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  1. What has happened Fred? Has life’s problems intervened? I have an inclination on that vein as I have to motivate myself sometimes to get out to the garage and get stuck in! (That is after a lifetime of being passionately obsessed with all things automotive!) Maybe there comes a time in one’s life that other pressing things take over and energy and enthusiasm only stretches so far? Selling the Turbo has crossed my mind quite a few times recently, but I chickened out when I go into the garage and sit and look at it........I sometimes think that divorcing my lovely Wife would be easier! Regards, David
  2. I bought a rattle can of satin black from Halfords yesterday...so there!
  3. Sounds like a very worthwhile addition for piece of mind.
  4. Can only manage half of Roy’s.......ten years now and only one breakdown when a red relay worked loose and dropped out!!..........no fueeeeell!.....on the motorway at ahem....70 mph. Needless to say, all relays now removed to have their split contact pins opened out a bit. Starts on the button each and every time, sometimes after laying the garage for months at a time if I haven’t had the opportunity to go for a blast.
  5. I may have one Tim amongst my stash but I’ll have to check. David
  6. As Shirish says, in these unprincipled days can one leave any valuable vehicle on an exposed driveway or in the street? It may be difficult to find secure premises in a city but that’s the reality of the age we live in.
  7. Bl@@dy Nora Fraser, have just logged on to see this devastating news. Thank God that you’ve not had any serious injury.....but the car!,....admired it when you visited last year on your way up to Forres, so sad to see the destruction that the fire caused. Let’s hope that once back home and the remains evaluated, maybe a lot can be saved? I really feel for you as not-with-standing the trauma of it all, to now look at the remains must be heartbreaking. all the best in recovery and recuperation, Regards, David.
  8. As usual, one learns something every day, this site has a wealth of knowledge and some! David
  9. Good man, idle for a few minutes with engine warm and on a level surface.....simples! Regards, David
  10. 6 foot two Alex, and yes....standard seats and sun roof..........didn’t think on opening that tho’....!!! Regards, David.
  11. Maybe a bit off piste, but has anybody had the Incredible Hulk syndrome trying to drive a road car on track with the bl@@dy crash helmet making your chin rest on your chest as the helmet is jammed up on the roof lining? Put me off ever trying again to drive on a race track! David.
  12. As Jevvy says, a manual fan switch would be useful. No normal problems with the Turbo even on hot days while moving, the problems start while stuck in traffic with no air flow. One particular classic car show that I no longer attend was for that very reason.......endless traffic going at a crawl (if moving at all) while exiting the congested roads around the venue.....one hour later and blood pressure rising in sync with the temperature gauge approaching the 9 o’clock mark! ........ goddamn air was blue to match the Prussian Blue of the car!......the world is full of creeping Jesus’s who cannot or will not press the accelerator. David.
  13. I’m all for ‘’free’d’’ nipples.....have not looked at mine recently come to think about it, and haven’t seen my Wife’s ones recently either.........hopefully the Turbo’s ones are suitably free’d and available to twiddle with soon?
  14. This ‘deja vu’ moment as the recent input on the pro’s and con’s re scissor lifts and opening the car doors restricted by the posts on two-posters got me thinking on when I last changed the brake fluid and having the Wife up in the air pumping the pedal!! Cannot remember so will do it soon....interesting that Phill has overlooked this and suffered no undue effects after 14 yrs!, I normally record all maintenance and the fact this doesn't appear on the list makes me think that I’ve done a ‘Phill’!
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