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    DIY, art & design, steam engines & of course -automobiles across the whole gambit!

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    1984 3.3 Turbo (Sadly no longer!)
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    Offshore mechanic / crane operator. (Now retired)
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    Mountain drive through Austria in winter!

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  1. This is an old mechanic’s trick to loosen stubborn nuts! Metal has an elastic property which is not often realised. Strategically placed and accurate hammer blows will often yield surprising results!.....just hit the bloody thing square on! David,
  2. Very good condition wheel that I’d promised Phill that I photo and post some days ago..........apologies Phill as i I completely forgot!, David.
  3. Had mine (Pfizer) a month ago, still waiting fir my second.
  4. Always hankered after a sloping rear screen Anglia as I had one years ago. Sixteen-fifty bored out block with dual twin choke Weber’s and a ported head, 2000E Contina gearbox. Had Capri front discs / struts and and all the usual suspension mods. Fond memories of hill- climbs long passed and gunning it down country lanes.........ah the memories, nostalgia is a powerful thing! David
  5. What happened to Ed China?...did he get pissed-off with Mike Brewer’s inane chatter and East End ‘Diamond Geezer’ persona? Do agree with all the comments, miss the spannering of Ed and really like Ant; guess these programmes have to cater for the non-mechanically minded and have general entertainment value for those of limited attention span?....bit like Trump I guess!!
  6. Glad it has arrived, D
  7. I’m green, green.....green, you’ll never go to Heaven Axel, St Peter will wag his finger at you and say that you were far, far too lucky on Mother Earth and need to serve penance!! On a more serious note, another fantastic find to add to your collection, good luck to you and many, many miles of smiles. Regards, David
  8. Andy, I think that I have a set of wide-body patterns, will have to have a rummage. David
  9. Posted yesterday Chris, hope that it doesn’t go twice round the world before arriving at your door! David.
  10. Hi Paul, Left and right lenses are the same, only difference in lens reflecting moulding is for left or right casting of the light beam depending on left or right hand side of the road which one drives on! I do have a couple of lenses left but first I have to phone Stuart Paterson as he said some time ago said that he would take a couple. Haven’t heard from home for a while so I’ll give him a bell first if that’s ok? Regards, David.
  11. Hi Mathew, did you receive the spark plugs, haven’t heard from you? David. Wil l send a PM.
  12. Darkstar (Doug) has taken them all. David.
  13. Chris, Guess I’ll need post to your home address rather than your work address? Regards, David.
  14. Hi Matt, £4 will cover postage, I’ve sent it off to you this morning. Presume that you still have my bank details? Regards, David
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