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  1. Hello Alex, Unfortunately, it looks like I haven't got the ones you looking for. I have the rear screen and the 2 rear windows. Sorry I can't be of any help. Cheers
  2. Hello David, Yes, I know the feeling. Many things in my mind at the moment, the 3.2 is just not a focus of mine for the time being. It would be hard to see it go though...
  3. Lol! If I don't do anything with it, it might just go to one of my brothers, otherwise it will go to my son when he'll be 18! 10years to go!!!!
  4. No problem Jamie, send me a message and I'll give you my brother's email so you can arrange for collection.
  5. Alex, I'll ask my brother to send me a picture of what windows are in the garage, Not sure my car will ever see a road again. I have no time or interest about cars these days.
  6. Hey guys, I am trying to help my brother emptying my old garage in Brighton. I have an IB bonnet and windows who needs to go in the next couple of months. It's free, just need to be collected. I can put you in touch with my brother for collection time. Cheers, Fred
  7. Rebuild that bloody thing and drive up the mountains to come to see us mate! I still remember the day you turned up in Brighton. I was holding my little boy and he spotted your car straight away, not even knowing what is was or who it was. I think that is was the exhauste note that got his full attention.
  8. Hey Frazer, Saldly Gary made me aware of this awful incident. Main thing is that you are well and it's flipping awesome that you might be able to rebuilt it even better and more beautiful than ever!! Fred
  9. Fred

    The Old Guard.

    One of the best car days of my life. Great people, great cars, fantastic memories. Who is that handsome looking lad racing Gary's car!!??? Lol
  10. Fred

    New race car

    Awesome new race car Runnersp! Roads are fantastic, looks nearly as good as where I am now.😉 I wish I had a car to drive them though...
  11. Fred

    Le Mans on TV

    Not really sure why the LMP1 were running this year. that was a farce. I wonder what Alonso will say after saying that F1 was boring because only 2 teams can win when he jut competed in a 1 team race...
  12. Almeras Group 4. I prefer the look of the 934 but the almeras would be the ideal car on the mountain roads.
  13. The car is definitely not an SCRS but a much better car. It is a 911 Almeras Group 4 (withoutthe to engine)
  14. Driver is J-P Nicolas. Legend!
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