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  1. “You rang, Mr Worth…?”
  2. I had this one time. Got all the way to the Alps with a still full tank. Took the sender out and gave it a gentle shake, put it back in and the gauge dropped to zero Fortunately it was all downhill to the petrol station. The sender wires are fragile, so be gentle.
  3. Everyone's favourite I think. 13 years to build...
  4. Sounds right - I remember Leicester OPC doing the MOT and it failing as they couldn't get the rear foglights to come on....
  5. I have a Pro One tower in the kitchen and it's grrrreat, as Tony would say. https://prooneusa.com/
  6. Number of IB’s involved
  7. https://retrospecparts.com/shop/citroen/yellow-glass-cover-for-halogen-headlamp-bulb/ https://www.burton2cvparts.com/electra/light-bulbs/lamp-sleeve-yellow-for-h4-lamp
  8. Depends on what is required when stripped down and if you want to spice things up a bit. Full rebuild will likely be north of £20k
  9. Full engine rebuild or just top end?
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