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  1. Sorted 😎 Let you know tomorrow.
  2. Bunch of linen leather left over from my seat refurb a few years back. Free to an IBer.
  3. On entering the garage, the IBer couldn’t see a damn thing....
  4. Dr Rock


    Textar didn’t stop my car after using Ferodo pads... Then I discovered Carbon Lorraine
  5. Just seek out those with faces for radio...
  6. Dr Rock

    New 911SC owner advice

    You need voice recognition then....
  7. I did. Went around Birmingham...did the 1000 miles in 4 days.
  8. Be careful: https://www.uksaabs.co.uk/UKS/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=129279&hilit=isocyanate
  9. Dr Rock


    No point in wrapping it if the paint isn’t mint. And if the paint is good, it’ll likely get pulled off in places when the wrap is removed in the future. And the wrap doesn’t cover 100% of the paint and you will get chips in the non wrapped paint
  10. Water or foam, not gas. The experts will no doubt chime in with their advice.
  11. I’d be changing the fire extinguisher for one that works
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