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  1. David Gander

    Lower ball joint removal tool

    I really doubt it JB, unless you are lucky; by all means give it a try but don’t go for broke as you’ll knacker your new socket! Best method is to sacrifice the nut and use the knew socket to tighten the new.
  2. Maybe this time I’ll just keep my comments to myself.......!!??
  3. David Gander

    My Shed Thread

    Just catching up with the latest on this thread......seriously impressive undertaking and awesome attention to detail; I doff my hat to you WC and to the Sterling efforts of Mrs. WC......in years to come, I think you’ll look at what you’ve accomplished and say incredulously “Did I really do all this”? Regards, David
  4. David Gander

    3.2 Owners say Hello

    Sorry to hear about your affliction Tony and that you have surrcummed to the possible fatal Classic Porsche disease! Anyway, you are in good company as your illness progresses, unfortunately the cure is varied and can re-occur so be warned! I have on the odd occasion, contemplated selling the Turbo, but after much hand-ringing and a spirited drive, all thoughts are banished and after a couple of stiff three-fingered whiskies, sanity returned! I sometimes just sit in the garage with a glass of MacAllans and just look at it, kinda sad I know but I’m not alone! (There are others on this esteemed site who do the same, but daren’t admit to it)! .......welcome to the ‘Factory’........it’s a very knowledgeable bunch of mis-fits with a wealth of support and technical expertise. Regards, David
  5. Reddevil is right about not using standard sockets to impact on or off as they can shatter; use only the black impact sockets. In saying that, it’s ok to use standard sockets to spin nuts on or off once the tightening torque has been broken, say with a ‘T’ bar. D.
  6. David Gander

    Dead lights

    Ian, I’ll go with Kenny’s recommendation as I have Jonny’s fuse board asssembly fitted to the Turbo and it is the dog’s boll@cks! With built in headlamp relays, your overloaded circuitry is solved! The spade fuses are bullet proof compared to the old torpedo type which require to be often fiddled with! Regards, David
  7. David Gander

    Headlight Switch Wanted

    Ian, what part number on your switch, I could have a look in my stash? regards, David.
  8. David Gander

    Merry Christmas

    Bo’ humbug!!......but if I have to......all the best and good health to all in the coming New Year! .........may your affliction be contained, and matrimonial harmony be to the forefront! God bless you all! Regards, David.
  9. David Gander

    Engine Yoke wanted

    I would also be concerned like Mark about the interface support and using only two fixing bolts. The yoke that I made has a machined heavy ring supported by five bars and I drilled for (I think) five bolts. Some time ago I bought a beautifully machined adapter ring made by Max Diesel on here, that would be a far better set-up to use bolted to any unmachined fabricated yoke as it would provide a uniform mating surface to the engine. However, as Jevvy says, quite a lot of people have used the other set-up without apparent problems.......just doesn’t look right to me! David.
  10. David Gander

    Porsche Specialist Reviews

    A big plus for Matt at Type 911 but I do have a little beef about the Porsche key rings no show for the Help for Hero’s.......but I won’t hold that against him as I’m a nice fellow!.......things in life can go Pete Tong! A big thank you to Jonny at Classic Retrofit for his expertise and an excellent all round ‘Good Egg’ as they say in the upper echelons of society!.....I’m led to believe! A good word is warranted for Stuart Paterson of Autostrasse in Falkirk ; other than that I’ve not really been in the market for having to put money out for any work, maybe lucky or what? regards, David,
  11. David Gander

    Wheel arch liners

    Jim, you have a PM.
  12. David Gander

    16" Campagnolos by Group 4 Wheels/Caliper info required

    Hi Jonathan, Glad that you’ve include nines in your line-up as there is a real market out there for these. I run nine’s (Fuchs) on the back of my ‘84 Turbo with 245 tyres. regards, David
  13. David Gander

    Curious water leak in driver rear footwell

    All the foregoing worth checking out, and as Anil says, the sunroof drain holes need looking at. At least make sure that they are clear by running a slim rod or wire up through them. If corroded or breached, I would look for stains on the headlining. Remembering my commercial garage days in a former life, water leaks are quite difficult to pin-point.....needs perseverance and some detective work! good luck, David
  14. David Gander

    New Genuine Porsche Inner Wheel Bearings 99905909800

    Anil, I’ll take these please, just let me know the preferred payment etc. regards, David.
  15. David Gander

    Multi car Insurance

    I’m with Heritage, agreed value on the 930 Turbo and two other cars, (Suzuki Ignis and a Renault Duster), around £800 if I remember correctly.