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  1. Interesting as I’m about to replace my heat exchangers and having had to drill out a broken stud and replace, I’m hoping that the other eleven remaining studs will tighten up. I’m wary of going for the full torque value, and am mulling over just tightening by feel. Logic tells me go for the full recommended torque value just because of the possibility of leaks? Regards, David
  2. Have finally grasped the mettle and replaced the broken stud! Bl@@dy nerve racking to drill out using the cut-off old manifold flanges as a guide with stainless thick-walled tubing to reduce the hole diameter as a guide for the drill bit. Still managed to break a drill bit and had to resort to the good old Dremel....... Anyway, now to fit those lovely stainless heat exchangers courtesy of our Matt at Type911. More photo’s posted as things hopefully progress! Have heeded warnings about going for total stud replacement and on the experience of replacing only one stud, I’m going to see how the remaining studs torque up.....if ok they can remain in-situ......if disaster strikes we’ll just have to repeat the tedious process again! I think that realistically the complete stud replacement could only be carried out during a major engine rebuild where the heads could be uniformly heated in an oven, the studs frozen and then hopefully extracted. David.
  3. A set of stainless heat exchangers in very reasonable condition. Bought in error as I hoped that they would fit the Turbo, turns out that the Turbo pipe O/D is 38mm and these are 41mm (otherwise same deep flange and depth of insert. Anyway, no good to me so would like same price as I paid yonks ago, £200 for them plus the postage, does that sound reasonable? David.
  4. Thanks for all the advice Chaps, I’ll have another closer look at the studs after a clean-up but at least two are very corroded. Need to mull over this! regards, David.
  5. Started with a cracked cross-over pipe and has now degenerated to a full exhaust replacement / refurbishment! Have successfullly removed the whole exhaust system, and was very carefull with the Dremel which proved very useful on both the hex nuts and the barrel nuts. Only managed to break off the tip on one of the studs, the rest are intact. I need not have bothered as I unrealistically hoped that the original sruds would clean up....wrong! They are corroded and need to be replaced as they seem to have been in situ since the Lord left Ireland! Need advice from the Brotherhood on :- Removing the corroded / necked / knackered studs, would Ice-off be of any use plus oxy / acyt. heat? Any advice on jigs should the likelihood of snapped studs rear their ugly head? Thought in advance of making a jig from the removed exhaust pipe flanges? Would appreciate any warnings, advice (other than head in gas oven)! Have shot-blasted and painted with high temp paint the waste-gate, waste-gate silencer and turbo exhaust pipe and was pretty chuffed with the result. Turns out that the couple of used heat exchangers that I had previously bought and been on the shelf for years are for a 3.2 I think, despite having the deep flange, and the same depth of head insert, the actual pipe ID is wider than the Turbo so I need to contact Matt on bended knees for replacements! I’ll photo the heat exchangers that I have and put them on sale here soon (at cost) in case they are of any use to someone, they are in really good condition. Any thoughts on replacement studs before I order from Matt, as I’m veering away from stainless due to tensile strength? The original studs are I assume of the Iron Age? and have lasted since Jesus visited Dublin! David.
  6. A mission Shirish?......... I should have been a bl@@dy missionary! I have yet to release the heat exchangers from their captivity (probably been there for thirty years or so), but we’ll persevere with the the Dremmel and my new SGS gas armoury! I’ll defeat the blighters! Will post a few more photo’s soon just to share my misery with the faithful. My home-made shot blasting cabinet which has seen only the occasional use over the years has now been pressed into service what with blasting the years of rust from the removed exhaust pipe / waste-gate / waste-gate silencer all of which have come up really well. Several coats of heat resistant paint and a heat-gun stuffed up the orifice for an hour has had very pleasing results. Quite chuffed to say the least. I resisted the temptation to use our new induction cooker in the kitchen to cure the paint as I value the remaining years of my life more than the cooker’s undoubted abilities.......and my Wife’s eagle-eye and all-seeing and uncanny knack of knowing the unknowable! (I also have not used the dish-washer for the same reason, preferring the safer option of the dog’s bath next to the garage for washing car parts). David.
  7. As WC said, all the best and we’ll all be rooting for you! Regards, David PS. The saying goes that fortune favours the brave, all power to your future.
  8. Welcome John, a wealth of humour, expertise, advice and comment awaits! You have too many nice cars, the Gods must have blessed you! Green is not my colour but..........! Regards, David
  9. I’m with Shirish with accent on mechanicals and integrity rather than cosmetics but hey ho, each to their own! Sump or tank guards will not attempt to disguise oil leaks Ivan, it comes out of everything except the tyre valves! (And as been said, bl@@dy UK roads are heading for ‘Third World’ status)! I should get around to fitting my tank guard, maybe once I’ve dealt with the blooming exhaust which started of with a cracked cross-over pipe and has developed into a full blown exhaust overhaul! Sharing some photo’s ‘cause it makes me feel better! Regards, David
  10. Ian, I have a lifting table similar to the Clark one (cannot remember what without visiting the garage). Never used as I intended to fabricate packing to suit the Turbo should the need arise one day! Anyway, it’s available for loan to anyone needing it, pick-up or shipping may poise a problem away up here but things can be got around! Just saying in case the need arises for anyone. Regards, David.
  11. Yup.....in the interests of modesty I’ve deleted the picture of my Lady......and left the Turbo picture in.....!
  12. As Phill said, before I got my scissor lift, I used a Weber high lift jack and large axle stands which worked really well. With advancing age, lying on a creeper board didn’t appeal so I invested in a 7 metre high garage to accommodate a lift.....life working on the car has since been a joy (I’ve now plucked up the courage to replace all the exhaust which hadn’t been touched for years!) Since these photo’s were taken, the lift has now been bolted to the floor.
  13. David Gander

    New SC Targa

    Congrats Craig, looking great, possibly needs lowering a bit at the front end but maybe will settle once it gets a few miles on it! Happy motoring.
  14. Aah so, thanks chaps....no good to me, just taking up shelf space. Free to good home for a charity donation! David.
  15. Why not a Clubman wheel Ron, I’m 6’ 2’’ and this wheel gives better thigh clearance and fingers no longer graze the dash! (Does make the steering effort much greater, especially at parking. I’m pretty muscled so not a problem). David.
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