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  1. Green, feels like you just doing your bit for the planet.
  2. Nice. Looks better than the first one.
  3. Looks different than the other Singer cars. What is it based on? New engine?
  4. I know I received a notification from Microsoft. You've been chipped... 😅
  5. I am so young that I will not be vaccinated before 2025. 😅
  6. Fred

    Cool vids

    Looking at that 74 car, I thinks dad's friend won 73 (maybe before) Lemans in his category with his own modified Porsche. That won him a phone call from Porsche Germany to explain how he modified their engine and offered him to look after Jurgen Barth car.(I might have mixed up the dates but pretty cool!)
  7. Been working in Spain, France and Germany in the last year. I am yet to meet a single person who wants to be vaccinated.
  8. Awefull. Looks like all involved are ok-ish by now.
  9. OK, i am here. I think that it was 2008. I was young and beautiful. Black 3.2, 1987...£4500.
  10. Looks good John, I would definitely loose a few Kg and maybe go for something like a 993 Rs club sport but with a slightly less aggressive rear spoiler. Engine wise and suspensions set up can't stay original, it would be boring.
  11. Lovely little things! Only down bit for me is the carbon dashboard and instrumentation, and maybe the steering wheel as well. It doesn't look right for a hot rod. Love the colour!
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