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  1. Surely someone at this price?........if I still had a Porsche......?
  2. Hi Martin, Apologies as I had thought that I had already replied to you. Somehow my PM’s have evaporated into thin air! Anyway, I’, not sure if Lund still wants a gasket set as he was late in getting back to me. I only have one complete gasket set without nuts, and a set of three (missing one lower), again without nuts. I’ll wait and see if Lund gets back to me, if not I have the above available. Regards, David.
  3. Had a ‘brain fart’ Nige! ........probably bought amongst a job lot of Porsche parts. D.
  4. I’ll double check Peter but I’m pretty sure that there are four gaskets in the packet. D.
  5. Hi Craig, I tried as well but did not have enough time! They are Bosch Platinum RO202.....also there are other numbers on the packets:- 999 170128 90 128 0 241 256 517 Hope that the above helps? regards, D
  6. 2 Bosch 930.110.185.02 2 Mahle LX 237 (used but good) 1 Knecht LX 237 KN 33-2530 (Thinking of £20 for this one and £10 for the Knecht and the rest........?) Spark plugs, Bosch Platinum RO202 (I know that these are suitable for the 3.3 Turbo but probably others?) ....no idea of price.
  7. Have found more gaskets, hopefully these are the last lot hiding! (May have listed some of these before). Anyway, Lund has not come back to me and Haith has expressed interest in a set. Asking £25 plus p&p for the silicone ones as they are listed at £65 plus.
  8. Ok Alex, I’ll post today, thanks. Regards, David.
  9. The way this winter has deluged us, maybe has more in waiting over the summer.......good to be prepared! Sold to Matt.....sorry Beaky! (I’ll post today Matt). Regards, David
  10. New and in box, unsure of value, how about £50.00?
  11. Ah, too many cars and spoilt for choice! .........momentarily forgot about your lovely stable collection! regard, D.
  12. £10 plus a fiver for posting as it’s a bit heavy. £15.00 all in?
  13. Haith, these are the gaskets that I’m left with....haven’t had time to look into the silicone looking ones yet........anyway, why are you thinking gaskets?......you have a fantastic engine to fit! Regards, David.
  14. Be in touch Haith. Regards, D. I’ll
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