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    DIY, art & design, steam engines & of course -automobiles across the whole gambit!

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    1984 3.3 Turbo (Sadly no longer!)
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    Bentley GT!
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    Offshore mechanic / crane operator. (Now retired)
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    Macallan's whisky.
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    Mountain drive through Austria in winter!

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  1. I’ll have a look at what gauges I have and come back......memory.......memory! D.
  2. Have now found the photo of the maker’s logo, will open out the bag and photo the actual cover if required. D.
  3. Hi Peter, Have PM’d BigG to see if he still is interested, if not you have second dibs. It’s a ‘Auto-Pyjama’ by Auto-Storm, not a tailored fitted cover but I used it on the Turbo while parked in a secure outdoor car park when I was offshore. Thinking around £50 plus postage but open to offers! Regards, David
  4. Hi Jev, I’ll get the make of it for you so you could look it up.Photoing it wouldn’t really do much but I could try. By the way, it is tailored, but not close fitting as such. I’ll dig it out later today. Regards, D.
  5. This jogs my memory, I have a very good quality whale tail outdoor cover if anybody is interested?....cannot offhand remember the make but Storm something springs to mind! David.
  6. On the Turbo, I changed my front wing indicators and bumper lens to clear on a whim, big mistake, Porsche knew better as it did not look right. Changed back to standard, still have the clear lens if anybody wants to make the same mistake! David
  7. Will go with Beaky or maybe custard creams! D.
  8. Nope Roy, still loads which I’ve kinda lost interest....will get back to it! D.
  9. Sorry Roy, but John has bought them. D.
  10. Whatever you need Mark, I have one (possibly more) new, others have very minor stone chip (or chips). Have five I think I total. regards, David
  11. Mark, I’ve got a few original clear Bosch lenses if you are interested? Regards, David
  12. This illustrates what amazing talent lies unnoticed and unrecognised in our Porsche fraternity until now! .........I am astounded! David
  13. Hi Roy, John has just come back to me so I’ll see what he decides. Regards, David
  14. Carrera2 you have PM. David
  15. Well done Haith, it’s a very satisfying feeling of accomplishment when a plan of action is achieved. Also it adds to be bonding process to carry out maintenance! Regards, David.

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