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  1. 1 x G50 rear infill panel, as per pictures. In clean unbroken condition. £200, collection only from LE10 postcode as it is fragile.
  2. Take it up to Chris @CenterGravity and get it checked out.
  3. Good for the knees as well, for when you get old
  4. https://clbrakepads.co.uk/collections/porsche-car-racing-brake-pads
  5. 1 x 1988 911 front spoiler for fog lights, still wrapped up from being painted in Venetian Blue, £50 collection from LE10 postcode.
  6. 1 x pair of 3.2 sill covers, unwrapped since being painted and stone chip protection in Venetian Blue. £100 collection from LE10 postcode.
  7. Hello, Yes, that’s fine. Let me know when you would like to collect.
  8. 1 x pair of 3.2 camshafts, used but in good condition. *Slight* bit of wear on one of the lobes, only got removed when I had the engine rebuilt. £120 incl postage to UK, or collection from LE10 postcode.
  9. Looks like paint and can be scratched.
  10. 1 x NOS blue 3.2 steering wheel and centre pad. Never fitted, part no 911 347 084 08 (09 VERL). £200 incl postage.
  11. “You rang, Mr Worth…?”
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