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  1. Better off with Fenn Lanes bushes: CG will advise on what is best.
  2. These ppl are in my phone book from when I was looking to bring a Saab back from Europe: https://www.carseurope.net/car-shipping/ and these ppl: http://www.sterlingmotortransport.co.uk
  3. My Dad’s cars: 1960 Red MGA 1962 Red MGA Twin Cam Roadster 1965 Green Hillman Minx (from Grandad when he stopped driving) 1971 Blue Mk1 Escort Irish beige Hillman Avenger (hockey stick taillights) 1976 Blue Chrysler Avenger 1977 Brown Austin Princess 1980 White Mk1 Fiesta 1.0 1973 Orange MGB Roadster when he retired: couldn’t afford another MGA 1998 Dark Green Fiesta Mum had: ’71 pale blue Beetle ’72 red Beetle ’66 red Beetle ’65 blue Beetle 2000 Polo 2012 Hyundai i10
  4. Maybe it was because there were more independent manufacturers, less focus on safety so more scope for design and cars were simpler and so easier to have a different point of view and execution? (That's a big sentence: not sure if it makes sense to even me...)
  5. IIRC some of the wiring is NLA....well it was when I thinking of repairing my car.
  6. Dr Rock


    ^^^ ie drive your car more
  7. Good job we are not in Switzerland... On the black Saab the previous owner had made his own, homemade LED taillight/brakelight/foglight bulbs... They came straight out to be repacked by normal bulbs.
  8. https://www.bbc.com/sport/amp/formula1/56355693
  9. Take the sender out of the tank, turn it upside down and back again (gently). See if that helps.
  10. Dr Rock


    Any more info? Any sounds when turning the key? Any lights come on on the dash? Do the headlights/indicators/horn etc work? You did install the battery the correct way around, didn't you?
  11. The thread is not required to make an oil tight seal I used an angle grinder then a dremel to undo my oil line nuts. Took some time, but worked just fine
  12. ^^^ +1 and don’t use POR15...
  13. LOL - too early for me, but looks very nice!
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