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    Perth - Scotland
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    DIY, art & design, steam engines & of course -automobiles across the whole gambit!

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    1984 3.3 Turbo (Sadly no longer!)
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    Suzuki Wagon R (Dogmobile!)
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    Bentley GT!
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    Offshore mechanic / crane operator. (Now retired)
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    Macallan's whisky.
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    Mountain drive through Austria in winter!

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  1. Not that I’m in the ‘anyway near the dream’, but what is the ball-park price range?……just thinking of Singer which is in the realms of Lotto winners?……must be somewhere up there or close?
  2. Chaps….there is a cost of living crisis getting worse by the day and a heart-breaking war in Ukraine……..my wife is her usual loving self, sic! kind off regret not having a gas oven….?…??!!!! ……at least the Dog loves me! D.
  3. Haith…….listen to Mark…….mission creep is a deadly disease!……by the time you get Daisy back on the road we’ll have rejoined the EU! Regards, David.
  4. I’ve used Paisley Freight in the past, recommended. David
  5. I’ll add my admiration to what you’ve accomplished with your collection Haith, very well done Sir, and more power to your elbow ( by goodness, the candle business must be flourishing?). If I had my time over again, I’d follow your path Haith. It’s a blessing that your Good Lady appreciates the ‘Passion’, mine never did, in fact she down right refused to even get in the Turbo eventually!……gave her a headache she said!.+%££@@@###? ….ah well, that was the way the cards where dealt for me, do not regret too much in my life but falling in love with the wrong women (Porsche-wise & cars generally) and my two wives combined contribution what with retribution, divorce, make-up, unrealistic aspirations, clothes, children, resulted in my serious depletion of wealth and my Porsche-less position now!! My Father’s advice on women I’ll leave to another day but suffice to say I very much wish I’d taken it!! Enjoy your garage Haith, Wishing you well in these troubling times, David.
  6. Yes, Peter has bought them. Regards, David
  7. Nice build Axel and by the way, Doggo looks unimpressed…….lovely dog tho’! Regards, David
  8. Ok Peter, I’ll parcel and find out. Regards, David.
  9. How about a tenner Doug, I’ll cover postage? D.
  10. Blooming’ ‘eck Doug, that was quick! No problem, the badges are just decorative anyway, I’ll pop the decals in an envelope and post tomorrow for you. Regards, David.
  11. Various ‘Turbo’ badges and decals as per photo. £15 plus postage?
  12. Three door handles, two of which have been powder coated plus various bits and pieces. Not sure if the key in locks belongs there? Anyway, spare triggers etc as per photo. Any use to anyone? Say £50 plus postage?
  13. Sold my unused genuine Porsche ring for £15 last year,……..better than gathering dust on the shelf!
  14. Nope, I tested it and was good so sold it, sorry! Regards, David
  15. Club Sport for me, found it really comfortable and the thickness just right,……guess it’s such an individual thing that there is no ‘one size fits all’! David.
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