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  1. 2 weeks today I have had the car 10 years and done something like 74k. Right now I am at the airport, going home nearly 2 weeks early. Hey ho- the recovery guy is going to put the car in the workshop until it gets recovered to Blighty. When that is I don’t know and it’s costing me >£100 a day to be in Denmark, so I might as well be at home doing useful things. This might make you lot laugh- the recovery guy was the spitting image of our very own GaryH.... (cue violins going eee eeee eee)
  2. Cheers SP: flight home booked, managed to get everything in 2 bags: now a walk down to the train station, wearing my walking boots. Good job it is cloudy today. As Mr Altabani said in the Italian Job- “Ees a long walk back to Eengland, and it’s thataway...”
  3. Thanks Fred! Just been out to the car to collect more stuff from it, thinking if the insurance ppl get hold of it I might not see the car again. So I came back with some tools, waterproofs and walking boots (forgot they were in the car ), all the SD cards and *most importantly* my IB badge... While I was there I took the liberty of taking some pics
  4. If I think you are on about the black ones, then they are gone, retired from gardening service this year... Ignorance is bliss....maybe I don’t know what is going to happen in the next few weeks? But then what else can I do? The only thing we can control is our reaction to our thoughts and external events: I could do with more sleep though. Keep waking up I think I may come home either today or tomorrow. I reckon ADAC may be some time in assessing the car.
  5. I’m trying! Waiting for ADAC to assess it before repatriation...
  6. Thanks Lewis- much appreciated. Right now: Chinese!
  7. The one trip I would have loved to have done, esp. with you guys: just looked in the iPhone diary- took my late Mum round Norway the following month. Knew there was a reason why I didn’t join you....
  8. Thanks Paul, any support is much appreciated. Right now I am waiting for ADAC to do their assessment on the car. The car insurance are talking about a write off (based on my verbal description) but that may (hopefully) change when they assess the car and then to top it all off my company travel insurance won’t cover me for the change in plans, so that’s just great At least I managed to cancel all but one Iceland accommodation, so that’s a grand saved. Booked another night here in Denmark, been cheering myself up watching Graham Norton on YouTube, which is what I did when my Mum passed away: hoping tomorrow things start to happen. Off for some G&T’s...
  9. WC can’t possibly be chunky with all the building graft he has been doing...
  10. It’s a good ducktail: I just spent an hour last week fettling it to fit pretty much spot on!
  11. It’s not that fire extinguishers are useless: more that cooling was required, which only the fire brigade could do. The flames kept re-igniting and then the extinguishers ran out...so I think they helped reduce the damage, but couldn’t stop the flames. Ivan, the fuel pump wasn’t working: there would have been a lot more damage if it had been. The heat did something to the starter that made it operate. This was after a good few minutes. I went on a walk this morning: found the car:
  12. Shirish, alternatively....go away and stop putting ideas in my head
  13. Thanks John! Let’s get me and the car back first and take things one step at a time.
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