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  1. Incredible indeed. Total respect.
  2. Yes, this is what I thought as well. I might give a go and see what they say.
  3. Dam, that could have been cool. I already have all the owners names (I think). I know which garages were looking after it as well but not sure they would keep paper work from late 90s.
  4. Stupid question but my car is from 1994, so when was the first MOT due those years? Was it 3-4 years after purchase? The Dfl DVA, have sent me some MOT info's for the mid 2000 from my car. Pretty cool of them. Now I'll go on the blower to call previous garages to see if they still hold some files on the old girl.
  5. Not having Mot history might be a pain when you try to sale it. I am going through that pain... 😅
  6. Mr Nice. Not sure if it's good that I know some people mentioned in his book though. Lol
  7. Thanks guys. I have the hpi. All good. Very difficult indeed to get Mot history. Luckily i am in touch with the owner of the car when it was in Northem Irland. He has been absolutely amazing regarding the history of the car previous to him and during is ownership. He even sent me pictures of it before he sold it plus the original advert. I will keep digging!
  8. Both... To be fare to her the suspension on those things were notorious to make you feel like you were at sea.
  9. Hi everybody, I was wondering if anyone has an idea how to search for Mot history back to 1994? My car has had different number plate over the years with some private ones. It was in Northem Irland for nearly 16 years but never registered with NCT as it wasn't registered to the Republic of Ireland. I have tried all sorted of sources but can't see where to get info's anymore. I managed to find one of the owners in Irland, he is going to dig into his paper work and see if he can help. It's for an M5 E34. Cheers Fred
  10. Dam, my mum had one of those in silver. What a cool car it was. We always used to be sick at the back when going on holidays...
  11. F40 was so unreliable but the 959 as well from what I was told. Still, I'd go for both.
  12. Mine is a long story. It started in 1976....
  13. Shame, I am due back to the uk soon. I would not have mind having look at it!
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