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  1. These radios are now available. I saw one in the flesh at the NEC Classic Car show on Sunday. Looks really good. First 15 already delivered with another batch available from classic car radio.
  2. Now due in stock in October!
  3. Thanks all. I'll post some more pictures when I get home in a few days. I just decided to take the engine out, give it a polish, and put it back in. Of course this involved new clutch, oil seal, SS manifold and silencer, reference sensors, and all the 'while you're in there stuff'.
  4. Not posting for any other reason than I’m at a loose end at the moment.
  5. Great spot, Beaky. Well done.
  6. This looks like what we've all been waiting for: https://www.ferdinandmagazine.com/updated-blaupunkt-bremen-sqr46-coming-2018
  7. bodmin

    Engine Lid

    Hi Bob, Many thanks, and I can hold it as long as you like. It is safely stored, so no damage will befall it. The paint work is unmarked - absolutely perfect. Colour is standard guards (or Indischrot as I think Porsche call it), Regards Mike
  8. bodmin

    Engine Lid

    I have for sale a flat engine lid. This was bought new from Porsche Centre Edinburgh Sept 2012. It was professionally painted, and fitted to my 3.2 Carreras briefly before I decided to revert back to the original winged engine lid. All fastenings and hardware new including the ventilation grill. New price for the lid then was £504 + VAT, grill £106 + VAT. The lid has not been drilled for the wiper spindle which was £27 + VAT. Total (not inc the Carrera badge or painting) around £800. Lid had been meticulously stored (protectors on corners shown in picture) Sell for £450. Buyer must make own arrangements for post / collection from Edinburgh.
  9. Hard to see, but it looks like it might be a non-sunroof body.
  10. Thanks Ivan - it looks like a Turbo body, but no boost gauge in the tachometer, and exhaust doesn't look right for a Turbo.
  11. A friend in the Republic of Ireland sent me these pictures of an IB he was thinking about buying as a project. Believed to be a 1976 car. It looks to me like it has avoid written all over it. Unfortunately no engine pictures. I'm not quite sure what it is exactly. Can anyone assist in identifying it?
  12. Drinky, Could you possibly post some detailed pictures of the finished installation? I started offering my set up to the car, but realised that some major surgery would be involved to make them fit. I decided that his would not end well, so the liners are back in the box awaiting another day. Thanks
  13. Hi Dave, I see I am still on the list as 42 bodmin - disclaimer and payment sent?? I sent you the both disclaimer and payment weeks ago and followed this up again with a pm yesterday. Hope this is all in order! Regards Bodmin
  14. Hi - I'm after a set as well. Just sent email to Dave at david@racelife.co.uk

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