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  1. You’re such a nice guy Matt!....... D. PS I used to have one, cannot remember if I’ve sold it but will have a look...
  2. I used five foot twin tube LED lights. Beautiful white bright light and economical to use, very pleased with the result. David
  3. Jonny, this is very similar to mine (Eurotech). You’ll find it invaluable and a bl@@dy breeze to to do small checks and tweaks that would give you a thought having to jack the car up onto stands. I built a seven metre high garage (at the apex) to make sure that I had enough headroom......only problem now is that I’m Porscheless!, Regards, David.
  4. Cannot remember if it was Nige or Lewis who bought my last two (with lips)!....these are the only ones to use. D.
  5. Does the word ‘anorak’ spring to mind Shirish or just ‘bl@@dy silly’? David.
  6. On this level my 8” & 7”’s would fetch two grand and more! .....wish now that I had removed the 9”’s before selling the Turbo!€$$¥€##? David.
  7. Simon, You’re right in giving more attention to those nuts, Nyloc lock nuts (used only once) or castellated locking nuts with split-pins. Your discrepancy in thread rotation is exactly that, ie, where the actual commencing of the thread cutting tool....a fraction clockwise or anti-clockwise will make a difference on where the final rotation ends up, ie, exact number of rotations can end up in a different place as they started from a different place! David.
  8. Jonny’s spade fuse box (Classic Retrofit) with built-in headlanp relays and use Nightbreaker bulbs. Absolutely no problem seeing! David.
  9. You really need 13 cfm for spraying, and a minimum of 100 litre tank. An easy solution is to link up twin compressors (one can be sited somewhere else and just linked up). Mine are linked by copper tubing and sited so that there is a water collection point and drain-off. Also pipe-in a good quality water trap. Regards, David
  10. Hi David, Apologies for the delay in getting back to you, I’ll stick the ball joint socket in a small package, shouldn’t be more that £3.00 or so. Regards, David. Sorry, Lewis has the feeler gauge!
  11. Brexit is easier?!! D.
  12. Yes Chris, home made cam tool has your name on it! Regards, D Craig, noooooo,! ...........I’ll put a hold on this just now as the hour is getting late. I’ll look again at this tomorrow. Apologies! Regards, D.
  13. Craig, all the open jawed spanners have gone to Jon Miller with Max Diesel’s crescent adapter and the engine cradle plus chain supports. I still have the Porsche camshaft tool, the home-made (grey painted) camshaft tool, the crow’s foot plus the 46mm locking nut socket bar.......making sense? Regards, David. yes, your offer of £75.00 plus p&p sounds ok.
  14. Absolutely Craig! .......confused.com!....will try and unravel....? D.
  15. Hi Chris, The home made camshaft tool I made to Max Diesel’s drawing but I’ve not used it. Spanner’s gone to Jon I’m afraid. Regards, David
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