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  1. Looking really good Ian! My engine has done just over 150K now and thank goodness continues to run beautifully. 🤞🤞🤞as I dread having to go to all this expense: Pulled it out of its Carcoon yesterday and had a quick blast up Cheddar Gorge (en route to buying essential milk of course). Will have to try and get along to watch you race this year. Good luck with the new engine.
  2. So.... it's time to tuck my SC away for the winter and today's the day I unrolled my Carcoon and went through my end of season routine. But not before one last blast around the Mendips and a top up with Premium Unleaded. I was reminded what a nice community most classic car owners really are when I saw three other classics within a few minutes. Firstly a rare Jensen Healey gave me a flash and a big wave immediately followed by a lovely bright red Ferrari 360 who also gave me a big wave. But then.... coming in the opposite direction was an E reg Guards Red 3.2 Carrera. This time I took the initiative and flashed/waved only to be met with a complete blank😂. Porsche drivers eh!! Roll on 2021....
  3. 911SC Z3M Roadster 335D X-Drive Bright orange mini! Very happy to host a photo shoot in Somerset!😀
  4. Loving this 80s love in! I too had a couple of interesting cars from this era. I left University and ended up living back at home for a year which rather curtailed my social life! However It did enable me to save up and buy a one elderly owner 1979/V Scirocco 1.6GLi in a lovely metallic red. It had the same engine as the Golf GTI but that lovely coupe body. Moved out and down south then and next up was a 1982/Y Golf GTI 1.8 MK1 in Lhasa green. I think it was fairly rare as VW upgraded the GTI engine from 1.6 to 1.8 only for a year or so before the MK2 Golf was introduced. The Golf had to go for a deposit on a flat but managed to bounce back a few years later with a 1986/D 205CTI 1.6 in white with a black hood. Bought it from BCA Blackbushe auctions and apparently its only previous owner was Cunard Cruises! It was a hoot but only after I had sold it would I admit that I did look a little hair-dresser like driving it around😉. Happy days!
  5. Spooky! In 1997 I too was 37 years young, I also had two kids, two mortgages and I too had to wait 5 years until the arrival of my 911😀. However... I was driving a 406SRi company hack, my wife was driving my old 405 company hack and I had a 1964 TR4 tucked away in the garage to bring weekend smiles. Happy days!!
  6. I'm afraid I'm yet another fan of BMW! Aside from the SC these two also occupy my petrolhead world. The Z3M is actually quite a rare bird. One of only 73 roadsters made with the later S54 engine from the E46 M3. Silky smooth with 325BHP, fantastic acceleration and all that fresh air! The F30 335D Xdrive is even more impressive in its own way. 0-60 under 5 seconds and yet is capable of post 50 mpg (obviously not at the same time). It's an awesome piece of kit albeit perhaps lacking the soul of the 911Sc or Z3M. Both my BMs happen to be Estoril Blue. Good job I chose something completely different for my 911. Minerva blue😀!!
  7. Same story from me I'm afraid! My wife's beloved Mercedes A Class was written off when a farmer in an old Nissan ran into the side of her car and badly damaged every panel from drivers door to rear door. He claimed she was in the middle of the road when he came around a blind bend in a narrow country lane. I tried to explain to the insurance company that if this were true, impact would have been head on but they just weren't interested and we ended up 50:50. Circumstances were such that it was definitely the other drivers fault but the only witness was his passenger! Like others I used Autotrader and sent screensaves of all similar cars -spec/mileage/dealer history etc and at least I got back what I thought it was worth. Very frustrating seeing the increased premium despite protected NCB😡 Main thing is that nobody was hurt.
  8. Just back late last night from my 6th CLM and what a great event! Porsche overload - even special races this year populated almost entirely by 911s. Stayed on the Pistonheads site where breakfast/dinner and pre-erected tents are provided alongside a bar and Tv coverage of the football and GP. One of the highlights was the drive down and back, we went Poole/Cherbourg and home via Portsmouth last night. Again loads of IBs on the ferry. Seven cars in our convoy incl 2x IBs Two years to wait for the next one☹️
  9. Also loving this series. Missed it first time around so been catching up on the iPlayer for the last few weeks and now almost up with the current run. Car looks great in this colour - albeit my wife doesn't like it! Interesting that it's up for sale and for a great cause too. I guess it will lose its distinctive Swedish registration plate if it ends up with a UK buyer. I suspect that the estimate of £20K to £30K seriously understates where it will end up at auction though!
  10. Thanks guys - some helpful suggestions. Turns out my insurers (Heritage) are more reasonable than I had thought and they've set me up with ALPS Road Rescue annual membership for under £40. Hopefully I won't need them🤞but they will be ok if I do. Good to have Ivan's number as a back up!
  11. Planning my trip to Classic Le Mans in July and for piece of mind I'd like to put some one trip only breakdown cover in place. My insurers only do an annual policy which is a bit steep and I'm struggling to find a product online. Anyone have recommendations please?
