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  1. Agree with Simon, this was my thinking in fitting high level brake lights on the rear parcel shelf, activated by the mechanical switch which can be adjusted to illuminate with the slightest touch on the brake pedal. David
  2. Had a clear out recently and have dumped one to the non-recyclable bin at our local recycling plant!….sorry! David
  3. Has your name stuck on it Nader! Regards, David
  4. K27 Kevin…..up the volume! David
  5. Ok,I’ll pm you once I’ve sussed out how to package it!
  6. ok Simon, bung three quid in for a Jiffy bag and It’s yours! Regards, David
  7. Confused dotcom Phill! I’ll get them parcelled up for you and find out postage. regards, David
  8. Limited edition, cost £170 with frame, how about £85? Not sure on postage but can find out once I’ve parcelled it, may be risking the glass in transit!
  9. As per photo’s, so so condition with split and storage indents. Any good to someone? £10 plus postage.
  10. As photo’s. £20 for main fan, £10 for front of luggage compartment fan.
  11. Two unused and in boxes, the third one is used but I’m not sure if it works ok, probably does otherwise I would not have kept it! (Possibly changed out trying to trace fault). Anyway, free to good home if one pays the postage, the other two, how about £50 each?
  12. I have a couple of large wooden sheds Steve packed full of ‘useful stuff’ , most of which I haven’t seen for years! Must, I must reduce my ‘stuff’. Hence every now and then I pluck up courage to dig out things to put to charity / post on IB / give away / put back on shelf! David
  13. Ha ha ha! ……..Mother’s maiden name escapes me…..I could possibly be one of those abandoned babies?!!!…..Father is in Nigeria running one of those ‘You have come into a large sum of money and we need a handling fee to process it’ type if scams….I mean ‘investments’! Seriously Alastair, how can I possibly remember a password when I can barely remember my own name?! You know where I live so if you want to deposit funds, may I suggest a large brown envelope which you can drop off anytime when passing the cottage? Just please watch out for the Lhaso Apso’s as they are not very big but rather fleet of foot and have no traffic sense! Regards all, David..
  14. Has been a while since posting stuff Nige so a slip of the old memory cells! Thanks for reminding me. Regards,David Please remove if possible, thanks. David
  15. Hi Lindsay, Thanks for that, my Bank details are …. edited out… Just put a couple of quid in for postage Lindsay, I’m sure it wouldn’t be much more. Also I’m not sure that I still have your address details so please forward and I’ll take note. Regards, David.
  16. Yes, meant to say RHD but fat finger…..I assume new old stock as they are in their boxes, but cannot remember what was stated originally when I bought them yonks ago. Just peer at the photo’s Boydy to ascertain the condition! (There is no road rash but the odd flaw can be seen) Regards, David
  17. Wooden gear knob as fitted to my 930 Turbo in a former life! £30 plus p&p.
  18. Have hardly used this, over £400.00 new, asking £100 plus p&p.
  19. Have stored these for years in case they came in useful! Offers? Thinking about £50 plus p&p?
  20. Two R/H headlight lenses that have been on the shelf since the Lord left Ireland! Condition as seen in photographs, £40 each plus postage.
  21. Kevin, Just a reminder (I’m sure that you’re aware) of the importance of really bleeding the oil supply pipe to the turbo when fitting up and before firing up. I fitted a new K27 turbo to mine and was probably doing over-kill in bleeding! Also wise to fit a new feed pipe if for any reason you have to drop the engine as it’s much easier. Regards, David
  22. Hi Craig, I invited yous all to drop by if and when you are in this area, I’ll have to now call off the invite as I am now informed that my Wife’s Yorkshire contingent relations are about to descend on our quiet abode at the end of the month……..for a @&&%# week or more!……my forefathers must have sinned greatly! Needless to say, I have no input to this arrangement, simply informed of what is about to happen! Apologies, I was looking forward to the possibility of meeting some of the Brethern. Regards, David.
  23. Craig, Not having a Porsche now, I cannot join in this jolly jaunt but if and when you decide on route, your are all welcome for coffee / buns if passing this way? Regards, David David
  24. This is an old mechanic’s trick to loosen stubborn nuts! Metal has an elastic property which is not often realised. Strategically placed and accurate hammer blows will often yield surprising results!.....just hit the bloody thing square on! David,
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