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  1. Sablé Bretton, with almond cream, strawberry and orange jam, fresh strawberries then Italian meringue. Was going to add a few other bits but got lazy. I love breaded mozzarella. That with some pesto on top is always a winner.
  2. Nice. Still vegetarian me old China?
  3. Looking good that pizza Richard. Love the oven. Pizza are so personal I find, I went to Sanremo, Imperia and other places in Italy to taste the so called best pizza places. They were great but not even close to what my mate makes in our oven onboard. Not sure how he manage that despite that we have been working 3years together.
  4. This is actually really cool! Making one of the most ugly Ferrari a cool car. Love it.
  5. Mamamia! https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C724053
  6. Sainz, smaller salary and better team mate for Charles. Ricciardo really struggled v Verstapen and I can only see the same thing happening against Leclerc. Leclerc is Ferrari numero uno. Ricciardo didn't like to be treated as a number 2 before and I can't imagine him wanting this to happen again.
  7. Fred

    Cool vids

    That 205 is awesome. My mate used to have one. My older brother used to work for Peugeot many years ago. The better one to drive was the 309Gti he reckon. He used to get the four wheels of the ground passing on some bridges around where we used to live.
  8. They are absolutely magnificent machine.
  9. My lottery ticket: https://www.yachtworld.com/boats/2020/cigarette-515-3176643/ I had a chat with the owner of Cigarette. He opened the engine bay and started the engines for me to hear the melody. Awesome!!! He was waiting to pick up L. Hamilton for a quick spin. Dam, that was a cool day.
  10. Been making biltong. Engineers quickly built a box and we are up and running:
  11. A bit of Greek food for lunch today. Greek salad, Spanakopita, Moussaka, Roast vegs, yogurt dressing and fresh herbs oil, Avgolemono soup.
  12. As usual, some great dishes on here. Loving this thread.
  13. Charles Bradley, changes.

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