  12. Yep - all booked and staying on the Pistonheads site. My 6th CLM. This year going all posh and renting pre-erected tents with beds!! Food at Le Mans isn't that great and after staying in various non private camping sites, we now appreciate the breakfast/evening meal and private bar facilities offered as part of this package. No view of circuit but clean showers and a 10 min walk to the track compensate. Seven cars in my convoy including two IBs and we are leaving Poole Thursday morning. Cant wait!
  13. I'm lucky enough to have two "toys" in the garage and alongside the IB is this little BMW. It's quite a rare car (only 73 RHD made) and combines the M Roadster body with the legendary S54 engine from the E46 M3. 325 creamy horsepower from a non turbo straight six allied to a small light body makes for an interesting and really enjoyable drive. Definitely a contender to replace your Supersport They have gone up in value but I think they are still worth a punt especially in the more numerous S50 version. Have a look at Pistonheads adverts where there's a few for sale. Some say the M Roadster is the new AC Cobra! It's certainly quicker!!
  14. Sounds sensible. I've used BMW in Bath and Bridgewater and they've been good. Not so keen on Bristol although I know Bath is now owned by Dick Lovett anyway.
  15. Very nice car! Love the wheels. It was the colour that sold the car to me when I saw it. I always thought Minerva was such a rare colour but when I went to see Rob at Race and Restorations in Pershore recently I was rather surprised to see that ALL of the 911s he is working on are Minerva!! There's a nice 930 inside and an older Targa outside.
  16. Hi Ian My daily is along the same lines as your new one - well perhaps not but it's the same colour and with the 3 litre Diesel engine it's a tad more economical! Re Redish, I've used James and his team to do work on my Z3M (S54 M3 engine) and they did a great job! Only downside is that their reputation is now so good there is a MASSIVE waiting time for appointments. So plan well ahead if you need anything. Ive also used BMW in Bath who are genuinely interested in the Classic/more interesting cars. They gave me this link which offers fixed price work https://www.bmw-service.co.uk/ Pleased your SC is going well. I remember our trip to Swindon years ago! Mine is hopefully having some work done by Rob in Pershore early next year to return it to 100%. Need it done for Classic Le Mans next year! Good luck and enjoy the M3
  17. Martyn 930 - love the picture of your car! I've tried to download a picture of mine whilst up on the Brecon Beacons this year.
  18. Thank you guys - some really good thoughts here and I will follow up.
  19. Hi Forum Well after 15 years of ownership I've had the news most IB owners fear. I need new kidneys! I also need some work doing to my front tub which all sounds very painful! Ive done a search on the forum but wonder if anyone has recent experience of getting this work done 1. I live in North Somerset and would ideally like to use a specialist who isn't hundreds of miles away. Anyone any recent knowledge/ recommendations? 2. How much can I expect to pay? I know it's apparently hard to tell without a full inspection but ball park figures would be welcome 3. The paint on my car is really very good but am I looking at a respray post this work to ensure it all matches? I regard my car as very good but not concours by any stretch. 4. I've been to the last 6 Classic Le Mans and really want the car sorted by next spring so I can get it ready for no7. I've already discovered that good people are fully booked so if anyone out there knows of a specialist who is great at this work and has some capacity then please shout! Any other comments or thoughts welcome. Thank you in advance.
  20. Quick update Followed the link in Silver WTs helpful note and spoke to type911shop who were equally as helpful. Ordered the part which was sent to my garage for guaranteed delivery next day( today) Part fitted. Steering back to normal. MOT passed. My Z3M Roadster was also booked in for its MOT today at a different garage and both passed! Happy days and many thanks for for all your input guys.
  21. Quick update Followed the link in Silver WTs helpful note and spoke to type911shop who were equally as helpful. Ordered the part which was sent to my garage for guaranteed delivery next day( today) Part fitted. Steering back to normal. MOT passed. My Z3M Roadster was also booked in for its MOT today at a different garage and both passed! Happy days and many thanks for for all your input guys.
  22. Thanks Guys - some sensible suggestions. Targatogo, the firm I used is Stanley Trimmers who are based in the Mendips near Wells. http://www.stanleytrimmers.co.uk/ They are very busy, not the cheapest but they do a great job and are very friendly. Best thing is to visit them and chat through what's needed. I've also got a BMW Z3M Roadster which needs some leather refurbishment and I know exactly where it's going. Good luck with the Targa
  23. After years of seeking some original Porsche material to retrim my drivers seat (it's a very rare material!) I've finally had it done! And it looks superb! They had just taken in a DB6 Volante to start after mine so they clearly know their stuff. Anyone want a recommendation for a trimming business in Somerset let me know! However on my journey home I noticed a distinct "up and "down" movement in the steering wheel almost as if it were adjustable and the lock hasn't been set. There's no movement in any other direction and the steering obviously controls the direction of the car without problem! I'm wondering if the wheel has been loosened to gain better access to the seat? Has anyone else suffered this? Anyone any ideas before I instruct my garage to start replacing bushes etc. Hoping it's something simple!
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