Agree Mark, when I was tracking this car on a regular basis every 3 or 4 weeks I'd be ready for a track day. All it needed was the brakes flushed occasionally, and check the engine and 915 oil level. It was all seat time with a typical track day providing 5 half hour sessions a day. The RSR and I were as happy as could be. In black on the cover, thank you Jamie and John!
  2. We re-homed the RSR to a new enthusiastic owner. Thrilled I got to enjoy it for 20 years. The new owner lives 5 minutes from a great track where he gets 20 track days a year. The RSR is going to the perfect new home.
  3. Michael

    Cool vids

    My last Blue RSR videos, soon it leaves for a new owner. This one has air jacks.😎 Giving rides and driving at 8/10 was always fun.
  4. Alex thank you! 🍀 A nice offer on the auction from George Dyer the original 70's owner/driver, he will give the new owner a driving lesson
  5. The IMSA RSR tribute in now on auction. Check it out. 🍀 https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1969-porsche-911-9/I
  6. Cheers Mark, thanks it may be my last track day Video in the RSR. My first AX in the RSR was in 2001, it's completely dialed in, so now it's time for a new race car challenge. Directing my racing efforts on a couple of IMSA tube chassis V8 race cars in the garage.
  7. one more video chasing friends and 3 wide on the front straight.
  8. 3 air jack posts require 350psi of Nitrogen to lift the 2400lb RSR+. Have worked flawlessly for years. Are any others here with air jacks? Granted air jacks are a ways down the slippery slope. ⛷️
  9. Thanks guys it's in the livery of the 77 Sebring 12 hour winner. I recent photo of the real #30 RSR now in Sweden. One at Daytona from a French Mag.
  10. My So Cal rainy track day video.
  11. Found a photo of the RSR+ on the website for my favorite Track club, place called the Thermal Club. Located in the desert near Palm Springs California. Perfect weather in the high 70s, no wind or or rain, typical weather for our deserts in the winter. Last weekend raced there for 3 days. (in my other race car) 2 Practice sessions. 2 Qualifying sessions. 1 Warm up session. 2 Races. https://youtu.be/zPpFJeITV_o?t=385
  12. We drove our 86 club sport to Rennsport at Laguna Seca raceway in California. It had only 100 miles on the restoration. Drove from San Diego to Monterey in 6 hours averaging 80 to 90 mph except for construction zones and a few miles in Los Angeles. Great drive, Gemini blue club sport was my wing-man Frank. My favorite Rennsport car the 917/30.
  13. Michael

    Cool vids

    following a 935 my favorite the diet coke 962.
  14. Michael

    Cool vids

    Love laguna Seca, at 15:30 they lap me in the white Camaro. my view, start at about 23:30.

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