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  1. An update on this issue - it wasn’t the injector after all! Cylinder #6 was the one that was running cold. I removed the fuel rail and had a look at the injector #6 on the workbench. Resistance was around 2.5 ohms, and on applying 12v it clicked open and I was able to blow the residual fuel through it. I decided to swap injector #6 with #4, and spark plug #6 with #5. Buttoned everything up and started the engine. It was cylinder #5 that was running cold now indicating that this was a spark plug issue. Although the spark plug looked ok I gave it a good clean and a lick of th
  2. Can faulty fuel injectors be brought back to life? I felt I was running on 5 cylinders, and using an infra-red heat gun I’ve ascertained this is indeed the case. Prime suspect is the injector. This is the second injector failure that I’ve had in the last 6 months. The last one cost £250 for a genuine Porsche job. I was wondering if dead injectors can be brought back to life? The alternative is a set of 6 Lucas D1540BA from FiveO, or a set if eBay specials for £210. I can’t bring myself to shell out another £250 for one injector.
  3. Has anyone installed a quick & easy system to measure fuel rail pressure on a 3.2 Carrera? I was expecting a quick Google search would reveal the items required, but the usual places just revealed debate with no info on hardware, thread sizes, etc. is there anything available ‘off the shelf’ that can be fitted and left in situ? I did read about fitting an electrical sender, but I just want a hard pipe to go from the sample point in the rail to a permanent analog gauge on the engine.
  4. Visited ProGrip in Larbert today. Excellent service - John is certainly very familiar with these cars. He charged £75 for 1-1/2 hours work. Great value.
  5. Can you put me down for one as well when you do the next batch? Thanks
  6. Thanks Andy - I shall give them a call.
  7. Anyone know where I can get my wheel alignment checked oop north? After dismantling, replating, and rebuilding my rear suspension I need a basic setup done (3.2 Carrera). I took my car to a recommended specialist in Edinburgh. When I went to collect it the rear was about 1-1/2” lower than it should be. The car just looked ridiculous. Rear tyres swallowed up inside the arches. They offered to put it right but I have no faith in that shop and don’t want them touching my car again. I have adjusted the spring plate cams to put the ride height roughly where it should be. I’m n
  8. These radios are now available. I saw one in the flesh at the NEC Classic Car show on Sunday. Looks really good. First 15 already delivered with another batch available from classic car radio.
  9. Thanks all. I'll post some more pictures when I get home in a few days. I just decided to take the engine out, give it a polish, and put it back in. Of course this involved new clutch, oil seal, SS manifold and silencer, reference sensors, and all the 'while you're in there stuff'.
  10. Not posting for any other reason than I’m at a loose end at the moment.
  11. Great spot, Beaky. Well done.
  12. This looks like what we've all been waiting for: https://www.ferdinandmagazine.com/updated-blaupunkt-bremen-sqr46-coming-2018
  13. bodmin

    Engine Lid

    Hi Bob, Many thanks, and I can hold it as long as you like. It is safely stored, so no damage will befall it. The paint work is unmarked - absolutely perfect. Colour is standard guards (or Indischrot as I think Porsche call it), Regards Mike
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