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  1. Odd innit? Cross over the river and back again. It’s almost a one horse town...
  2. Yes. That’s what Hukent said about them.
  3. HEL ‘coz apparently they are all stainless, unlike Goodridge
  4. ^^ That's the way GCR put a 911 on a trailer.
  5. Off to buy a watch...? How many days? 7 and 8 are missing and 11 is counted twice. You could come back in one day- I did Marseille to home in one hit in the Saab. Long day on the peage but do-able. You don’t have as far to go as I did.
  6. Don't blame Nader - blame the +1🐘... Was that really 2015? Sheesh...
  7. I have. I telephoned and was asked to email them, which I did and I have had a reply. They must not like the sound of you two
  8. Excellent! You can lead the way next year then Or you could let RB show you how to drive it
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