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  1. Hey Nige. My 1st super score in, what?, 12 years ?! Hope you & yours are well Take care Buddy.
  2. If you're happy to post it (of course I'd pay for that) then yes, please. Thanks Martin
  3. Can you tell me the offsets/ET ? Many Thanks Martin
  4. MdR

    Felft door scraper clips

    It's never been my Ghia, SWMBO has always had that privilege.
  5. MdR

    Felft door scraper clips

    Yup. I'm still alive, all is well & my '69T is still in bits. The '58 Ghia currently works because I haven't been allowed to take it apart... I'd give that a punt, what they going to be? Maybe a tenner delivered.
  6. MdR

    Felft door scraper clips

    Nige, they look like Ghia ones. https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=karmanm+ghia+window+felt+clips&oq=karmanm+ghia+window+felt+clips&aqs=chrome..69i57.18068j0j9&client=ms-android-motorola&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8 Heritage lists them but they're out of stock. Get 'em posted from the States?
  7. Hi Bob Happy to help if I can. Mines from an '82 A prefix 'plate. It is blue but it is cheap to clear as it's taking up space. Let me know if Ian's isn't right for you.
  8. I've got a complete RHD assembly. I'll need to check it's in good working order. Martin
  9. I've got in blue with fittted square speakers. Would you like some pics? Martin
  10. Can confirm these fit LWB (69 on) and 996 too. Basically the back of any 911. Works with lap belt only and normal 3 point for front seat use. Excellent seats, I've no connection with the sale but have previously owner 2 and they also fit Beetles, Karmann Ghia.
  11. MdR

    Dansk 2 in 2 out

    2 out at one at each end or 2 out nearer the centreline? Thanks Martin
  12. MdR

    Porsche child seat

    P.s. may well fit later than 996 but that's as far as my personal experience goes
  13. MdR

    Porsche child seat

    These are excellent seats & fit from SWB thru to 996 Good price too
  14. P.s. Nuclear attack packaging is not aimed at Interlink - it's just Industry wide best practice!
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