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  1. So that’s what Rimmer has been doing...
  2. They didn’t come in gold only black and tan or silver and burgundy: I happen to have the matching pair now..
  3. 1985 T16S Aero in black with tan leather, 1 owner last 32 years, 85k miles, (5k since 2006), no rust, never welded, every MOT and Tax disc and full service record. I only went to have look, just to put my mind at rest....decided I couldn't let anyone else have it
  4. S'not: no space for anything else. Mongo gone and bought another Saab last month...
  5. FFS! As Ian says - although I did work at school etc I think Chris thought I knew what he was talking about....hadn't a clue , but it was interesting trying to follow what he was talking about... RIP Chris
  6. Hulk is already taken -how about Shrek...?
  7. Don’t bother with a camera There’s not *that* many single track roads on the main route...
  8. May be of some help, not Porsche but I bet similar... https://www.saabcentral.com/threads/turn-signal-repair.237505/
  9. The mounts are not hard to get made...
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