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  1. I had that on a Saab once - changed all the front axles/hubs etc and it turned out to be the front Michelins. Only found out when I put the front wheels on the rear... This thread is like a mini Saab thread - same issues and fixes
  2. Don’t waste your time or money with either.
  3. need to drive the car more often....
  4. It wouldn't get to that point - the AI would have taken action before then.
  5. Correctamundo - not the Porsche spec bearings we thought had been installed. All put right for no cost
  6. Oil change @1000 miles, check over and re-torque etc. And then rebuild the engine again
  7. I went round Birmingham in one day, keeping below 4k rpm with lots of hills and engine braking, then changed the oil at 500 miles, then did another 500 miles before going back to Chris. Just do whatever Chris says to do: ignore the internet warriors.
  8. Maybe the drivers right foot might get a bit heavier: mine certainly did...
  9. Indeed! Though it is a slope front, with velour seats and it's an automatic and the front left quarter panel by the bodykit/A pillar looks like it has some dent in it A/c was available and it doesn't torque steer because the driveshafts are equal length Metoo. All those Lambos...
  10. Mine didn't, then started to get stopped and this year at least, don't.
  11. Write the telephone number in a message
  12. You won’t get the back plate off. Unplug the wiring connector and unscrew the two screws and the unit should come out. Might need to angle things a bit to clear the body.
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