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    Somewhere far from desired

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    1988 3.2 Carrera Schport
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    Grand St Bernard Pass 2010 listening to Matt Monro

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  1. Dr Rock

    Tickety boo hoo :(

    Exhaust blow. Had the same after seeing Wayne.
  2. And? Don’t wear your wellies or go spilling candle wax in the car then...
  3. Leave it as it is: light interiors are 😎
  4. Antenna would be on the other wing.
  5. Drive it like you stole it, is the way. Once warmed up of course.
  6. Never mind the Jaaag: what about the Saab? Any more pics of it?
  7. Ahh, so you didn’t do the oil change then....
  8. Dr Rock

    Engine lid

    You need to email him.
  9. I’d get genuine ones: not an easy job or one you want to get wrong.
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