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    DIY, art & design, steam engines & of course -automobiles across the whole gambit!

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    1984 3.3 Turbo (Sadly no longer!)
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    Bentley GT!
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    Offshore mechanic / crane operator. (Now retired)
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    Macallan's whisky.
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    Mountain drive through Austria in winter!

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  1. Wooden gear knob as fitted to my 930 Turbo in a former life! £30 plus p&p.
  2. Have hardly used this, over £400.00 new, asking £100 plus p&p.
  3. Have stored these for years in case they came in useful! Offers? Thinking about £50 plus p&p?
  4. Two R/H headlight lenses that have been on the shelf since the Lord left Ireland! Condition as seen in photographs, £40 each plus postage.
  5. Kevin, Just a reminder (I’m sure that you’re aware) of the importance of really bleeding the oil supply pipe to the turbo when fitting up and before firing up. I fitted a new K27 turbo to mine and was probably doing over-kill in bleeding! Also wise to fit a new feed pipe if for any reason you have to drop the engine as it’s much easier. Regards, David
  6. Hi Craig, I invited yous all to drop by if and when you are in this area, I’ll have to now call off the invite as I am now informed that my Wife’s Yorkshire contingent relations are about to descend on our quiet abode at the end of the month……..for a @&&%# week or more!……my forefathers must have sinned greatly! Needless to say, I have no input to this arrangement, simply informed of what is about to happen! Apologies, I was looking forward to the possibility of meeting some of the Brethern. Regards, David.
  7. Craig, Not having a Porsche now, I cannot join in this jolly jaunt but if and when you decide on route, your are all welcome for coffee / buns if passing this way? Regards, David David
  8. This is an old mechanic’s trick to loosen stubborn nuts! Metal has an elastic property which is not often realised. Strategically placed and accurate hammer blows will often yield surprising results!.....just hit the bloody thing square on! David,
  9. Very good condition wheel that I’d promised Phill that I photo and post some days ago..........apologies Phill as i I completely forgot!, David.
  10. Had mine (Pfizer) a month ago, still waiting fir my second.
  11. Always hankered after a sloping rear screen Anglia as I had one years ago. Sixteen-fifty bored out block with dual twin choke Weber’s and a ported head, 2000E Contina gearbox. Had Capri front discs / struts and and all the usual suspension mods. Fond memories of hill- climbs long passed and gunning it down country lanes.........ah the memories, nostalgia is a powerful thing! David
  12. What happened to Ed China?...did he get pissed-off with Mike Brewer’s inane chatter and East End ‘Diamond Geezer’ persona? Do agree with all the comments, miss the spannering of Ed and really like Ant; guess these programmes have to cater for the non-mechanically minded and have general entertainment value for those of limited attention span?....bit like Trump I guess!!
  13. Glad it has arrived, D
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