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  1. Sean66

    964 targa

    Sorry type911 just re-read your post and can see you meant purchase price.
  2. Sean66

    964 targa

    Thanks guys, type911 when you say 10-30k seems ok do you to purchase it or to put it right?
  3. Sean66

    964 targa

    Thanks Ian, I'm going to look at it next week. It's a friend that would be buying it im just trying to help but my knowledge is limited tbh. Are the main rust area the same as our cars? I.e kidney bowels,etc
  4. Hey guys I've been offered this for 20k, just wondering what your opinion would be. I've not seen it yet but apparently drives well and runs good, needs new targa top and repaint but otherwise solid. Interior also needs attention. Any opinion welcome please Cheers Sean
  5. Any one from that part of the world happy to have a quick look for me to see if it's worth the trip from Essex. Or even do a full inspection happy to pay.
  6. John, would you be interested in doing an inspection for him and if so could you DM a price for me please.
  7. OK thanks Nige, I think he would need to be lucky for it to be a good one.
  8. OK thanks for that beaky, that's about what I thought for rebuild 10k plus
  9. Does that seem to be a fair price and how much would an engine rebuild cost if need? Just ball park to get an idea.
  10. I don't have any pics my mate just sent me the link. Sorry.
  11. Hi everyone, does anyone here have any information on this car please. Mate of mine is interested in buying it. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/269813510427924/
  12. Sean66

    Car boot finds

    This is the operating manual that came with my 83sc showing a Panasonic SQ-953EG/EE Hope this helps.
  13. Saw this red singer in knightsbridge London and while drooling over it 6MXT pulled up as well. Never seen one before then I get 2 at once. Had a quick chat with the owner of 6MXT very nice guy and only stopped cos he had never seen another one in London.
  14. Ahh that' the main thing 😊
  15. Yeah I know what you mean, I've not been to any abroad before but it seems to me all of these events are expensive.
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