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    DIY, art & design, steam engines & of course -automobiles across the whole gambit!

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  1. OK Nige, I’ll endeavour to get them down and all lined up for a photo shoot! For the life of me I cannot remember what’s what! (Other than one of them is in stainless steel). Regards, David
  2. Met Magnus when he visited Aberdeen, signed my copy of his book for me, interesting guy. David.
  3. Memory, memory......I’ll need to take the effing things down of the wall in the next day or so and try and sort out. Apogies for the impromptu photo but I was up a ladder so.....just snapped it! .....come to thing of oil lines, I have another in a cardboard tube, will dig that out also. David
  4. Just a snap shop of the garage wall with two fibreglass spoilers and a couple of oil lines. Any interest? David
  5. David Gander


    Had an enquiry about these (22mm front and 18mm rear). No use to me, worth anything to anyone? Thanks, David
  6. Phill, Offering my apologies as you were the only one to show interest other than Panasonic. You declined and since that it was pointed out to me that you could buy them on Amazon for about the same. This surprised me, (hope that they are not Chinese copies!)! so in a moment of ‘ah well, if that’s what the current market is’, I’ll let them go. Regret not coming back to you, which I should have done and given you first refusal. Sorry for that. Regards, David.
  7. It was pointed out to me that you can buy them on Amazon which I wasn’t aware of. D.
  8. Bezos is rich enough! regards, David
  9. Sounds like a convincing argument!.........do we have a deal? Regards, David
  10. Difficult to understand that huge price differences? D.
  11. Thanks for letting me know. D
  12. Seems all sorted now, Russ’s builder’s mate had signed for it while Russ was on holiday! David.
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