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  1. Embarrassing from Redbull: https://www.planetf1.com/news/red-bull-silverstone-crash-review/
  2. Interesting and very true from Montoya: https://www.planetf1.com/news/juan-pablo-montoya-aggressive-lewis-hamilton/ I doubt Hamilton will be able to follow the Redbull in Hungary but would be funny if he can get close on the first corner...
  3. Max got away to many times with his aggressive moves over the last 6years. Swerving on the track (many times) , brake checking Kimi at Spa, pushing Hamilton twice this year, pushing Leclerc off the track and others. I feel Lewis has had enough of those stupid moves and shown him what the consequences of wanting to race a bit too aggressively. I blame the FIA for Max attitude, they have been protecting him for far to long with his reckless driving. What I find amusing is that Hamilton is is 13 years older with a slower car and still giving some really hard time to a so called prodigy... Still, Verstapen should walk away with the championship if there is no relibilty issue. Their performance on soft tyres is astonishing(during Quali) . Off the line, Mercedes have no chance either, Redbull have the perfect machine. Respect to them for completely out smarting Mercedes with the new rules.
  4. OK, no it's inconvenient. The companies don't allow us to fly back to the uk as they don't want us to quarantine on our way back to work due to new measures put in place by the german gouvernment (basically getting paid to do nothing, which I understand) Well, the British Co worker spent time with his "family" when they came to see him. They got diagnosed a few days in and he got diagnosed positive a few days later. The health authorities didn't need much more proofs to understand where he got it. I am allowed to travel for work. I was based in Palma in 2020, I am based in Germany for most of 2021.
  5. I am not in France. I am in Germany. If I Come back to the uk now, I am not allowed to go back to Germany unless my company accept for me to quarantine 14 days which they don't. I was due at Xmas to come back to the uk while I was working in Spain but the family of a Co workers dicided that it was fine to come on holiday (from the uk) to see him and not taking necessary precautions so he got covid. Despite not getting covid we had to quarantine and cancel my flight. Many companies refuse to pay for workers quarantine. You just have to check the Brits and Germans in Palma to understand why Covid spread so quick, they don't give a dam about rules once outside their own country.
  6. That is what gets me. People complaining about not going on holidays while some of us can't even be reunited with our families due to constant rule changes about traveling. Had to give a call to my son a couple of hours ago that I am not aloud to fly back to the uk so I will miss for the 2 year in a row his birthday after missing Xmas as well. And let's be honest, most of the travel restrictions are in place because holiday goers keep breaking the rules and spread Covid around. Sorry, rent over.
  7. You guys are lucky, I can't even flight back home to see my family. 1 month spent at home in the last 14 months.
  8. Looks cool but appart that on an f1 track, I have never really seen anyone wearing shirts or other items related to a car brand. Very narrow market.
  9. We use a company called Better2know for all our testing. Very easy to deal with: https://www.better2know.co.uk/page/covid-19
  10. Looks great! When do you plan to fit a proper engine in!!??? Lol
  11. Standard 911 rust bucket. Will look good once sorted!
  12. Green, feels like you just doing your bit for the planet.
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